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  1. chairokun

    Resolved iPad Pro (M4 2024) - Screen Issue? Blacks turn Grey on HDR Content temporarily

    I am having a strange issue while watching/streaming video content on the tv app, VLC or from the youtube app. The video's black point seems to shift up when the display has scenes when there is a contrast in brightness, ie very dark with multiple bright lights in the scene. The blacks in the...
  2. FridgeToaster

    Fake HDR shows on Apple TV+

    I havent found any related topics on the internet, but many of the Apple TV+ shows are not real HDR even labeled as "4K HDR" on the Apple TV app. I have a MacBook Pro with XDR display which has brightness over 1000 nits, this means all "4K HDR" shows should be in HDR when played. Many ATV+ shows...
  3. G

    iPhone 13 Pro Best camera app to override HDR

    Hi, my iPhone 13 Pro still takes horrid oil paining looking photos I need an app that can override that awful HDR I have read many blogs and every blog recommend different apps I downloaded Halide but I didn't like the interface and the flash didn't work properly I'm looking for something...
  4. MrTemple

    Apps Plex 4K HDR Stuttering on AppleTV is Thermal Throttling

    Heads up if you've been struggling with this for the past few years like so many of us... Most of the AppleTV 4K HDR stuttering issue appears to be thermal throttling due to too much CPU use by the Plex app. Because its home-grown player is not making use of the hardware acceleration available...
  5. Spanky Deluxe

    Safari changing brightness of videos being played when mouse is moved.

    Ok, posting this in case someone else has got this issue as Google hasn't led me to any other examples of this. I've got a really irritating problem that's started since updating my M1 Ultra Mac Studio to Sonoma. If I'm playing videos in Safari, e.g. YouTube, the brightness will change when I...
  6. A

    iPhone 14/Plus Iphone 14 screen flickering after exiting the photos app (HDR-content) at low brightness

    Hello everyone! I have problem with screen flickering on my IPhone 14, which I have been using for 2 months. It usually happens at low brightness or at the minimum brightness of the iPhone 14 screen. When I open photos app, the screen is flashing briefly and then becomes normal. and when I exit...
  7. dragoon2745

    Anyone use both a XDR in HDR and Studio Display in SDR?

    I currently have a 27 inch Intel iMac from 2020 and pair it with a LG 27GP950-B monitor. When enabling HDR on the LG monitor, everything looks dull and awful. I think it's because Mac isn't rendering the UI correctly to adapt to HDR. If I replaced this setup with a Mac Studio along with one XDR...
  8. waloshin

    Xbox Series X Viewsonic PX-747 HDR issue Apple TV plus

    Thought no better place than to ask here as I am more likely go get help. Xbox Series X Viewsonic PX-747 HDR issue Apple TV plus when I watch HDR such as Silo on my projector the colours are all washed out and look horrible. Honestly looks way better with HDR10 disabled on my Xbox. Any...
  9. pauldc79

    M1 Pro Can it do HDR via USB-C to USB-C

    Can the MacBook Pro m1 pro do HDR via USB-C to UBC-C input on an external screen so far I've only got HDR to work with a USB-C to HDMI are there any limits on MacBook? It seems the screen Im testing can do HDR from a Windows laptop.
  10. a:s:m

    [M2Pro] HDR @ 175Hz over DP1.4 causes Colors to turn Green. No HDR with HiDPI Res above 100Hz

    Issue with HDR mode when using 175Hz Refresh Rate at Native Resolution and at HiDPI resolutions on BetterDisplay 1.4.10 with Mac Mini M2 Pro and Alienware AW3423DW Introduction: I am using BetterDisplay 1.4.10 on a Mac Mini M2 Pro (running the latest MacOS Ventura) connected to an Alienware...
  11. MB-Pro13

    My Macbook Pro 2017 doesn't officially support HDR, but it works in chrome

    When I open HDR videos on Safari it only shows me the standard SDR quality options, but whenever I use Chrome I can use HDR and it looks significantly better. Is there a way to get Safari to work with HDR, or is it only possible with Chrome and other browsers?
  12. B

    Negative Video Thumbnails In Photos and Whiter Videos.

    More than a question I have a solution. A while ago I noticed that the videos I had in "Photos" on my iMac Pro had a negative / inverted thumbnail. This did not bother me at first. But then I noticed my videos looked whiter than usual when reproducing them! Thankfully Camila Eugenia an employee...
  13. L

    Problem with HDR on iPhone 14 Pro

    Guys, I went to record some professional videos today on the iPhone 14 Pro and I noticed that my face was extremely smudged (as if it was highlighting the imperfections). I also noticed that, immediately after selecting some video in the camera roll to watch it, there was a "burst" of lighting...
  14. A

    Apple XDR Display (P3-1600 nits) vs HDR Video (P3-ST 2084), which is more accurate for watching HDR content?

    When I play a HDR movie on Movist Pro and take a screenshot of a still on both picture presets, ST 2084 preset shows more contrast, beyond what may be fully accurate. Is there an explanation for this? Apple XDR Display (P3-1600 nits)HDR Video (P3-ST 2084)Apple XDR Display (P3-1600 nits)HDR...
  15. Z

    Help with DJI HDR footage

    Hi guys, need some help her: I have some HDR footage out of a DJI drone. I'm using mojave and FCPX 10.4 How can I convert the HDR footage to a standard footage? It's all too bright. Thanks for any help
  16. nfable

    Weird shadow color / contrast from colored LED event lights on iPhone HDR in FCPx

    Using iPhone 12 Mini recording a charity concert at a local theatre and editing in FCPx. I notice on some of the scenes, the shadows look really odd. Shadows on the stage from colored LED back lights look almost 'punched out', it is difficult to explain - where a shadow you'd think would be...
  17. childoftheko4n

    USB-C Dock: HDMI 2.0 and HDR?

    Hey all, apologies if this has been answered a million times. However, if I run a dock like this:OWC Travel Dock and connect my monitor to the dock, and the dock to my MBP via the USB-C port, why doesn't HDR enable anymore? The monitor has it (and works if I plug the HDMI cord into my MBP...
  18. A

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Iphone video HDR on or off?

    Hi, wondering if everyone shoots videos on iPhone with HDR on? What would be to cons of shooting always in HDR ?
  19. R

    Edge YouTube Is Dimmer/Washed Out Than Safari

    The top is Safari, the bottom is Edge. I just happened upon this because Safari youtube 4k was lagging like crazy so decided to see if the same happened on edge and it didn't stutter once. But I then noticed how much dimmer the video was as well as the colors not looking as vibrant. Both videos...
  20. MacinMan

    Apple TV 4K (2021) model strange UI lag (not remote related)

    Hey all, I recently upgraded to a 2021 Apple TV 4K, to replace an aging Apple TV 4th Generation. I also have an Apple TV 4K (2017). I've Recently been experiencing UI lag with the 2021 model (mainly in the app switcher.) What happens is the video freezes on screen but can still hear...