1. Themem

    Can anyone find the Xbox series X for a good price yet?

    Hi all, still trying to purchase a Xbox series X and yet still Out of stock or more than the £450 price they are meant to be!? So frustrating! It can't still be related to Covid can it? Tesco is not advertising anymore Currys is out of stock this site is try to sell at £649! and Game is out...
  2. TheGreatWumpus

    OS X (Re)starting a Mac gaming podcast - looking for some co-hosts!

    Hi all! Way back in the day (circa 2012) I restarted the InsideMacGames podcast, and after a few episodes, I renamed it to my own thing. This ran for 30+ episodes, ending sometime in 2015. Honestly, I never did much to promote it. But I had some fabulous co-hosts, and we had some very fun...
  3. J

    Which Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

    Hi Everyone! Can anyone tell me which gaming chair does shroud uses? I want to buy the same. I am no issue of budget at all. Need your recommendation weather I should go for it or not?
  4. SideStepSociety

    MP 1,1-5,1 Specific GPU recommendations - Exclusive Windows gaming use

    Apologies if this is a double post or covered elsewhere, but most of what I saw was relating to dual boot setups. I’ve got a Mid-2012, Mac Pro5,1, A1289(EMC 2629) lying around that I’d like to use exclusively with Windows for gaming. I realize it’s probably not the best computer when it comes...
  5. 2fx1989

    Have you played Battlefield 3 multiplayer on Apple silicon / M1?

    Hi. I'm going to replace my 2009 24 inch iMac soon and am trying to decide whether to go for the 2020 iMac 27 inch or wait for the larger M1(X) 27/30 inch iMac. I know coming from such an old machine that either will be a great machine but I also love Battlefield 3 for casual gaming so I know...
  6. U

    iPod touch iPod touch (Gaming Edition), imagining a Nintendo Switch competitor from Apple

    Hi, I'm new to forums and this is my first post. Recently a rumor was posted about the possibility of Apple working on a Nintendo Switch style gaming console. In my humble opinion Apple can make iPod touch a good gaming console by following upgrades: - A14 Bionic - 4GB RAM (at least) -...
  7. H

    MacOS recognising PS5 controller as 2 controllers after 11.3 update.

    Prior to 11.3 update the controller was working fine whereas now MBP 16” is detecting PS5 controller as 2 controllers. The picture is from Stadia but I’ve checked with random gamepad testing website as well and it’s detecting 2 controllers, so the issue is with Mac OS and not Stadia. Anyone else...
  8. TylerEconomou

    eMac g4: games are not playing smoothly

    I’m trying to play some games on the 2005 eMac 1.42ghz model, and they drop to less than 30 FPS One example is The Sims Complete Collection. At random times it’ll freeze for half a second. The other issue is the game lags when I hold ctrl (command? I’m using a windows keyboard, I don’t have an...
  9. ltpitt

    Ancient gaming quest: Unreal and Unreal Tournament on Mac Os X 10.4.11

    Hi all, I am on this nostalgia trip and I want to run my beloved Unreal and Unreal Tournament on a G4 emac. The versions I bought on GOG are clearly useless, my original cds from the 1998/1999 leave me with a classic only executable and that is far from optimal on a machine (1.25 ghz eMac) that...
  10. S

    What's the workflow of having a Macbook as a main computer and a PC as a gaming computer?

    I've always used custom built Windows PCs however I'm considering purchasing a Macbook Pro in the near future. Since I use an iPhone and iPad I really can't foresee any workflow issues except one thing: gaming. I'm not a hardcore gamer but here's my more nuanced thought process/questions...
  11. liva

    Universal [devlog] SUPERPUNK Tactics - Asyncronous / PvP / Turn by Turn / Tactical-RPG

    Hi ! We are working on a mobile game called SUPERPUNK Tactics. The game development started with a couple of ideas for a "Final Fantasy Tactics but online and PvP". We have been working on the game on and off for almost a year now. SUPERPUNK Tactics is an Asynchronous, Turn-based and Player...
  12. thedocbwarren

    Facinating behaviors of M1 GPU

    I'm observing the behaviors while gaming on the M1 and it's so fascinating to see the artifacts of how the GPU works. Couple interesting observations: Checker pattern in layers rendered (clearly the chunked behavior) and some artifact of the game not knowing the framebuffer is not one large...
  13. H

    need help with wineskin

    i use wineskin to play games but sometimes when i click it it wont open the game i have to go to advance then click "test" to play the game. All i want is to click wineskin to open the app itself. Minor problem but i want a solution lol
  14. imrazor

    MP 1,1-5,1 Cheesegrater gaming & VR

    I have a cMP5,1 with a Vega 56 that I mostly use for light video editing, web surfing, email, media consumption, iPhone management, etc. While I do work in IT, the vast majority of my work is in either Windows, UNIX or Linux. I've decided to test its gaming capabilities to see if it might make a...
  15. N

    Possible to rebuild iMac

    I love the design of the iMac and were wondering if it could be converted into a gaming machine. I have found myself a used iMac 27" from Late 2013 and I am trying to understand if it would be possible to upgrade more or less everything apart from the chasis. In other words, I would like to do...

    Using a 120hz or 144hz display with iMac 2019 27" - in BootCamp

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with plugging a 120 or 144hz monitor to an iMac via BootCamp? Is there something I need to know before buying one (adapters, conditions, etc...) It will be used mostly (if not only) via BootCamp for gaming. My iMac specs are; iMac 2019 Late 2019 i9...
  17. M

    Universal Apple arcade - a Playstation competitor in 10 years?

    Hello. Do you think, for cca 10 years the Apple arcade is going to evolve like Apple music section and iPads? Nowadays Apple sells great earbuds, iPad became a computer. Apple arcade is bad but as they did bought Beats by Dre to kill it and use their technology to make the best possibile music...
  18. F

    Is my reasoning to get 8gb air flawed?

    I need the Mac for office work and light gaming. I mostly play games like terraria, rimworld and factorio. They all work fine on my 8gb Windows machine. The air is not a gaming pc but it can run older games and 2D games decently. Why get 16? It won’t run newer games, apps like office will be...
  19. isalvinator

    iOS games in MacBook M1 (GTA San Andreas)

    Hi! I recently bought a new MacBook Air M1 and I want to play the GTA San Andreas but the only option is buying the iOS version since is not available for macOS on Steam and other platforms, but I don't know if it would be "playable" giving that is not optimized for Mac and the use of keyboard...
  20. F

    Mac Mini M1 VS Custom Pc

    Hi, I was deciding to build a pc next year however since The Mac mini with M1 came out my mind is kind of 50/50 whether to go for Mac mini (which will save me a lot of money compared to custom-built pc) I mainly do gaming on pc which is why I was deciding to build a new pc. My question is, how...