1. seyoon_c09

    Hissing Sound on 2017 27inch iMac, with Fusion Drive

    I thought I would come to this thread to ask. I purchased a new 2017 iMac, spec wise, it has 3.5GHz Intel core i5 CPU, Radeon Pro 575, 8GB RAM and 1TB fusion drive, so it's the mid configuration out of three available stock options. I've noticed this issue on my outgoing late 2015 iMac with...
  2. Goatllama


    I see quite a few people who already have cat profile pictures for this site. Wouldn't it be great if there were more? Like an army of cats? Join this thread, change your picture, and we will turn the tide (I will change mine when I actually comment, as purr protocol)! This would be especially...
  3. maxlind

    Buzzing / static sound coming from back of new iPhone 7 Plus

    My new iPhone 7 Plus (128GB, Black) has an odd buzzing / static sound coming from it. Specifically, if I put my ear up to the back of the phone where the apple logo is, I can hear the battery or processor or something “working”… note the sound file attached.
  4. R

    iPhone 7 128GB Black - is this hissing?

    Hi, today I recorded some videos and I see some hiss there. If I watch videos on iPhone, I hear it. On Mac don't hear it I think.. Had iPhone 6 64GB and there was no hissing in videos.. or this (regularly hissing, hear only on iPhone) Thanks for answers.
  5. B

    Should I replace slightly screen-defective / hissing IUP Tmobile 256gb 7 Plus Matte?

    The phone is fine for the most part. I got it via IUP from 6s Plus. The hissing is there when it records video (much more prevalent than my bros matte 7+ 128gb), and the top right of the screen has some abnormality. It's like a black adhesive or tape or something that has ever so slightly gone...
  6. A

    Some iPhone 7 owners report hissing sounds [MERGED]

    Who has it? https://9to5mac.com/2016/09/17/iphone-7-plus-hissing/
  7. C

    iMac Audio Issues after Repair

    I don't know a lot about the internals of iMacs, but I had a question... I took my Late 2012 iMac into Apple Store for repair as I had lines on my monitor (not like the ones you can google, like grid lines/guide lines that you'd see in Illustrator/Photoshop and it turned out I had to have the...