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google docs

  1. digthewell

    Google Docs Standalone App

    Hi, I am looking to use Google Docs as standalone app. More specifically, I'd like Google Docs to show up as a separate window on the Dock. Whether that can be achieved by using an App or any other way. Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers,
  2. wrembry

    Touch Bar in Google Docs?

    Hey everyone! So I love using the text editing features that appear on the touch bar when typing in Pages, Word, or other text boxes that allow for the use of bold, italicized, underlined, and other text editing and customization features. For some reason, though, MacOS doesn't show these...
  3. F

    Keyboard shortcut override - what has hijacked command?

    In the grand scheme, this is pretty minor, but super annoying... I have some unknown program linked to a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shft+8) that is interfering with my ability to use that same shortcut in Google Docs and Gmail (it is the bullet shortcut). I have tried using my google accounts on...
  4. yaxomoxay

    How to download Google Docs to iPP?

    Hi guys - I have a simple problem, yet I can't solve it even after some research on Google. I got an iPAD PRO and sometimes I need to save a local copy of a live Google Doc to my hard drive with some info that can't be shared on the Google Drive itself. On a Mac I usually just save a local copy...