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google chrome

  1. nes203

    Google Chrome Changing Settings On Its Own...

    Google Chrome opens at login. I hate that. ***I go to system preferences and delete Chrome from the "Open At Login" list. ***I also right-clicked the Chrome icon in the dock to make sure "Open At Login" is unchecked. WHY DOES CHROME ALWAYS REVERT BACK TO OPENING AT LOGIN?!?!?! 🤬 lol It...
  2. M

    Google Chrome Helper (GPU) gone crazy > 50GB - who to fix this?

    I have regulary to run my mac out of working memory: "System has run out of application memory" I see in the activity monitor that the process "Google Chrome Helper (GPU)" have normaly around 1,7GB memory goes creazy and growing fast: 10 GB, 20GB ... up to 80GB then i got the out of memory...
  3. circatee

    Not connected to the internet

    Right, this is a rather weird one. Am new to macOS. But, on a few occasions now, I will restart (Apple icon \ Restart) my MBP 2019. Upon doing so, when I log into the MBP (2019, 32GB / 512GB storage - Monterey with all the updates), the WIFI or LAN if am docked, is not connected to the internet...
  4. A

    Are the TextEdit and Google Chrome apps connected in anyway?

    CONTEXT: I was having trouble quitting TextEdit on my mac and when I went to force quit the application I noticed that the TextEdit icon was the same as Google Chrome (see image below). I wasn't working on HTML and didn't even realize that you can edit and open these files in Google Chrome until...
  5. NastyMatt

    iPad Pro Smaller fonts in Chrome?

    Any ideas how to make the zoom / font size smaller in Chome on an IPP (2020) 12.9” (doubt that makes any difference). I don’t mean pinch zoom I mean the actual font size. As an example, I use Salesforce an in Safari everything is laid out as if on a desktop with tiles in the right place, open...
  6. S

    iPhone Chrome crashes and erases all tabs

    I know this is an old issue but has anyone heard ANYTHING from google about fixing or helping with this? Chrome seems to be crashing more than ever. And for years I’ve had the problem of it closing all my open tabs. Sometimes it offers to restore the session, but when it doesn’t I lose every...
  7. PhillyGuy72

    Google Chrome update 5/20 - Garbled text everywhere on iMac desktop browser

    Running iMac with Google Chrome browser (why...who knows. I'm just used to it I guess.) Anyway, the Chrome browser updated this morning to version "83.0.4103.61," after that, it all I see on Google related site LIKE Google search, Gmail, YouTube, etc is this garbled mess. Only...
  8. O

    iMac Mid-2011 (21.5") Applications Crashing

    Hi, I am having some serious problems with my iMac mid-2011. When I lunch an application (FaceTime, Skype, OBS, Quick Time Video Capture, google chrome) they instantly crash when they try to use the camera. Google chrome also crashes randomly and when using youtube. FaceTime crashes instantly...
  9. HappyDude20

    My MacBook Pro Fans Turned On For The First Time Today After 3 Years of Ownership.

    Hello, So I've owned my MacBook Pro for a few years now. It is the non-touchbar version 13 inch of the MacBook Pro's released in 2017 and I'm very surprised because today for the first time in years of owning this wonderful MBP, the fans turned on loudly. And by loudly I mean they spun really...
  10. jimmueller

    Google Chrome is hiding file extensions of downloaded images

    As it says on the tin, starting a few weeks ago Google Chrome (75.0.3770.142) defaults to hide file extensions when downloading images. There is a "Hide Extension" tickbox at the lower left of the Save dialogue and it is on by default. This happens only in Chrome. Safari also has this tickbox...
  11. SuperDuperMan

    Heard Google Chrome is getting rid of extensions.

    I remember reading somewhere a few months back that Chrome would be ending support for downloading extensions and I was wondering if there is another alternative on the horizon? Or if that simply means that the current extensions will either no longer be updated or if we’ll need to visit...
  12. ClaireW

    Chrome Problem

    Hi guys, I was hoping one of you could help me, please. I have just got my first Mac.. Macbook Air. I have downloaded Google Chrome as my browser, but every time I turn my laptop on and click the Chrome icon, which is in my dock bar, some sort of download box pops up (please see screenshot...
  13. jusacruiser

    Should I install Google Chrome on New MBP?

    I just got a new MacBook Pro. Should I delete Google Chrome on my old MacBook Pro before migrating to my new MacBook Pro? Should I let Google Chrome "poison" my new pristine MacBook Pro.....or get rid of Google Chrome before migration? Thoughts?
  14. G

    Slow chrome opening High Sierra

    Hi, I recently acquired a new MacBook Pro (2018) 13 inches, it works perfectly and is up to date. Still encounter a little issue with google chrome, it's indeed the only app that takes time to open itself (5 "bounces", whereas other apps don't even bounce once), it's not a real problem since...
  15. abude

    macOS Mojave chrome error ERR_CERT_DATABASE_CHANGED

    Hi there, After updating from high sierra to mac Mojave i'm having issues with chrome error : ERR_CERT_DATABASE_CHANGED I have macbook pro late 2015 with the following config : 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB And the error is...
  16. macman2017

    Os x leopard chrome not working

    Hey i know this is for 10.7 but who cares My mac broke and i had to use my old one i had nothing on it but i downloaded chrome I opened it and it had a lot of glitch things and it froze so i closed it and reopened it And i had the same result So now I have to use safari Any ideas why?
  17. mshoffmann

    Malware alert:

    Has anyone here encountered an Evil piece of malware called goqrench? It hijacks your browser, in my case Google Chrome, and redirects to their bogus browser. I have tried every tip I have found on the web to get rid of it with no success. It is the first time I have had a virus on my Mac and it...
  18. SportsPhan8

    Backspace Button Not Working on Chrome

    Pretty recent on Chrome only the next/right button works. I tried disabling/pausing my ad-blocker, to no effect. Anybody else have this problem? Any solutions? Would be appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Hustler1337

    Anyone been getting issues with Google Chrome on Sierra?

    Hi Guys, Ever since updating my Mac to MacOS Sierra, I've been having issues with Google Chrome. Some pages would just display a blank white page whilst others would show a black screen or blocks of black on the page. I can't seem to figure out what's wrong and am thinking it could be related...
  20. ces1596

    macOS Sierra: Dock/Apps Malfunctioning? HELP!

    Hello, I recently installed MacOS Sierra on a MacBook Pro that I have restored for my fiance (previously a friend's, was extremely water-damaged and corroded , running good as new now) and everything is running great. However, anytime I open Google Chrome or Firefox from my dock, instead of...