1. 1

    Unable to encrypt MicroSD card

    I have a Sandisk Extreme 128GB, my intention is to use for my music library on Macbook Pro (Mojave). I would prefer to use it encrypted but have run into issues with disk utility. The option to partition is greyed out in disc utility and the option to encrypt in Finder is not there at all...
  2. M

    Possible to re-format APFS to HFS+?

    I formatted an SSD destined to become my new High Sierra boot disk as APFS, not realizing that HFS would have been fine. Is there any way I can re-format this drive to HFS+? They ought to issue a warning before formatting a drive as APFS, to the effect that Disk Util can re-format HFS as APFS...
  3. Sciuriware

    Disk Utility 10.14.2 can not umount

    Since installing 10.14.2, I can no longer format volumes to APFS: Disk Utility fails to umount the volume. Even after stopping each and every thinkable process, it hangs in the umount phase. Quickly trying on my 10.14.1 MacBook was successful. Bug? Waiting for 10.14.3 etc. etc. .......... ;JOOP!
  4. eb445

    Half of my HD disappeared after formatting

    I have a late 2013 Mac Book pro with a 500GB HD. I needed to downgrade my OS from High Sierra to El Capitan. After doing this, I began installing all the software I use back on it an noticed my hard drive was now 250GB. diskutil cs list returned this drive as being 250GB and another partition...
  5. D

    2008 iMac with unformatted Evo 860

    A friend of mine who is a Pc repair guy with not much Mac experience replaced my dead HD in an early 08 iMac with a Samsung Evo 860 SSD. We did not format the disc. When I try to boot from old install discs I just get the folder with ? mark. I tried to boot from a bootable drive I made by...
  6. Kento726

    Trying to create a backup from External Drive A (exFAT) to External Drive B (Mac OS ExtendJournaled)

    Hi! I need some help in deciding on how to go about in creating a back up of my hard drive. I would REALLY appreciate any help!! Scenario: -I have a desktop external HD WD MyBook 4TB (Let's call this HD-A) that I used to store all of my work and images -This drive is formatted as an exFAT...
  7. E

    Reformatting SD card - Permissions Denied

    Hello! I am trying to put music on there new micro SDs I bought yesterday, but it won't let me. I read online that I should reformat them with Disk Utility, so I did and it worked with one of them but won't work on the other. I checked the permissions lock on the SD card converter and is is...
  8. khaidir77

    what format for secondary harddrive Mac Os High Sierra Beta Macbook Pro

    hie there i would like to know regarding format on my secondary harddrive on my macbook pro.At this moment my main ssd drive is on APFS format & my secondary drive im using 2TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD...should i format the SSHD into APFS too like my main ssd drive or just leave it as it is Mac...
  9. W

    ExFAT formatted SD card not recognizing space

    I'm trying to Homebrew my Nintendo Wii, and a 2 GB or under SD card is required. However, the Wii will also recognize 4 GB cards if enough junk is put on it. I'm attempting to do this with my Optima 4GB SD Card on Mac OS X, El Capitan (v. 10.11.6). After formatting it to ExFAT, I put a 1.28 GB...
  10. P

    Word 2011 for Mac Question

    I run Word 2011 on a MacBook Pro (OS X Yosemite). In a .docx file, I want to begin page numbering with page 1 starting on the third page of the document. While I have had partial success by inserting a section break following the second page of the document, I cannot remove the page numbering...
  11. aliyajade

    Cannot install Snow Leopard on a certain HD

    Hello, I really hope you can help a newbie! I have two internal hard drives on my ancient Mac pro 2008. One I want to keep with Yosemite, but the other I want to reinstall Snow Leopard on, so i can run FCP 7 without the problems I have running it with Yosemite. I have erased the drive, so there...
  12. JocoFoto

    Revitalize 2011 HDD by formatting?

    The 2TB HDD in my 2011 iMac has been spinning for 5 years now and I am very aware that the chances of failure are increasing. Since some months I am booting from an external SSD via Thunderbolt which works great. The HDD was 99% filled with pictures in Aperture libraries (which were back up-ed...
  13. davidwellens

    Resolved Constantly repairing ExFat drive on OSX

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I think it kind of is? Any way, please let me know if it isn't. We use an ExFat drive for editing and we constantly need to repair its files and permissions before we can mount it on OSX again. The reason it's ExFat formatted is because a...
  14. modene1

    Word *bold* = bold type: Switch off

    Hi folks, Did you know that if you type *bold* into Mac Word you'll get bold ? I need the original text i.e. I want to see *bold* , so how can I switch off this feature? Thanks Mark :)