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  1. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 The Nvidia quadro K6000 Video editing And gaming performance?

    Hello, i have yet another post about the nvidia quadro K6000 im wondering what card it compares to on the consumer market? My girl friend is buying it for me for my mac pro and im already using the nvidia quadro K2000 and i love the performance it has to offer with gaming and video editing. so...
  2. dataharvested

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows 10 Locking Up When Gaming - Temps?

    So, I just installed Windows 10 on its own SSD for gaming purposes and it will crash eventually mid-game. I did some reading around these forums around temperatures and I believe these temps may not be the issue causing the crashing. I play for about 15-20 minutes and entire system will freeze...
  3. tubuliferous

    OS X The future of Mac gaming is bright

    I’m writing this post on a decade-old 13-inch MacBook Pro with absolutely miserable graphics hardware that was miserable the day this computer was manufactured. It used to be that the 13-inch MacBook Pro, a very popular computer in the heyday of this particular model, was abysmal as a gaming...
  4. S

    Amnesia The Dark Descent PPC64 Port

    So I'm trying to compile Amnesia The Dark Descent on Linux Gentoo (on my G5 Quad) - because the original Mac PPC version was unstable (on ATI) and sluggish on NVIDIA - (and as you know on Linux you can have a bit more modern GPUS - I have HD 5450 currently). Plus even if those reasons are not...
  5. blakespot

    Additional examples of 8-GPU M2 Air outperforming 10-GPU model?

    Like many prospective M2 MacBook Air buyers, I have seen GregsGadgets' game benchmark video showing the M2 Air with 8 GPU cores outperforming the 10 GPU core unit, side by side -- presumably due to more significant thermal throttling in the 10-GPU core unit due to the additional cores. Greg...
  6. Gst95

    Mac has high temperature while running games, is this a concern?

    Hello, So I've recently started testing a game (Skyrim Special Edition, on Bootcamp to be exact) on both my Macs, one of which is an iMac and the other a MacBook Pro. Now, I'm perfectly aware that Macs aren't really designed for gaming, and while I have considered something a little more...
  7. J

    M1 Max 24 Core Gaming Sizzle Reel

    While the games are old, its still a pretty impressive collection of old games macs can run now!
  8. ilovemym1mba

    Sustained 95C+ temps on M1 MBA?

    I have 16GB M1 MBA. Love it to bits. While playing some games on it, I noticed that CPU temps reach 95 degree celsius and stay at that temps the whole session. (used the "Hot" app). The "battery gas gauge" temps were around 45C max. I am not worried about processor getting fried, I know Apple...
  9. NAHAN

    Mac m1 game freezing help

    Any game that I play ends up freezing 15 minutes into it, it repeatedly comes unfreezes and freezes again after that point. I'm not sure what to do. Has anyone had a similar problem? Btw, I was playing Spelunky 2 and Streets Of Rogue, simple game.
  10. GoztepeEge

    Does gaming damage a MacBook Pro 2021 14"? (M1 Pro processor)

    Hello everyone! I am currently using a MBP 2021 14" base model, which has a M1 Pro processor with 16GB of RAMs. Before this device, I have been using an Early 2015 MBP 13" base model as well, which had Windows 10 installed via the Boot Camp. I used to play CS GO on that device, encountered with...
  11. CharlesPond

    Gaming Mouse for Mac M1

    Hi everyone, I have bought a MacBook Pro 14 after a few years with a PC. Many years ago I used to play games on my Macs with Razer mice and everything was perfect, I love razer brand and when I switched to PC I continued with them. I sadly discovered that now Razer doesn't support anymore...
  12. E

    Is an Apple Silicone MacBook the right option for my friend?

    I have a friend who is looking for a new laptop. They find the MacBook appealing and for what it's worth, the ARM MacBooks are very good for what they are. One issue that's come up is that she likes to play League of Legends as well as streaming her gameplay on Twitch. Would she be able to...
  13. mciarlo

    Unexpectedly worse performance on 14” MBP vs 27” iMac (2017)

    This is a very specific use case but hear me out: My 27” iMac gets ~60 FPS running an older game from 2003 in 4K using CrossOver. I used Migration Assistant and ran the same game on my MBP M1Pro 10/16 and it ran at 7FPS. I reconfigured the graphics in-game thinking it needed to adapt to the...
  14. madisonm

    Parallels for Gaming on M1 Pro and Max?

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all as excited as I am for official launch day! I am looking for information about your experience with Parallels’ gaming performance on the M1 Pro or M1 Max. I have reviewed the list of M1 game compatibility/performance through Parallels...
  15. K

    So did Apple give up on gaming?

    I mean real gaming. Games like Cyberpunk, borderlands, fall cry 6, final fantasy XIV, world of Warcraft, minecraft… Not these arcade “games”. It’s great their chips are faster and reduced power usage but compatibility matters. No nvidia discrete graphics card option is a mistake. A lot of...
  16. G

    Games that Support Promotion on iPhone 13 Pro?

    Does anyone know any games that actually support promotion?
  17. Themem

    Can anyone find the Xbox series X for a good price yet?

    Hi all, still trying to purchase a Xbox series X and yet still Out of stock or more than the £450 price they are meant to be!? So frustrating! It can't still be related to Covid can it? Tesco is not advertising anymore Currys is out of stock this site is try to sell at £649! and Game is out...
  18. TheGreatWumpus

    OS X (Re)starting a Mac gaming podcast - looking for some co-hosts!

    Hi all! Way back in the day (circa 2012) I restarted the InsideMacGames podcast, and after a few episodes, I renamed it to my own thing. This ran for 30+ episodes, ending sometime in 2015. Honestly, I never did much to promote it. But I had some fabulous co-hosts, and we had some very fun...
  19. J

    Which Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

    Hi Everyone! Can anyone tell me which gaming chair does shroud uses? I want to buy the same. I am no issue of budget at all. Need your recommendation weather I should go for it or not?
  20. SideStepSociety

    MP 1,1-5,1 Specific GPU recommendations - Exclusive Windows gaming use

    Apologies if this is a double post or covered elsewhere, but most of what I saw was relating to dual boot setups. I’ve got a Mid-2012, Mac Pro5,1, A1289(EMC 2629) lying around that I’d like to use exclusively with Windows for gaming. I realize it’s probably not the best computer when it comes...