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hdd issues

  1. F

    27" iMac (Late 2012) Blade SSD Upgrade Question

    So first things first I have already performed the upgrade and all is well with one exception. Prior to performing the upgrade I did not decouple the fusion drive. I've since read that was a good first the machine doesn't detect the HDD. It only detects the new blade SSD. I've...
  2. M

    New Hard Drive

    The hard drive in my old MacBook Pro died recently and so I replaced it with a brand-new 480 gig SSD. When I tried to boot the old darling back up again, it first of all started some sort of Internet download and then stopped after a while with an Error 501. I shut it down again and tried to...
  3. T

    'Macintosh HD' missing in internet recovery mode disk utility

    Hi, My Macbook Pro (2012 i think, it came with Lion OS) crashed last night. I've accessed the internet recovery mode (command option r) and entered the Disk Utility. Only "disk0" and a sub-item "Mac OS X Base System are present in the left panel. When i type "diskutil cs list" into terminal it...
  4. H

    Need Help: 4TB internal HDD not working inside iMac 24

    Hi. Anybody have experience with using a 4TB internal HDD in the iMac 24? If so, what brand and model drive did you use? I need help with a puzzling 4TB HDD issue in my early-2009 iMac 24 (iMac9,1; OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard; 8GB RAM). I'm trying to replace the original 1TB internal HDD with a...
  5. I

    Extremely slow data transfer speed on USB DASD after macOS update

    I have an older model of LaCie 2TB USB 2.0 desktop drive. The speed of data transfer to/from this drive dropped from about 12MB/sec to about 1MB/sec after (is this the reason?) macOS Sierra was updated from 10.12.5 to 10.12.6 version on my Mac. Some additional info: While transferring files...
  6. J

    IMAC internal hard drive cant partition

    I'm planning to reformat my imac but my pc's telling me that I can't partition it. Can someone help me fix this issue? Here is the screenshot of my error. Thanks.
  7. C

    Hard Drive acting weird + login issue

    Hi, I have different questions that are probably linked to the same problem. Last night when turning on my laptop, i had an unusual login request where it asked my login and password, and couldn't recognize my usual password. I have then searched the forum to look for similar problems and...
  8. PliSsK

    Internal HDD ejects itself / 'disappears'

    The original 1TB HDD on my early 2008 8,1 iMac seems to be ejecting itself / disappearing when I am using Time Machine to save a large back up to it. The drive is about 8 years old and has been used daily for the first 6.5 years. It has spend 1.5 yrs in storage and was recently reinstalled into...
  9. jwatters579

    MacBook Pro (2012 Non Retina) running slow after swapping HDD

    Has anyone experienced this? I swapped the HD out of my iMac to my Macbook Pro. Both systems were running at a good speed prior. Once I did the swap, I noticed the Macbook was running slower (more color pinwheels, slower speeds trying to complete tasks, etc). Would it be a good thing to do a...
  10. C

    Hard Drive diagnostics needed

    I have been noticing a slow down on my 2011 iMac also have had to force quit applications and reboot to stop the spinning ball. I am considering reloading but would like to verify I don't have a HDD failing. I am a PC tech and would usually just run sea tools for windows or other OEM test. I...
  11. M

    Could I have corrupted my HD during an OS install?

    Hi all, I just acquired a 2nd-hand Macbook Pro from 2012, and during setup it was v. slow, and kept freezing during spotlight indexing - disk utility told me the HD could not be repaired without formatting the drive. So I did this, and ran a repair which now said the HD was OK. I was able to...
  12. neasuciu

    iMac 20' early 2008 - HDD problem?

    Hi, guys! I have an issue with my oldest Apple Machine. About a week ago a few apps wont start. Also the booting time was about 3 to 5 minutes. And it had a noise, like something was forcing hardware up to the limit. Although Activity Monitor said that the Processor was at least 50% free and the...
  13. MrAverigeUser

    A very good Video about ribbon cable issues….

    Instead of posting the url again and again for people having issues with it, I will post this here with the tags needed to automatically find it. Hope this is ok for the moderators. If not, just delete the Thread. (Disclaimer: I am neither the author of the video nor someone near to him. I just...