1. jchap

    iPad mini iPad mini 5 vs. mini 4: is the performance (subjectively) that much better?

    I've got an iPad mini 4 that's been upgraded to the latest iPadOS version (14.6 as of today). For the past several months, I've noticed a definite lag in terms of performance all around the board, especially with apps like Evernote but also with Safari, Ulysses, Maps, Apple Music and so on. Apps...
  2. N

    Geekbench "Compute" test results inconsistent in 14.5/14.6

    For those of you who have been following the 14.5.1 "throttling" (actually was a bug) thread, some of us were seeing reduced performance which was confirmed by Geekbench CPU tests. However, 14.6 has fixed this issue. My question is about the Geekbench "Compute" (GPU) tests. I thought this was...
  3. skardvin

    BEWARE! iOS 14.5.1 is Throttling!

    Updated from iOS 14.5 yesterday to iOS 14.5.1 on my iPhone 11. After the update finished, I was playing CODM and noticed the frame rates were horrible. I checked my settings to make that it was set to the max frame rate, which it was. I then ran a geekbench test, and the scores I got were...
  4. A

    CPU Overload,Macbook pro late 2011

    Hi everyone , I'm having a MacBook pro late 2011 updated to 10.13.6 (high Sierra ).While using some applications such as google chrome or Logic pro x or even vlc player ,it becomes so much laggy and unworkable ,and when I opened activity monitor to see what is going on I noticed cpu Overload...
  5. Condor2409

    MP 1,1-5,1 Ridiculous low values in Geekbench 5

    Hi, Ok - to make it short: Upgraded my 4.1-> 5.1 MP from 8 core to 12 core with 2x X5680 CPU's 64 GB RAM - 1333 - DIMMS - 1+2, 5+6 // 4x 16GB GC- GTX680/2GB SSD - EVO 860 1 TB Geekbench: Seems very low - any idea ? THX's for FB :) Test with Geekbench 5 !!!
  6. N

    Geekbench 5 question

    TLDR: Geekbench should run better when nothing else is running, however, when I had the CPU blasting, I saw much better results. Okay, so I'd like some clarity regarding Geekbench 5. I had Better Touch Tool running, and for some reason, it was requiring a lot of CPU. Looking at Intel Power...
  7. Q

    Should I upgrade to 2019 from Mid 2013 or wait for 10nm+LPDDR4?

    I actually bought a new 16" and returned it as I don't need that kind of machine (no need for eGpu) and it got too hot just plugged into an external monitor. I love my Mid 2013, love the size, quietness, magsafe but could use a little more power now and at least 16Gb ram. The geekbench score...
  8. mmackinven

    2019 i9 iMac - Geekbench scores

    Hey guys, Just wanted to say that this model iMac is a beast! Here's my config: 3.6GHz 8-core i9 8GB of 2666MHz DDR4 memory Radeon Pro 580X with 8GB of GDDR5 memory 1TB of SSD storage Here's the stock standard benchmark with 8gb RAM: Removed the...
  9. tranceking26

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Geekbench results for my 6s, how does it compare to yours?

    I was wondering if people could share their 6s Geekbench results. I was pleasantly surprised at mine: P.S. This is on the latest version of iOS. Battery is at 78% capacity.
  10. RumorConsumer

    Macbook Pro 2019 Benchmarks and First Impressions! Post yours!

    Did you get a new MacBook Pro 2019? Show us your numbers! What do you think? Cinebench? Geekbench? Lets see what these things can do.
  11. martinSiO

    iOS 12.1.4 slowing down iphone 8plus

    hi! I updated my iPhone 8 plus 256gb to ios 12.1.3 and then to 12.1.4 and noticed that when i do a geekbench 4 it goes really down on the scores, i have a doubt if it is the update or the iphone, what do you think?
  12. F

    a couple of pre mod MacPro1,1 questions.

    Does anyone know if a Radeon HD5770 (MacPro1,1 w/Mavs) will support 2 mons on a combo of the DVI-I and mDP or both mDPs over 15 foot cables at 1920x1200 without a KVM or other extender? I would also be upgrading the procs to Xeon 5365s. Has anyone run GeekBench on a MacPro1,1 upgraded to Mavs...
  13. M

    @ People with a base 13" 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    What are your Geekbench and Cinema Bench scores? Mine seem a little low when I compare them to other MBP 13-inch scores, however, I never find some to my exact specs. So, how do you guys compare?
  14. D

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2018 Geekbench score

    Have you guys seen new ipads scores in GB? I know these are just digits but seeing it have same score as my desktop makes me wow. I hope apple will make some more changes to the iOS to make it more ergonomic for laptop replacement
  15. S

    Macbook Pro 13" 2018 Geekbench scores

    Just wondering what kind of Geekbench 4 scores people with the 2018 2.7GHz i17 13" MBP are getting. In the results table on the GB site, it comes in at 5121 for Single Core and 17657 for Multi-Core. I'm getting about 5000-5500 for Single Core on repeated runs, and low-to-mid 16000s for...
  16. Banglazed

    New iPhone Geekbench Score?

    iPhone 8 is faster than the Plus and X. Would it affect your decision to get it if you're considering to get an upgrade?
  17. M

    So as per Geekbench, 15w i5 is faster than 28w i5?

    The nTB 15w 2.3 with boost to 3.6 (I5-7360U) is faster than the TB 28w i5 with 3.1 with boost to 3.5 (I5-7267U) Really? Sounds good to me as I have zero interest in that touch bar, but a little hard to believe. I tend to trust them for the most part though. They seem to be pretty accurate...
  18. dannys1

    4.2Ghz i7 iMac 64gb & 32gb of Ram - Geekbench Results.

    Got the new top spec iMac in today, also tested it with 64gb of Ram and 32gb of Ram. As usual found that "high performing ram" actually does worse in the iMac than the cheapest stuff you can buy, go figure! (Not that there's much or anything noticable in it, but it's always a few ticks lower...
  19. Kes.Siebring

    iPad Pro New 10.5" Geekbench Results

    Hello If someone is interested here are results from the geekbench 4. P.S. it has 4GB of RAM
  20. L

    GeekBench Drops 31,000 to 18,000...

    So this is my situation, just bought a pre-owned mac pro 2009 from eBay( already sounds like a beginning of a tragedy). 3.46 12 core 128 ram with pcie ssd and titan x. On the item description there's a geek bench screenshot that shows 31000+ on august 2015. And when I received the mac today...