1. docziandras

    Gold Aluminum/Aluminium Apple Watch Series 4 with Gold Milanese Loop

    Hi everyone, Can someone post me a picture of the gold alu Series 4 with the gold :apple: Milanese loop please? I've bought my wife a then current gold aluminum Series 4 last summer. The Apple original Milanese loop has dropped price since then but given that it is stainless steel, it is color...
  2. N

    In this situation will Apple let me exchange for a brand new product or return and buy?

    Hello. I received my Series 5 Apple Watch Stainless Steel Gold w/ Gold Milanese Loop today from UPS (they didn't even ring my doorbell, just left the package on the ground). I picked it up right away and after setting it up for about 15 minutes I found a small knick on the left hand side of...
  3. PatriotInvasion

    Let's talk about the Gold MacBook Air

    I've been a big fan of Apple's gold products for a couple years now. To me, silver and even space gray have become the new almond. There's only so much gray, grayer, and black you can take before it starts to get depressing and boring. So I bought the 2015 gold 12" MacBook when it came out and...
  4. tt061282

    iPhone XS Max Small Caps on iPhone

    I’m almost certain I’m overlooking a thread about this, but how do you get small caps on an iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XS? Like I know how to do the  logo. I can even do the ✭ of the Dallas Cowboys. I can’t find Small caps lol.
  5. Stephen.Trae

    Best Bands for SSG?

    I’m trying to figure out which bands will look nice with the stainless steel gold. A lot of the bands available still only have stainless steel and black lugs which makes me uncertain if it would pair well with gold. The only colors I’m sure about are the horizon blue and red sports band from...
  6. rmg24

    iPhone XS Max Dressing my Xs Max!

    I’ve seen many comments about the nectarine color case, some say it’s not that orange but pinkish, and I would like to buy it but I’m not sure how much I’d like it and I don’t have any apple store near to check it out, it’s only online for me. Can anyone post their own pics with this case and...
  7. rmg24

    Dressing my Xs Max...

    I’ve seen many comments about the nectarine color case, some say it’s not that orange but pinkish, and I would like to buy it but I’m not sure how much I’d like it and I don’t have any apple store near to check it out, it’s only online for me. Can anyone post their own pics with this case and...
  8. H

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XS Max - Ability to Buff Out Scratches with Gold Color

    Last year with the iPhone X, it was said that the Silver color with the polished stainless steel bands was better for scratch buffing since you could just use a standard buffing cloth and solution just like you were buffing out scratches on a stainless steel watch. The Space Gray version had...
  9. zaneliu

    Where to find SS Gold Series 4 Band Connector?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone had a place to get a band connector for the new SS Gold watch? I previously had one so I could put my own third party leather bands onto a silver stainless. With the new gold, Apple has not released any official classic bands with matching gold...
  10. honglong1976

    24Kt Apple Watch owners

    Just curious, does anyone on the forums have one?
  11. G

    iPhone 8 paint screatches??

    I’m new to this website but have had trouble finding hell elsewhere. I recently bought a new iPhone 8 gold and after a few days I rubbed it against the side of the shower and found that the paint scratched off on the sides! I’m so disappointed. My old Galaxy S6 didn’t scratch at all after two...
  12. dilettante01

    iPhoneX design insipiration

    This may have been mentioned before, apologies if so! I randomly noticed the other day the iPhoneX 'notch' may not be a unique design... Apparently 1000g gold bars are produced with almost exactly the same feature. Pretty cool and surely not a coincidence...
  13. KarinvdB

    S3 (non LTE) alu colors.. help!

    So I'm about to get my first Apple Watch. I'm in the Netherlands and there's no LTE models here (I don't mind, and I don't like the red dot anyway) so I'm limited to the aluminium colors. I haven't seen them in real life yet and that will probably be the deciding factor. We're headed to the...
  14. kgenova

    Is the silver 8 Plus more white than silver?

    Hi! Agonizing here over gold vs silver for the 8 Plus. The back of silver looks white in some pictures/video and more silver in others. And sometimes the back of the gold looks like a beautiful, warm golden color and other times it shows up as an ugly beige? Thoughts? I'd go for the space grey...
  15. wowlisawoww

    Rosegold or silver MacBook 12"??

    I've had a real hard time trying to decide which color I'm going for for my next MacBook. It's a lot of money and I don't want to regret my decision. Please help me choose. SILVER OR ROSEGOLD??
  16. P

    Universal [FREE] Treasure Miner 2 - A new mining adventure

    Hey Guys! I am happy to present you my new game "Treasure Miner 2" for iOS and Android. This game is a classic sandbox game. You are a miner and you need to build your own mine. Collect rare minerals and invest your money in new technologies to reach the end of the mine. Game features: -...
  17. D

    I regret getting the Gold iPhone 7, what should I do?

    I have a Gold 128gb 4.7 inch iPhone 7, and I really regret not getting the Matte Black. Should I just deal with it until the iPhone 8, or buy the Matte Black? If I do buy a new phone, I'll probably buy the Plus... What do you guys think of the Gold color?
  18. D

    What color iPhone 7 do you have?

    Which color do you have? I have a Gold iPhone 7 128gb.
  19. SuperKerem

    Returned Jet Black 7+ for Gold

    After using a Jet Black 7 Plus for a week or so, I decided that the black bezel wasn't for me. Today I swapped it out for a gold model (with a white bezel, as I have had for the past 3 years) and instantly felt right at home. I must admit that the glossy exterior looks more premium, but I always...
  20. phillytim

    Did the Rose Gold change from the 6s to the 7?

    I was in the Apple Store the other evening, checking out the new iPhone 7 models. It appears that the Rose Gold tone has changed this year, perhaps making it a little less stark pink. Do you guys think that's the case? They say that Apple plays around with the tone of its traditional Gold...