hard drive

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  1. kmoreau48

    Hard drive in optical bay not shown in disk utility after Big Sur update

    Hi all, After updating to Big Sur, I found out that my Macintosh HD hard drive is now split in two Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD - Data At first I thought everything was working properly but then I realized they are actually the same hard drive. I can't find my second hard drive which is...
  2. U

    MP All Models LaCie Rugged Thunderbolt External Drive To Use As Main Drive

    Hello. I plan on hooking a Lacie drive (SSD Rugged 500gb) for my old late 2011 macbook pro.... I plan to use the the old thunderbolt 2 cable and installing OSX on the drive to achieve faster speeds than my internal hard drive. My question is, and it's more a Lacie Product question than...
  3. macnerd93

    iMac G3 DV Compact Flash Hard Drive upgrade

    Given that the iMac G3 should be a pretty quiet computer given that its fanless and convection cooled the hard drive noise in mine is actually annoying me quite a bit tbh. I upgraded the drive a good few years back to an 80GB 7200RPM IDE . It works fine performance wise, but can’t help but...
  4. purdnost

    Suggestions for Archiving iPhone Media Yearly?

    I use iCloud for syncing and short-term backups in the Photos app. I move all my photos and videos to an external hard drive for archiving yearly. In previous years, I would allow the Photos app for macOS auto sync and download all original files to a library on an external drive. I’ve been...
  5. M

    Need expert opinion - save laptop or buy new?

    Hi guys! Hoping to have some Mac experts weigh in on my situation. I have a 13-inch mid-2014 Macbook Pro retina with a 2.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8GB of ram, and a (special ordered) 1TB internal hard drive. I LOVE my laptop and I have been resisting buying a new one because I don't...
  6. C

    Can not remove back up drives from "Exclude from Back Up" list in Time Machine

    Title pretty much says it all. I've erased the drive and reformatted as well as tried to remove them in Safe Mode. It still wont let me remove anything. If anyone knows how I can change this that would be much appreciated.
  7. W

    Deleted Macintosh HD hard drive/disk!! Anything I can do?

    Yesterday, my Macbook Air 2017 restarted to begin an update (Catalina, I think?). When I turned it on to see if the update had fully downloaded, it told me there was not enough space to download (I had only 17GB of open space on my drive but the update required 20GB). I was in a bit of a rush...
  8. J

    External hard drive defragging/optimization?

    I've often heard that Macs don't need to be defragged, but I have a 8tb external usb drive that is getting slow; when I open a folder sometimes I need to wait a few seconds to see the contents (when the drive is mounted and awake). I still have 5tb available on this drive. At this link I saw...
  9. Z

    a large HD for TMachine backup

    I own this old OWC enclosure. At the moment its got 3 drives on it of 2+4+4 TB. And i wish to purchase a larger HD that will work as a TMachine backup for all my drives. The drives that will be backed up are, 1TB HD on my iMac, a 500mb external drive and the 3 drives i mentioned that are in the...
  10. K

    Hard drive utilities needed?

    In the old days, I used apps like DiskWarrior and TechTool Pro for regular hard drive maintenance. With the latest versions of Mac OS, are these apps still needed? If so, what is the preferred app that people are using these days? Also, what's the best data recovery app right now? Thanks, Kelly
  11. Zachary Morgan

    Startup Disk

    Hello, I have been getting the gray question mark when I start my MacBook Pro (A1502 with 3.1GHz, i7). I've figured out how to navigate to the OS X utilities page. However, the HD isn't showing up and so there is nothing to try and fix the startup disk on/reinstall my OS High Sierra on. From...
  12. E

    Can I convert my MBP's internal optical drive into an external USB optical drive?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to upgrade my 2012 MacBook Pro 13" (non-Retina) and change some of the internals. Last year, I upgraded my failing 750GB HDD that the laptop came with to a 500GB SSD. Now I'm looking to swap out the computer's internal optical drive for a second drive - a large-capacity...
  13. X

    "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer"

    Hello all, I have a 4TB drive that I have been using for about one year and half. It worked fine until this morning, when I unplugged it after selecting Force Eject and plugged it in again, it shows "The dish you inserted was not readable by this computer". Both my macbook and iMac indicated...
  14. Uridium

    Slow iMac on HDD running Catalina going to be the next lawsuit?

    I see a lot of customers complain their iMac is running slow. We get a lot in for this and they test fine - the issue is they are running Catalina on an APFS format HDD. Plug in an ext SSD or replace the HDD for an SSD and they FLY! I think Apple may be heading for another "Slowing down my...
  15. Rivrsingr

    2010 27” iMac w/replaced hard drive 2015

    I took it to the Apple store and they replaced the hard drive in 2015. It still didn’t work when I got it home. It would strike the familiar chord, the little apple appeared, the screen had wide white and yellow stripes. When the spinner stopped, the screen was white with little yellow squares...
  16. D

    One 2TB Seagate hardrive showing up as 2 drives

    Both identical drives that display they each have 500gb space available totalling 1tb. However, the whole drive is 2tb so 1tb is just 'missing' and this one drive is separated into two drives. I need to use this drive to back up my mac.
  17. I

    Time Capsule disk into exFat

    Hi, i have a Apple Time Capsule with 3 TB hard drive. I want to backup my videos and movies to time capsule, but it hard drive in FAT32 and i can't store files larger than 4 GB. Сan i format it into exFat? Please help.
  18. amandaj333

    Trying to swap hard drives on a late 2015 iMac 27, ran into trouble, help!

    My late 2015 iMac recently went kaput with the disk with the question mark flashing. Took down to the Genius Bar and they said the hard drive was gone and said they would repair it with a new one for a couple hundred bucks. Few days later they called back and said because I had gotten a custom...
  19. I

    MacBook Pro won’t startup, recovery partition lost

    Hi community! Looking for advice... i have a MacBook Pro 2011 15” (model number A1286). Obviously this device is quite old but has been maintained well (new battery, several new hard drives in its lifetime and a few other bits). It has been working fine for a while, I mainly use it for browsing...
  20. D

    Please help fix hard drive!

    Hi all, I could really do with your expert knowledge right now, I would be beyond grateful, I've been freaking out a bit :/ So yesterday I was working on a photoshop file I keep saved on an External HDD, nothing unusual, but after I saved the file and quit photoshop I navigated to the file's...