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  1. supercurio

    XDR Tuner: adjust your display white point and gamma and keep peak HDR luminance

    Hi! I just wrote a tool in order to fix the bad white point on my 16.2" 2021 MacBook Pro. After checking in a shop I saw that there was noticeable inconsistency in factory calibration between units, leading to some displays being more red, more blue, or worse like mine with a depressing...
  2. A

    HDR Content on Chrome Works Sometimes... Help solve this mystery!!

    Brand new here because this is driving me nuts. I make YouTube videos for a living and I'm trying to make some HDR content. For the longest time I thought my videos being uploaded just weren't getting correctly detected by YouTube and never getting detected to be HDR. Then I checked it on my...
  3. JippaLippa

    iPhone 13 Youtube skip controls flickering when watching HDR content.

    Hello. I'm still within the return period of my iPhone 13, but it is also my first Oled/HDR enabled phone and I was wondering if you could help me understand if what I'm experiencing is normal behaviour or an issue. The first thing I noticed is that when I watch HDR content on youtube (or the...
  4. JippaLippa

    iPhone 13 Iphone 13 Abysmal Video Quality?

    Hello, everyone I'm a very loyal Apple user, therefore there's no phone for me other than the iPhone, and I recently upgraded from an Iphone XR to a 13 and I love it. Everything about the phone is amazing, especially the screen (once again, coming from the very cheaply made XR). There's one...
  5. T

    External Monitor Unable to Stay HDR On After Wake with Close-lid M1 MacBook

    My M1 MBA is directly connected to DELL U2720Q with a single USB-C cable. HDR is turned on in both MacOS and the monitor (as DisplayHDR). Confirmed P3 colours and HDR videos can be displayed and played correctly under this set of settings. However, very often the external monitor is unable to...
  6. K

    iphone 13 pro - losing HDR information when transfer to PC

    Hi all, New to the forum. New 13 pro user here, having some issues with the Dolby Vision / HDR video. When I record a video in hdr, and view it in library, the video has the hdr icon on it. I uploaded it to youtube directly from the phone, and no hdr is detected on playback on the tv's...
  7. B

    Dolby HDR downsample or reshoot?

    Hey, Does anyone have any thoughts on this. I recorded a 30minute DolbyHDR movie on my iphone12. My old computer isn't able to handle the footage very well for editing. What would be the best way to downsample to footage to HD? What are the negatives of doing this, loss of quality/dynamic...
  8. aevan

    iPad Pro M1 12.9” - do you max out the brightness when watching DV/HDR10 movies?

    On my OLED TV, the OLED Light (equivalent to iPad’s brightness, despite its name) is set to maximum, because that is what is recommended. HDR10 and Dolby Vision content is tone mapped from darkest to brightest areas and the maximum brightness ensures highlights get bright while darks stay dark...
  9. O

    Why is getting 4K YCbCr444 @ even 60Hz so difficult?

    A lot of discussion exists on getting 4K @ 60 or 120Hz with 10-bit HDR and 4:4:4 chroma subsampling (YCbCr444) with an external monitor, but seemingly mostly on the M1 forums. And even then there's little discussion about how to actually get it to work beyond the discussion of the theoretical...
  10. B

    Testing Mac Mini M1 - Mkv-players/Frame rate/HDR/HD Sound/BT codecs/Netflix 4K DV?

    Edit: PLEASE see my questions in the last post! Would love some insight!
  11. Rydawg96

    No HDR indicators or manual toggle on 12 Pro Max?

    So I just went from an iPhone 8 Plus to a 12 Pro Max. I remember on my iPhone 8 Plus, when I first got the phone I had to go into the settings to turn off auto-HDR in order to get the manual toggle in the camera app and to even get the auto-HDR indicator when it activates while I take a picture...
  12. JippaLippa

    Problems with my M1 Mac Mini (Ram-CPU Usage, HDR, Bluetooth)

    Hello. I have recently purchased a mac mini M1 (with 16 GB of ram and 256 GB of SSD); alongside the M1 I purchased a 4K display, specifically the Benq PD2700U 4K. Attached to the M1 I have these things: MacOS 11.1 (latest update) USB 3.1: Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface (working) USB...
  13. O

    HDR, Youtube in chrome I have HDR but in Safari I can't enable it.

    Hello I have a Macbook 2017 13 connected to with an egpu to an HDR compatible display. I can enable HDR on the screen and I can also play VP9 videos with HDR in Chrome. How can it be that I can activate the HDR in Google Chrome but cannot activate the HDR in Safari. I have in Bigsur with...
  14. S

    HDR media player for macOS that can output HDR ?

  15. Allen121

    External monitor not displaying in HDR

    MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB ASUS ProArt PA32UC external display connected via a Thunderbolt 3 cable macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 I see the "High Dynamic Range" option in the "Displays" preferences on my MacBook Pro, but I don't have this selected because if I do, I'm not able...
  16. B

    HDR/resolution - Mac Mini M1 as HTPC with LG OLED65C9.

    I'm considering replacing my W10 HTPC with the new Mini M1. - Will it support 4k@120hz? - 4:4:4 chroma? - What about HDR? (I rip some movies to HDR10 - mkv files). What app support this if so? - Any streaming app that output HDR? Netflix/Prime/Apple TV+? Bonus questions 1. What about the...
  17. MacOH21

    Atmos, Vision, HDR... So Many Formats, So Little Time

    Apologies if this is answered in another thread. I'm trying to determine if Apple TV 4K (and its most common streaming apps) support the optimal Dolby picture and sound quality. I'm new to some of this and am now realizing that even if you have all the right hardware, the streaming app itself...
  18. A

    Editing iPhone 12 pro 4K HDR on Mac

    iMovie (for iOS) has been updated to support 4K HDR Dolby content coming from the new 12s. However what options do we have for editing this footage on a Mac? im interested in peoples ideas on the following: 1. iMove / FCPX 2. Minimum Mac Spec Needed 3. Use of proxy
  19. teriyaki

    Android to IOS and first impressions/problems iPhone 12

    Hello macrumors community, This is my first post and I thought I'll share my thoughts about IOS and the new iPhone 12 as a former Android user. My last IOS device was the iPod Touch 4th gen so I didn't expierience IOS since IOS 5. I come from a Huawei P20 so the upgrade is about 2-3 years...
  20. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Do all iPhone 12 models support HDR for FaceTime?

    Hello everybody. I’m aware that all iPhone 12 models now support HDR for camera but I wonder if HDR can support FaceTime too?