hard drive

  1. K

    Hard drive utilities needed?

    In the old days, I used apps like DiskWarrior and TechTool Pro for regular hard drive maintenance. With the latest versions of Mac OS, are these apps still needed? If so, what is the preferred app that people are using these days? Also, what's the best data recovery app right now? Thanks, Kelly
  2. Zachary Morgan

    Startup Disk

    Hello, I have been getting the gray question mark when I start my MacBook Pro (A1502 with 3.1GHz, i7). I've figured out how to navigate to the OS X utilities page. However, the HD isn't showing up and so there is nothing to try and fix the startup disk on/reinstall my OS High Sierra on. From...
  3. E

    Can I convert my MBP's internal optical drive into an external USB optical drive?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to upgrade my 2012 MacBook Pro 13" (non-Retina) and change some of the internals. Last year, I upgraded my failing 750GB HDD that the laptop came with to a 500GB SSD. Now I'm looking to swap out the computer's internal optical drive for a second drive - a large-capacity...
  4. X

    "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer"

    Hello all, I have a 4TB drive that I have been using for about one year and half. It worked fine until this morning, when I unplugged it after selecting Force Eject and plugged it in again, it shows "The dish you inserted was not readable by this computer". Both my macbook and iMac indicated...
  5. Uridium

    Slow iMac on HDD running Catalina going to be the next lawsuit?

    I see a lot of customers complain their iMac is running slow. We get a lot in for this and they test fine - the issue is they are running Catalina on an APFS format HDD. Plug in an ext SSD or replace the HDD for an SSD and they FLY! I think Apple may be heading for another "Slowing down my...
  6. Rivrsingr

    2010 27” iMac w/replaced hard drive 2015

    I took it to the Apple store and they replaced the hard drive in 2015. It still didn’t work when I got it home. It would strike the familiar chord, the little apple appeared, the screen had wide white and yellow stripes. When the spinner stopped, the screen was white with little yellow squares...
  7. D

    One 2TB Seagate hardrive showing up as 2 drives

    Both identical drives that display they each have 500gb space available totalling 1tb. However, the whole drive is 2tb so 1tb is just 'missing' and this one drive is separated into two drives. I need to use this drive to back up my mac.
  8. I

    Time Capsule disk into exFat

    Hi, i have a Apple Time Capsule with 3 TB hard drive. I want to backup my videos and movies to time capsule, but it hard drive in FAT32 and i can't store files larger than 4 GB. Сan i format it into exFat? Please help.
  9. amandaj333

    Trying to swap hard drives on a late 2015 iMac 27, ran into trouble, help!

    My late 2015 iMac recently went kaput with the disk with the question mark flashing. Took down to the Genius Bar and they said the hard drive was gone and said they would repair it with a new one for a couple hundred bucks. Few days later they called back and said because I had gotten a custom...
  10. I

    MacBook Pro won’t startup, recovery partition lost

    Hi community! Looking for advice... i have a MacBook Pro 2011 15” (model number A1286). Obviously this device is quite old but has been maintained well (new battery, several new hard drives in its lifetime and a few other bits). It has been working fine for a while, I mainly use it for browsing...
  11. D

    Please help fix hard drive!

    Hi all, I could really do with your expert knowledge right now, I would be beyond grateful, I've been freaking out a bit :/ So yesterday I was working on a photoshop file I keep saved on an External HDD, nothing unusual, but after I saved the file and quit photoshop I navigated to the file's...
  12. M

    USB Drives NTFS Preferences directory info

    Hello, Recently I felt the need to uninstall old NTFS apps like old versions of Tuxera, Paragon. I had these apps before installing High Sierra, when everything started to act weird. CS6 was acting weird towards High Sierra, compatibility issue. At the moment I have installed OSX Fuse for NTFS...
  13. ivoschalkwijk

    Missing files after copying to External Hard Drive

    After copying thousands of photos from my iPhone to my external hard drive (via iMazing)I found that after unplugging and replugging the hard drive again,the only folder I could still see was the “fseventsd-uuid”folder. If I try to open the “fseventsd-uuid”folder,it disappears automatically...
  14. L

    Hard drive format error on Macbook Pro 2012

    I have a mid 2012 Macbook pro, a few years ago I replaced the hard drive with an SSD and replaced the optical drive with the original hard drive that was in the computer using the OWC data doubler. It all worked well but then last week I started having problems with the secondary drive, whenever...
  15. F

    OS Majove USB installation keeps looping back to Disk Utility window

    Good day. Kindly help me with this. Problem: I have created a bootable USB (via Terminal, because Diskmaker threw up an error and stopped!). When I try boot from it so that I can reinstall my OS, it process starts off ok, but always ends up back at the Disk Utilities window without...
  16. L

    All iPads All Things iPadOS File System Thread

    What does everyone think? Some time back it was rumoured that we'd see enhanced functionality with the USB-C port, and many took that to mean we'll be able to use external storage. After Gurman's roundup of iOS 13 features, which made no mention of it, it seems talk of this feature (if we can...
  17. cezar.popescu.89

    Image Cleaner - Find and Remove Duplicate Photos

    Hello everybody, My name is Cezar Popescu and I am the CEO of 64BitApps, a software company that develops Mac apps. For more info please visit www.64bitapps.com I am starting this thread as a developer on behalf of my company because I want to let you know about our Mac app called Image...
  18. J

    iMac question on internal hard drive.

    Now, first of all- I want to start off by saying I am new and do not know how to use the site but I am in desperate need of help. I have an iMac that me and my family have been using for a while. I have the iMac Aluminium Unibody, I don't know what model number it is- I just know it is that one...
  19. Slix

    Mac Mini miniStack v2 Hard Drive Size?

    Hi guys! A while ago I got a 2005 Mac Mini G4, and the seller threw in an external hard drive/FireWire+USB hub. I believe it's this model: http://www.mymac.com/2006/04/ministack-v2-review/ I recently set it up and tried using it to back up my Mac Mini running Mac OS X Server, but noticed the...
  20. Opry99er

    Making a SCSI drive bootable

    Hello fine folks. My Mac Plus has been upgraded to 4MB, the old SCSI drives are now safely recovered and archived, I have a working LocalTalk network set up with my eMac, and all is well in the land. I wanted to accomplish all these things before I went on to my next task: Retiring my two SCSI...