1. A

    CarPlay CarPlay crashes on HondaLink

    Since upgrading to iOS 12, CarPlay frequently crashes while connected to my 2019 Honda Insight. I see from other forums that this has been an issue in the past, but it seemed to have been corrected? The only workaround is to factory reset the HondaLink system. Any tips or fixes?
  2. TH5620

    iPhone iOS 11 and car's bluetooth

    ever since iOS 11 was released I've been having issues with Contact Names and my entire phone book. I deleted my device and reconnected. The phone book initially syncs, but after a few minutes the whole phone book disappears and all my numbers are left without contact names. Going into...
  3. Rychiar

    iOS11 fixed my CarPlay finally!

    I have a 2017 Honda Civic and carplay has been almost unusable since I bought it which was very disappointing to me. It was bad enough that it could actually crash the cars whole system on a regular basis.... now with iOS11 it works PERFECT
  4. CloudSpeaker

    CarPlay Stopped Working - '16 Honda Accord

    CarPlay was a key factor in my choosing a 2016 Honda Accord over the Mazda CX-5 I was also considering and it was worth it. For 18 months, through a couple of different iOS versions and several point-releases, it was great. But starting with iOS 10.3, CarPlay stopped working. Plugging the...
  5. Rychiar

    2017 Honda Civic CarPlay issues

    Anyone have major glitch issues with CarPlay in a 2017 Honda? Plugging in my iPhone 7 regularly causes the whole system computer to crash, the touchscreen freezes or flickers or both, the audio blast through like digital noise, it sometimes says no device is connected when it is and is playing...
  6. H

    iPhone 7 not recognized by 2015 Acura

    Has anyone been having issues with the iphone 7 being recognized by your car? I've had no issues with the iPhone 6S Plus, but with the iPhone 7 my 2015 Acura displays the message "no data" when I connect my phone via the lightning port.