1. Mohanak

    mac partition startup disk not on win 10 bootcamp assistant

    Hi, when apple upgraded HFS+ to APFS, macOS startup disk was not showing on windows 10 bootcamp Control Panel. this last until recently when a bootcamp Control Panel on windows 10 pops up an update. I have applied this update on iMac and MBP. macOS startup disk is now showing on "windows 10...
  2. X

    How to install Mojave on an HFS+ volume

    I searched for this, and couldn't really find a related thread, just a bunch of people having a lot of issues with Mojave that really scare me! I've got an early 2015 MacBook Air running Yosemite. I have not "upgraded" until now because of audio hardware and software compatibility issues. I'm...
  3. M

    Problem with MacBook & Windows File System Incompatibilities

    Hi, I have a Jungle Disk cloud backup of a MacBook containing around 4,500 files (6.5 GB) in a typical folder structure, but no access to the MacBook itself. I'm a Windows user and would like to store and use these files on my Windows machine. I'd also like my current PC backups to...
  4. GuiPol

    cMP bootcamp and windows 7 for gaming

    Hello guys ! I'm experiencing something quite frustrating and wondering if anybody has a solution to that (well i already have one and it could be of some use to someone but i'm searching for a better solution) : -On a mac pro 5, bootcamp has been used to install win 7 pro sp1 on a ssd on its...
  5. H

    Change HDD in hfs+ in fat/exfat without format?

    Can I change my USB HDD formatted in hfs+ (mac os x journaled) in windows compatible formats? Like Exfat for istance? Without formatting hdd and losing the datas inside?
  6. baryon

    External HDD only mounts after 20 minutes of whirring, is it dying?

    I'm using a 2TB Samsung (Model: HD204UI) 3.5 inch hard drive in a Sharkoon QuickPort Duo USB 3 dock, and most of the time it works fine, it's fast, no problems. I use it to back up another external drive with a little app called Backup Buddy, so it's not the end of the world if it dies. I just...