1. PinkyMacGodess

    Was Garmin hacked again? 20210913, down most of the afternoon.

    I was on their site earlier, 6-eastern time, and it worked, but a half hour later, and nothing. And now, 4 hours-ish later, and nothing. Someone is going to have some explaining to do if it's down again like before. Ouch...
  2. christianxroman

    Am I Being Spied on Remotely?

    I opened Finder to look for a file in my Downloads folder when I noticed this under Locations to the left... I can't find anything online about what it is, but it asks if I want to connect to this server when I click on it. Any idea if this is bad, anyone?
  3. alexstrider18

    Is my warranty gone

    Hi, just got the M1macbook pro and downloaded a 3rd party app that totally crashed my whole system ! Luckily I was able to erase and reinstall the softwear and it’s working relatively ok now apart from apps closing and forgetting passwords ! But I got a warning that it was (jail broken or rooted...
  4. T

    Annoying double iPhone icons on airplay option.

    Hey guys, can anyone help me. My iPhone 12 Pro Max airplay options is showing 2 iPhone icons. I have this same problem on the previous iPhone 11 Pro Max when it was with ios13. I didn’t restore the new iPhone 12 pro max with the previous iphone 11 Pro Max backup. The double icon only appear...
  5. T

    Is a hacker inside my Mac?

    I recently had an incident where a hacker got access into my Google Authenticator app and into a financial account. He's very savvy and now I think he's remoting into my Mac. I reinstalled the OS and changed my passwords yet I noticed Dashlane, my password manager was using 27% of the CPU. I...
  6. Christian Lembourn

    Huawei hacked my settings?

    The other day I got a message on my iMac with something like: "Can't open Mac with Apple Watch because screen sharing is on". I didn't have any screen sharing on... So I opened up preferences and saw something strange."Other users can access your computer's screen at vnc://huawei_p20-[letters...
  7. B

    PerfPowerServices Webcam Access

    Why would PerfPowerServices process tries to access webcam repeatedly? Using Kaspersky. Webcam access is blocked from settings and through Kaspersky.
  8. emaytea

    Been hacked, attempted email, remote keylogger?

    I received this email: i am awärę wr!4769+ ōne of yōur passwords. i placed a software ōn the X videos (sęx sites) sİtę and yōu know what, yoū visİted this website to experięnce fun (yoū knōw what İ mean). Whęn you were viewİng vİdęō clips, your web browser started out functioning as ä Remōte...
  9. Red Fuji

    Hacked Mac ?

    did my Mid 2014 Retina Macbook A1398 get hacked ?? (missed it by two years; its a 2014 vice 2012) i am on a continuous error loop of some sort. 1. I turn on the Mac. 2. I get a full screen with nothing but this attached message (several languages): " YOUR COMPUTER RESTARTED BECAUSE OF A...
  10. T

    Have I been hacked?

    I belive someone is hosting a webhost server or something to change website content. Also, if i google certain words the first meaning of the word is often wrong. I had someone over who did an badusb attack on me. i think someone is hosting a mirror server to mirror my whole computer.. here is...
  11. iMacGuru

    Installed Mojave - Receiving Unsolicited Emails

    Ever since I installed Mojave I have been barraged with emails from web-sites around the world (over 400) thanking me for signing up or requesting that I confirm my email address. For some reason these emails are not being filtered by the gmail junk routines. Please help! Inundated Mac User
  12. 6

    What is this weird app?

    After installing iOS 12 I was looking through the new ScreenTime settings and on the "Always Allowed" screen I found a weird app and app icon with a name that is just a string of numbers and letters in the "Choose Apps" list. The icon of the app is a wireframe icon and the "app's" name begins...
  13. D

    Need urgent help

    Could I please get some help breaking down what some of these are? I know it’s not good, but maybe origins or an idea of why this is happening to me? Please. Forgive me, this is what I’m concerned about: IP Address: MAC Address: Hostname: iphone State: Online First seen: 12...
  14. Prplehz76

    Remote user that I can’t shake!

    I need some heavy duty help to shake a remote user! I’ve tried everything even had professional IT help but he’s sneaky and can disappear as quickly as he appears! I’ve got all the programs he/she is infiltrating and can see the workflow on my console. I have used sudo on my terminal and can...
  15. Amy Lord

    iPhone HELP: Someone hacked my iMessages, but idk how...

    So, someone hacked my iMessages from a computer on some website, took pictures of the messages on their laptop screen, and then sent them to my boyfriend trying to start a fight between us over one of my past relationships. I also went back and checked my messages, and the ones sent to my bf are...
  16. W

    System Log - How to locate when a device accessed my macbook

    Hello! Macbook OS 10.7.5 Is there ANY way to locate a device by name or mac address that accessed/hacked into my macbook and was added to my network as a "modem" - System Preferences => Network => left pane. The left pane usually just shows Wifi, ethernet and firewire (sometimes bluetooth). I...
  17. W

    iCloud Hacked 2014 MacBook Air Locked

    Ok guys i need some help. A couple of days ago my wife's iCloud was hacked from somebody in Russia. They managed to lock her her 2014 MacBook Air. After we logged into her iCloud after changing the password we tried to unlock it from there and the unlock button was grayed out. We called apple...
  18. G

    Open Port Question

    Hello, When I used the Port Scanner in Network Utility, I noticed there were 3 open TCP ports: Port 1110, which had nfs-status as its usage, Port 1538, which linked to 3ds-lm, and Port 53213 which didn't have any identified usage listed, which I found to be suspicious. Port Scan has started…...
  19. G

    Unauthorized remote access

    Hello, I've been seeing some logs that look suspicious. Particularly: 8/23/17 10:08:49.308 AM sharingd[304]: 10:08:49.307 : Device Capabilities (Handoff:YES, Instant Hotspot:YES, AirDrop:YES, Legacy AirDrop:NO, Remote Disc:YES) and 8/23/17 11:15:23.938 PM sharingd[304]: 23:15:23.937 ...
  20. G

    Logs removed? Computer hacked?

    Hi everyone, I use a program called Citrix Reciever to run an application that's not compatible with my Mac. I keep getting a message in the console stating: 8/8/17 11:42:45.885 AM com.apple.WebKit.Plugin.64[3573]: Removed log file: /Users//Library/Logs/Citrix...