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  1. B

    Imac M1 temperature problems anyone ?

    Hi all, I would like to hear from your experience with M1 iMacs, as I've had this one for a month and a half and the temperature I was able to monitor due to a problem rose last week. I4ve had to incidents where it rose big time and the fans started to be very loud although nothing much was...
  2. O

    Forgot my MBP in Target Disk Mode: did i fry it?

    This morning i transferred some files from my iMac to my 15" MBP (2016) using it in target disk mode, then i put it in my backpack to get to work, but since i was late i forgot to switch it off and just assumed it would shut off when i had closed the lid. Unfortunately that was not the case and...
  3. W

    Differences in thermal solutions between 14/16 or M1 Pro/Max?

    Just wondering if there are any differences between the thermal solutions (heat sink, fan size, etc) inside the new 14’’ and 16’’ MBPs. For example the 16’’ might benefit from larger heat sinks? Also is it the same heat sink/fans when you choose M1 Pro vs M1 Max? Assuming that M1 Max would...
  4. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 Displace Heat from 5,1 tower under desk.

    I was hoping for some guidance here. I just recently moved, so my trusty old Mac Pro 5,1 tower is under my new desk. As everyone knows, the tower puts out a ton of heat. Now that it's close to my legs, it's relatively warm down there, not hot or unbearable but just a bit of an odd feeling...
  5. I

    possible damaged through heat just because of Facebook app?

    so yesterday night I used the Facebook app for about I think 10 minutes when I noticed that the upper left side next to the camera was really hot. Actually it wasn't the battery because I know that the battery is located on the right side under the camera so it has to be the logic board. My...
  6. S

    A2159 gets hot and nothing else?

    Hey all, so a while back I had a friend give me an A2159 (2019 MacBook Pro) chassis with everything in it except for the motherboard to toy around with. I decided a little while back that it was time to buy a board off of eBay to see if I can get it working. So, I buy an untested board for 200$...
  7. B

    Is Mac Mini 70-80° CPU Proximity temperature is high?

    I bought a second-hand Mac Mini (5,2) for Plex. CPU Proximity temperature often raises above 70°-80° (when copying files). Should I be worried / consider returning the Mac Mini? Or is it in the normal threshold (meaning I can probably use it for a couple of years to come).
  8. T

    Is my MacBook pro safe to use with FCP heating it up to 90deg

    Hi, fellow Apple Users So im new here and I have been searching for answer for this everywhere but can't find it so have ended up here, looking to get some help So im using a 2018 13” i5 8gb MacBook Pro, with plenty of free space on the hard drive So I've been using it for 2 years with no...
  9. H

    Does Macbook pro 13" 2020 i7 32GB get very hot and has thermal issues?

    Hello, I am a software dev and own a 2015 dual core 13" macbook pro. It has slowed down considerably and since I depend on it for my work (approx. 10hrs daily) I have to get a new laptop. My choices are below: a] 13" 2020 i7 32GB (price 2747 Euro on Apple website) b] 16" 2019 i7 32GB (price...
  10. Mr.JARE_ee


    From early observations, the new iPhone tend to generate a lot of heat already so I'm looking to mitigate any more heat concerns especially with the environment all things considered. I believe anything black tends to attract more heat, so does one purchase the white iPhone over the black? (Case...
  11. ruslan120

    TG Pro (Lightweight) Tutorial: Stop Burning your Lap

    I filmed a short tutorial on using TG Pro for new Mac users. This app helps keep temperatures low by increasing Macs' fan rates. I've found that setting the fans a bit faster by default remains inaudible yet boosts performance and more importantly, comfort if using the Macbook on your lap...
  12. vocalnick

    iGPU *and* eGPU - can the system use both?

    Hey all, The basic question is in the header - if I'm running a 16" with an iGPU, but there's also an eGPU driving the display, is the iGPU still available to the system for speeding up things like video rendering? More Detail: I have a new 16" arriving any day now. The ARM transition sent me...
  13. D

    Should I be worried about heat?

    I have a 2020 i5 8GB Macbook Air. I noticed that the temperatures reach 90+ degrees celsius when opening intensive applications (FCPX or Photoshop) or opening many tabs and applications . Sometimes the fan also reaches 8000rpm when using the webcam for 30mins or more. However I do not really...
  14. Tommaso Ammannati

    iPad Pro Left side of ipad pro heat up

    Hi everyone Is normal that the left side immediately warm up instead the right side stays cold? (Ipad pro 11 2018)
  15. NikkiAngel

    2018 MBA Running So Hot My Fingers Are Affected

    Hi All.. I have a 2018 13" MBA - 1.6GHz i5, 16GB 550GB. I use my MBA with two HP External monitors and the MBA open. No other devices are connected. I perform, what I consider to be basic tasks, Microsoft Applications, Word, Excel, Safari for 99.9% of my browsing. I use other apps such as...
  16. G

    MBA 2020, limit max temp or max clock speed somehow?

    Hi I'm waiting for my order on a 2020 Air base model bumped to i5 cpu. Every day I get big doubts, especially when reading and watching what people say on the interwebs. Let's say heat or noise is unacceptable.. How could I change that? I would be fine having a 2020 mba that maxes out turbo...
  17. noorx02

    Mac heats up to >60C when using Apple Notes MBP 2014 (15 Retina)

    As the title says. The issue started today only happens when the Notes app is open (with iCloud sync on). On latest macOS.
  18. T

    MacBook Pro (Touchbar) Cracking Noises

    Hey there! rocking a first gen MBP with Touchbar, pretty much maxed specs. it's been in service for almost everything there is (battery, left side ports, storrage controller, keyboard). but NOW is's started to make some freaking weird cracking noise a few minutes after i start using it. It's...
  19. U

    Fan control software

    Hello guys, I've been having some trouble with heat on my macbook pro mid 2012 and I downloaded a software called "SMC fan control", it's icon is a nuclear sign by the way. So whenever the heat builds up to 60 degrees or higher I speed up the fans somewhere around its maximum speed (6000rpm)...
  20. S

    My Macbook Air CPU regularly reach 100ºC. Is that normal?

    I have a Macbook Air of late 2018 (8,1). After some performance drops this summer, I have started to check the temperature in my mac with Macs Fan Control application. I have discovered that whenever I open any taxing application (any game for example, but also other simpler applications), my...