1. videosoul

    Single application Dark Mode... possible?

    Has anyone yet worked out how to make Dark Mode work in just one application on macOS? I've found the terminal commands (NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance etc), NightOwl, and another similar program (I forgot what it's called). But the way all of them seem to work is Dark Mode needs to be turned...
  2. videosoul

    macSO Music application "Filter Field" feature

    I was so happy to discover the Command-F "Show Filter Field" option works in the same way the old Find/Search box did in iTunes. This is the main way I look for music in my library, and it really annoyed me how the behaviour of the main Find/Search box has been changed in Music. Has anyone come...
  3. T

    iPhone 2 iPhone icon on Audio?

    Hi, my iPhone 11 Pro always showing this 2 iPhone icon on the Audio under AirPlay. My another iPhone doesn’t have this. Both using same wifi connection but I don’t think it’s related. When I click the other iPhone icon, the 1st one will disappear. Please see the photo attached. Anyone knows...
  4. T

    latest checkra1n supports T2 / Touchbar. Finally undervolting on windows?

    I'd like to undervolt my MacBook's i9 under Windows using the latest checkra1n release which supports hacking into the T2. Anyone here who knows how to accomplish that? download the latest checkra1n here. Thanks in advance.
  5. P

    M2 in a A1398?! mid-2012 Retina MBP

    All the research I've done tells me - No, you have to use an M.Sata and adapter. Even though they're kind of old and expensive, compared to M2. Then I came across a review for an adaptor, on the UK version of Amaz on. Item B07H7KCWQR, look in the comments section at the top review. The...
  6. S

    iPod Updating the iPod 5G UI with iPod Wizard

    Hey everyone. I got my hands on an iPod 5G (iPod Video), replaced the battery, put in a new SD Card, and it’s been great. The interface is just dated compared to other Apple products so I’m trying to update it to look more like Apple Music. I’ve gone through some wacky lengths to achieve this...
  7. M

    Can police unlock my iPhone?

    iPhone X running iOS 12.3.2 4 digit numeral password I have a mental illness and was arrested for trying to light a car on fire. Anyways the police took my phone and I pleaded guilty in court, and now I'm getting treatment for my illness. However, after the court, the police decides to give...
  8. DrMotownMac

    Is this a concern?

    My Samsung/Android using friend just sent this article to me as part of his ongoing argument that iPhones are no more secure than Android phones. Is this something really to be concerned about? Is there a reason Apple has not fixed this after knowing about it for 4 years? I don't really...
  9. emaytea

    Been hacked, attempted email, remote keylogger?

    I received this email: i am awärę wr!4769+ ōne of yōur passwords. i placed a software ōn the X videos (sęx sites) sİtę and yōu know what, yoū visİted this website to experięnce fun (yoū knōw what İ mean). Whęn you were viewİng vİdęō clips, your web browser started out functioning as ä Remōte...
  10. Flo22100

    iPhone It is possible to install an app without provision, but how ?

    Hi, I always believe that it was impossible to install an app without Apple provisionning (enterprise, ad hoc, , development...). But I find an app in which they do it => 3uTools with their "Import photos" function. The app install and it just ask us to launch it, the app launch and that's all...
  11. HappyDude20

    How to Stop Daily Recurring SPAM Email Specifically in APPLE MAIL?

    I didn’t think this was a specific iOS or MacOS question and figured I cannot be the only individual within the MacRumors community from experiencing this so here goes: Gmail has never giving me problems and in the past 12 years have yet to see a spam email creep into my inbox. Apple Mail...
  12. E

    1st gen ipad android

    hi, i have a old 1st gen ipad and is not in use, and i am looking for a way to run android on it, or even just a custom firmware. i tried graydoor on it but without any luck. one other problem i have is that, its need a sim card to start, right now its in complet setup mode and cant even run it...
  13. Z

    Hack for DIY Projects

    I wanted to wear my Apple Watch will doing my DIY Project.
  14. P

    My video submission for the Apple Developer Academy

    Hello there, I'm applying to the Apple student program here in Brazil where we learn to code and to design for all Apple devices. So I had less than 1 minute to answer "my best idea is...". Here's the video, I hope you like it: Please give me your feedbacks!
  15. T

    Have I been hacked?

    I belive someone is hosting a webhost server or something to change website content. Also, if i google certain words the first meaning of the word is often wrong. I had someone over who did an badusb attack on me. i think someone is hosting a mirror server to mirror my whole computer.. here is...
  16. jackbarham

    Rigged charger can hijack USB-C MacBooks

    Full article on the BBC website https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45139397
  17. L

    Looking to move mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13" to mid-2010 MBP 15" unibody

    Hi All, I've done some Googling on this subject and come up short. Long story short, I own a 13" mid-2010 MacBook Pro. I came across a 15" mid-2010 MacBook Pro unibody and screen. As a result, I'd like to benefit from the bigger real estate on the 15" screen and 'hack' the 13" to fit into...
  18. Nope1239

    Error/Hack? “Please reboot your mobile”

    My friend keeps receiving the below messages on an iPhone 7 with 11.4.1 version of iOS. The message will appear intermittently throughout the day. There is an old stackexchange forum post showing the same message in English, but there was no definitive conclusion to that case...
  19. Help6666

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone hack or not?

  20. R

    Resolved ADMIN RIGHTS!!!

    Hi guys I don’t know much about fourms or what I can give out without a big backlash of why I handed this information out (because you know theifs!) but I wanted to tell people about this thing I found that allowed me to make my own user account that had Administrative privileges without...