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  1. Schmidi0t

    SOS - My Hackintosh won’t boot properly after recent update

    A few months ago I successfully used the macOS Mojave patcher tool to install Mojave onto my mid2011 MacBook Pro. Inside I have new ram (16gb) and replaced the hard drive with a 1tb ssd. My machine has been working phenomenally and have only had an issue today. As per the site recommendation, I...
  2. B

    iMac G4 Hackintosh Guide / or Comission (UK)

    Hey Picking up a 20inch G4 iMac today and I’m keen to convert it into a Hackintosh. I’ve seen a few guides online on how to do this but if I’m honest, they’re too text heavy on the modification “experience” and I’m getting lost/confused trying to follow it. Can anyone point me in the...
  3. dissdnt

    Raadition :APPlE II in back, Retro Computer Case.

    Hi ya! Anyone know anything about this or backed this? I was thinking of doing it but I'm a little concerned the project is dead. The video isn't working and there's not actual posts of the product done. They looks like really good 3D renders to me, but I might be mistaken. Thanks...
  4. Darren_pan

    Compatable wifi card for Hackintosh

    So I am thinking of creating a Hackintosh but I don't know if its worth it. I have a dell inspiron 7359 and everything seems to be compatible except for the wifi card. Right now I'm housing a AC-3165 via M.2 slot. I could always buy a usb adapter but I kind of want it in my computer. So now I'm...
  5. Rasta4i

    Is the MacBook powerful enough for me? Please help!

    Hi people I need some help, I had a little accident with my macbook air and a cup of water... Initially I planned to get a 15" macbook pro early next year with top i7 and 512gb as I think my usage is quite heavy. I normally have a lot of tabs open, tweetbot, WhatsApp, imessage, iTunes, virtual...
  6. Threatnique

    Ssd on a hackingtosh

    hey , I have a upgraded 2009 4,1 2.4ghz quad CPU system to 2010 5,1 3.46ghz quad CPU system. I have the gtx750 with no efi. I didn't feel much difference on speed after spending all that money on CPU. I'm researching the SSD drives , I'm happy to get the Samsung sm951 512 with a pcie connector...