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    Apr 28, 2019
    Hi guys, I was hoping one of you could help me, please. I have just got my first Mac.. Macbook Air. I have downloaded Google Chrome as my browser, but every time I turn my laptop on and click the Chrome icon, which is in my dock bar, some sort of download box pops up (please see screenshot attached to see box) It is really frustrating and I want it to stop popping up, I want Chrome to just open like normal when I click on it. I have already tried dragging the Chrom icon into the Applications folder and dragging them onto my desktop. I have looked at all the settings for the box, I can even change the colour of it! But I just want it to stop popping up altogether. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

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    It looks like you made an Alias of your Application Folder. When Chrome downloads it should install itself in your Applications folder. The first time you run Chrome, you can select for it to remain in your Dock.

    You can tell the Applications folder that you're showing is an Alias by the small arrow. Try dragging that to the Trash to get rid of it. That will not delete your real Applications folder. Also, you may not have installed Chrome properly.
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    What you downloaded is a disk image, which can recognise by the .dmg suffix. It's just a container for the application. You are now supposed to drag the Chrome icon onto the alias of the Application folder below it to install the application itself on your drive. After that, you can discard the DMG file.

    Get used to this, as this is basically the standard method of distributing applications on the Mac.
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    Apr 28, 2019
    I have dragged the chrome icon onto the app folder and it just asks me to copy, replace or stop because I have already done it. Chrome is already installed but that box will not stop popping up every time I turn my laptop on and click on chrome in my dock. Also when I type DMG into my finder, Chrome file is not there?
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    Yes, Chrome icon is in my dock already, it has been from the start, but every time I click on it for it to open, that box pops up and I don't know what it wants me to do. I have dragged them onto the desktop, I have dragged them to the trash. The actual box I screenshot will not drag to the trash. Please tell me how to delete it or get rid of it, it's driving me insane ha
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    "DMG" is not the the file name, but just the suffix of the file. The whole thing is called "Google Chrome.dmg". And this is also what you have in your Dock: the contents of your Download folder are shown by default in the Dock with the last downloaded file on top. And as the disk image for Chrome is apparently the last (and only?) thing you downloaded, you still see it.

    In short: what you have in the Dock is not the Application, it's just the disk image.
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    You have to eject the dmg file after you install it. Right Click on the icon you downloaded (or the one that's from the one that keeps bouncing) right click and choose eject. Or in your finder window you should see the installer with an ejection icon next to it. Next time when you install an app, when the window opens that shows the icon for the app you're installing drag that app icon an inch to the right into the icon of the Applications Folder. After you do that go to your applications folder, find the app and click on it and you can finish installing and setting up the app. Then go back to your installer app icon, right click on it and eject it.

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