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  1. MarciaFunebre

    MP 7,1 Crazy Fans on Sapphire 5700XT - How to tame?

    Fans on the Sapphire Radeon 5700XT are spinning up ever 10 or 20 seconds. Even while the computer is idling. Any idea on how to turn this madness off?
  2. Rob Hein

    Macbook Pro Mid 2010 Shut down randomly

    I got this old mac Macbook Pro Mid 2010 that has this problem, it will just shut down randomly, and give me a grey screen, i think it said kernel something, sorry im no expert here. Log file Kernel Screenshot I have read online, this is a common problem with this model, and i've tried...
  3. J

    Faulty graphics card?

    i owned a late 2012 imac and recently, every time i open a game it hangs and today it shut down on his own.. when i tried to boot my mac, i always get stuck at apple logo while when booting on windows, it shut downs on his own at windows logo.. What should i do? Please help
  4. Nessdufrat

    MP 1,1-5,1 Extremely low graphic performances on Mac Pro 5.1

    Hey guys, I recently got the opportunity to grab a Mac Pro 2010, dual CPU 3.46Ghz, 128GB ram, with a radeon RX580 8GB graphic card, and I thought, good deal! I had a Mac Pro 2010, dual CPU 3.33Ghz, 64GB ram with a Geforce GTX980 4GB graphic card, not bad either, I figured I could sell mine and...
  5. I

    Radeon Pro 575X vs Radeon Pro 580X, which IMac to get

    Hey guys , quick question for you and would love to hear your thoughts. I'm going to get a new iMac now they finally got an update ,and I'm only can't decide between the graphics card . The 27 inch model with 575x costs the same as the 580x and all the other specs are the same . It looks like...
  6. bergstruhm

    Odd video issues (horizontal lines, glitches) on iMac 5K

    Hi. My iMac (27" 5K, 2015) started acting strange a couple weeks ago. Video glitches that flashed by quickly; mostly horizontal lines, but also big blocks of color, distortions. I did a screen recording and they didn't register, but you can see some photos here: image no. 1, image no. 2. I...
  7. Kadir Martin

    Mac Pro 4.1-5.1 shutting off

    hello all would be grateful if i could have so help in solving these problem i'm having with my mac 1. after a shutdown the machine take multiple restart to get back up. it would startup then power off after a few seconds. sometime it would run but no load screen just a low fan speed...
  8. S

    have you tried to trade in your MacBook Pro 15 inch

    I ordered my MacBook Pro i9 first week in August and now there is an upgrade to the internal graphic card. I purchased this iteration so that I could use an ultra wide 5 k external monitor with photoshop etc. and watch HD movies. so the extra oomph in graphics would be welcome. I have seen a...
  9. S

    Mac mini (2018) Intel UHD Graphics 630 :: Pros and Cons

    Today's - Oct 2018 - Mac minis regardless of other tech specifications are all equipped with the Intel UHD Graphics 630. What do folks think about the Intel UHD Graphics 630 Graphics card choice... For basic home use? For byte and pixel crunching Pro users?
  10. I

    MacPro Monitor goes On and off

    The monitor on my 2010 MacPro 5.1 goes on and off during use only. When idle, it stays on but as soon as I work with it, it goes to black and then back on and repeats until I stop using it. I've started from different Hard Drives and different OS but it does not fix. I'm thinking it's the...
  11. E

    R9 280X graphic glitches

    Hey folks, I bought a refurbished Mac Pro 4.1 flashed to 5.1 with 2 x 6 core @ 3,46 GHz, 48 GB Ram and a flashed R9 280X. I installed High Sierra and everything seems fine except some graphic glitches (see screenshots): - during the boot screen I get some artefacts - one program has a dark...
  12. A

    Vega 64 Graphic Card on Mac Pro mid 2012 acts weird

    Hello guys, I put a Vega 64 on Mac Pro mid 2012 few days ago. And it always boosts itself on to hightest fan speed, which is noisy. What shoud I do to make it nomarl? Thanks. By the way, There are some people told me that I need to boost the power for graphic card. But how? Thanks again!
  13. A

    Patcher tool for unsupported Macs and RX5XX

    So, I'm "new" to mac (last mac was in 2012 as a student) and got myself a cheep Mac Pro 3.1 that I'm planing to do some updates to. Mainly I'm going to use it for FCPX for some 4k video - mainly family movies, some work stuff now and then and some light World of Warcraft gaming. Beside that...
  14. H

    AMD Radeon R9 270X ports are not working on Mac Pro?

    I have a problem... I have a Mac Pro "Eight Core" 2.8 (2008). My old graphics card "died" and I bought another one. The new card is AMD Radeon R9 270X, 4096mb. With OS X El Capitan it almost works. One monitor is working and one display port (dvi) is working, but I can´t get a picture from...
  15. Zhldev

    Mac pro5,1 with gtx950 and dual monitor, scaled resolution lagging..

    Hello, I have a Mac Pro 2009 upgrade to 5,1 with 32gb ram and dual 3.06 cpu. The graphic card is Gtx950 with nvidia web driver. Monitors set: I using dual monitor,First is a ASUS 27' 1920*1080 another is a 4k Samsung 28' but just using 2k resolution 2560*1440.(scaled) The issue: The Asus...
  16. Shadow9x99

    Strange GPU behavior on Mac Pro 3,1

    I have two GPUs for my early 2008 mac pro (2x 3.2ghz Xeon, 16GB OWC Ram), the first is an EVGA GTX 285 flashed with the mac efi and the second is an Apple radeon 5770. The system runs OS X 10.11.6 just fine. The strange thing is that in most games on OS X the 5770 outperforms the 285 by a...
  17. K

    Keeping iMac CPU healthy

    Hi, I just got my iMac (mid 2010) fixed, the graphics Card was broken, there were vertical lines on the screen. It happened while I was playing a game (a game that uses a lot of the iMac's processing power). I still want to play games but I don't want to break the computer again. So I have a...
  18. C

    RX 560 graphics card on Mac Pro 4,1/5,1 PCIe Lane Width x8?

    I’ve installed a RX 560 on my Mac Pro. Currently it’s the only graphics card in the system and in slot 1. I’ve noticed that System Report says it’s running with a PCIe Lane Width of x8. The card I took out was a GT 120 and that ran at x16. In fact if I put the GT 120 into slot 2 it still runs a...
  19. C

    GPU switching on a 4,1/5,1 Mac Pro with two GPUs installed?

    I’ve got the stock Nvidia GT 120 and an AMD RX 560 instated in my Mac Pro 4,1 (5,1 firmware) running High Sierra. I’ve got one screen plugged into the GT 120 and another plugged into the RX 560. Interestingly when I go to “About This Mac” the “Displays” tab shows both screen as connected to the...
  20. C

    Mac Pro 4,1 / 5,1 sleep issues with RX 560 graphics card

    I’ve installed a MSI Radeon RX 560 in my Mac Pro 4,1 (5,1 firmware). Seems to be working and performing well straight out of the box I just have a problem when I put my Mac to sleep. The hard drives spin down, the power light starts pulsing but the system fans continue to run and it’s impossible...