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Oct 1, 2016
Can the MacBook Pro m1 pro do HDR via USB-C to UBC-C input on an external screen so far I've only got HDR to work with a USB-C to HDMI are there any limits on MacBook? It seems the screen Im testing can do HDR from a Windows laptop.


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Oct 25, 2021
i have a base MBP M1 16 GB usb-c connected to usb-c monitor, can do 4K 144 Hz VRR and HDR, while charging and usb data throughput without any issues


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Oct 25, 2008
There should be no reason why it shouldn't work. USB-C to USB-C is using DP Alt mode which should work pretty much the same as USB-C to DP. Which does support HDR.

There are some caveats though:
  • 4K+ resolution, 120+ Hz refresh rate and HDR works if scaling is set to native res (no scaling) or 1:1.
  • The above does NOT work is fractional scaling is used. Why? Ask Apple, it's weird. On Windows even my Intel integrated GPU handles this situation just fine.
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