1. Wiencon

    iPhone If you're like me and you travel a lot by train or bus, you might like my new app - Glarm! Easy location-based alarms

    If you're like me and you travel a lot by train, or bus you might not always recognize railway stations or tell quickly how far is your stop, so you start nervously checking the time and position on the map. With Glarm you can set alarm to ring, let's say 30 kilometres from your destination and...
  2. V

    TRYVL - Track Your voice location

    Short description: GPS voice notes, voice travel, share impressions, voice location recordings, GPS voice, audio mapping Description: TRYVL - Track Your voice location Version 1.0 Short description GPS voice notes, voice travel, share impressions, voice location recordings, GPS voice, audio...
  3. T

    Series 4 Hiking Distance Accuracy

    Yesterday, I hiked Mt. Bierstadt – one of Colorado's 14ers. I started and stopped tracking my hike at the same time on both my Apple Watch Series 4 using the workout app and my iPhone 8 using the GPS Tracks app. I have found the GPS Tracks app to be very reliable in the past. When I finished, I...
  4. oeagleo

    Odd comparison, AW4 vs. Fenix 5+

    I've been wondering about the accuracy of my Apple Watch, series 4, and the Fenix 5+ that I also own. So, today, I took both to a calibrated track, an Olympic Oval for speed skating here in Salt Lake City, left over from when we had the Winter Olympics. The tracks are calibrated per lane, to...
  5. Akrapovic

    A workflow for fixing bad GPS data before uploading to Strava

    If I could have one thing to be announced in the Apple Watch Series 5, it would be significantly better GPS in the watch. It's absolutely abysmal at times. A recent export to Strava claimed I managed to run 400m in 44 seconds. The world record is 43 seconds. It was getting quite annoying, so...
  6. Huntn

    Dedicated GPS Unit Versus Phone Navigation

    Which do you prefer and why? I have a Garmin Nuvi 1490 which is close to 10 years old and a new iPhone 10XR so this may not be a fair comparison. We drove from the CDG (Paris DeGaul) airport this morning down to Versailles about 25 miles away. I had both of these units hooked up and navigating...
  7. HappyDude20

    I Want to Track My 8 Year Old Child.. Help Me.

    Good morning, So, I’ll get straight into it: I have an 8 year old that is in elementary school and we purchased an iPhone SE for her a year ago after everyone in the family and extended family already had iPhones and she wanted to play Angry Birds and Fortnite, among other reasons like wanting...
  8. Stuey3D

    iPhone XR GPS Reception on iPhone XR, is it better than the Intel iPhone X?

    A quick question for iPhone XR owners out there, what is the GPS reception like on it? The reason I ask is because in January I am going to trade my iPhone X in for an XR and I am hoping the GPS reception is better on the XR than it is on the X. In my experience with an Intel iPhone X the GPS...
  9. J

    iPhone Location based reminder alarm with vibration and message

    I'm looking for an iOS app that would do the following: I realize I need to buy something, let's say a screwdriver. But it's not urgent. What I want is to be reminded of this when I'm walking near the screwdriver shop. However, it's always very crowded and noisy at that location. There are many...
  10. T

    iPhone 6(S)(+) GPS Not Functional - iPhone 6

    You probably groaned when you saw the iPhone 6 part of the title, but I'm not in a financial position to upgrade to a new iPhone yet unfortunately. I'm aware of the iPhone 6's age, but a problem arose around roughly February that has been absolutely ridiculous and has caused major problems for...
  11. C

    Apple Watch 3 Series buying abroad

    Hi there, I live in the UK but will be in the USA next month. I had hoped to pick up a 3rd Generation Apple Watch, GPS Only (NO Cellular). Will this work with a UK bought and used iPhone? Can all features still be used - phone notifications when connected via bluetooth etc? Any help appreciated!
  12. M

    CarPlay GPS issue

    I recently bought a new car (Mercedes Benz CLA 180) and tried using Apple CarPlay in it. Everything else works except navigation apps. When I use either Google maps or Apple maps, the current location gets constantly switched between the actual current location and somewhere in the middle of the...
  13. R

    Purchasing Apple Watch S4 from Japan for UK use

    Hello! Im going to be in Tokyo, Japan for two weeks at the start of October. Space Grey Aluminium 44mm (GPS model) is ¥53,680 with tax which equates to £364. In the UK the same watch is £429. A saving of £65! Would I be able to purchase the GPS only version in Japan and be able to use it in...
  14. U

    iPhone X Wifi must be enabled for GPS location

    Why do I need wifi turned on to find my location? I have concluded that on my iPhone X, while located in certain states/cities, my GPS location shows far away from my actual location unless I have wifi enabled. I have tested this in many locations around the country and find it most puzzling...
  15. J

    iPhone X GPS Not Working

    Hey all, I have had issues with the GPS in my iPhone X since I got it last year. In the past I have been able to clear it up with a simple reboot. Yesterday it reared its ugly head again. I was unable to get any satellite reception on the phone and it defaulted to cellular for location data...
  16. J

    iPhone GPS on iPhone 6S intermittent with 11.4.1

    I use several apps for tracking hikes. My iPhone 6s has been brilliant at this until upgrading to 11.4.1. Now the dreaded GPS problem that seems to plague iPhone 8 and later seems to have migrated to my iPhone 6s. I’ve reset network settings, validated location services settings, switched...
  17. D

    How does the Watch behave when cellular is never enabled to begin with?

    Title says it all... When cellular is never enabled on the Watch, does it behave the same as the GPS-only Watch? Is the icon for cell connection still present in Control Center?
  18. D

    Buy new Watch @ $359 + AppleCare, or $279 BB refurbished

    Hello all! I am facing a dilemma of whether to purchase a Geek Squad refurbished Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) for $79 off the list price but without the availability of AppleCare, or a brand new one at list with the opportunity to purchase AppleCare. There's also the same opportunity with a...
  19. B

    NRC and Activity apps crashing because of GPS?

    Hi! I've had problems usimg my Apple Watch S2 for monitoring my runs for a few weeks. The app would take a ton of time to launch and crash at some random point during my race, which I at first blamed on the NRC App itself. However, I recently tried using the Activity app instead and the same...
  20. P

    Using Apple Watch GPS to geotag photos in Lightroom

    Hi everyone, I have an Apple Watch 3 that I regularly use to track my hiking and trekking. I use the built-in Activity app, and I love the fact that it tracks the route with the GPS without having to use my phone. I shoot photos on a Canon 5D Mark III which doesn't have a built-in GPS module. I...