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gpu crash

  1. Zaithe

    MP 1,1-5,1 GPU Fans not spinning, artifacts and freeze 5,1

    My Mac Pro mid 2012 has a 1080 TI in it and its having an issue that arose lately where the gpu fans wont spin when it gets hot. Works fine in windows but in mac the fans wont spin and it eventually overheats. I remedied it temporarily by putting a fan in front of it. Is there a way i can...
  2. N

    Worth repairing on a MBP 15" Retina mid-2012 the solder joints of the U8900 chip causing GPU VCore failure ?

    I have a MacbookPro 15" Retina mid-2012 going black screen whenever it switches to the dedicated GT650M NVidia GPU instead of the integrated GPU. This is apparently a well-knowned issue due to the bad solder joints of the U8900 power buck converter causing GPU VCore Failure. It has been...
  3. Z

    HELP Please. Macpro 2,1 EL Capitan gpu issues

    Hello, i would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me with this problem(s) that iam facing with a mac pro 1,1 (upgraded to 2,1). ** Sorry for the long post, but i would greatlt appreciate any feedback. THANKYOU* I received a mac pro 1,1 from a friend a mine with 10.7, nvidia 7300 gt and...
  4. dstraigh

    Testing a refurbished 2015 MacBook Pro (for GPU crashes)

    Hello, This is my first post. Nearly two years ago I bought a brand new 2015 MacBook Pro (bought in Nov. 2015) directly from Apple. Sadly, I have a lemon - this 2015 Mac Book Pro experiences constant GPU crashes. Because the warranty has already expired I decided to buy another MBP. I...
  5. T

    mid 2011 27" iMac - dying GPU

    Hi all I have an iMac from mid 2011, 27" i7 with the 2GB GDDR 5 AMD 6970m card. And im getting some black screens, with vertical 1pt. red lines, when i then reboot i get Grey or mostly Blue screens. I have tried this: Boot into Single-User mode Execute the following commands: /sbin/fsck...
  6. K

    Late 2016 MBP (TB) Freeze/GPU Crash

    Hello Have anyone had a GPU crash on the new MacBook Pro 2016 ? It happened to me 4 times now : Screen freezes only cursor is moving. I have 15" maxed out BTO (AMD 460) Log file has the following entry Dec 1 20:47:51 XXXXX-MacBook-Pro DumpGPURestart[15326]: Saved gpuRestart report for kernel...