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  1. oranheim

    iCal notifications are driving me crazy

    When drag away iCal notifications, they reappear over and over again. It is very annoying. It's been like this since Big Sur. Now I'm using Monterey. I found an article that said it might be due to some home folder ACL rights. So I started up in Recovery Mode and ran 'repairHomePermissions'...
  2. W

    Replacing web-site with blog?

    For about 15 years, I have been using Apple's old iWeb and GoDaddy to build and maintain a simple public web-site (a homepage, plus 3 to 5 pages attached to that homepage) to inform visitors about a one-day annual history event. I'm contemplating migration to Apple Silicon hardware (which rules...
  3. penrua

    Resolved Calendar - invites not going to Google accounts (issue beyond iPhone - impacting Mac & web iCloud)

    I've run in to an issue when I create new calendar events in my Calendar (iCal) and invite Gmail based accounts. When I set the event, the Gmail based account will not receive any sort of invite and it does not appear on the Gmail calendar. I've tested this out in various ways including...
  4. E

    iCal CalendarAgent error mismatch token

    Randomly and out of nowhere as usual with Apple, they must have changed something on their OCSP end or something that starting from last night the iCal gives error when trying to sync with GMAIL.. worked the next day for almost entire day, then started giving error again randomly in afternoon...
  5. DocStone

    iPhone Calendar Question

    I have several calendars that I created "on my iphone". I also have a few cals that are on my iCloud. How do I get the cals that are just on my iPhone to also be avail on my cloud so I can see them on my mac, iPad, etc.? Thanks in advance.
  6. W

    Wunderground iCal calendar subscription finally dead?

    My Wunderground iCal calendar subscription stopped working a few weeks ago. I've seen people online mention from a while back that it had stopped working for them, but, until recently, I guess I've been lucky. Does anyone still have this working? If not, does anyone have another weather data...
  7. Giuanniello

    iCal - sharing a calendar with Android and iOs users

    I have a need to create a calendar where I and colleagues of mine can both read and write appointment and, eventually, share single events with some of our clients. Can I create a calendar on my Mac and make it accessible to iOs/MacOS/Android users? Grazie
  8. C

    Problem understanding invites with Apple iOS Calendar Inbox

    We have an application that integrates with MSOffice and Exchange. We are using Meeting Organizer, Exchange Impersonation Account to set up meetings for groups across our environment. Almost all of our users, including me, are using the Apple iOS calendar application on our mobile devices. We...
  9. S

    iCloud Not Receiving Google Calendar Invites

    Hi folks. Here's an issue I think others may also run into. I use iCloud as my primary calendar. I don't use Google Calendar at all, though I used to. My iCloud account username/email is my Gmail address. When a Gmail / Google Calendar user tries to invite me to a calendar event, I don't...
  10. CleanFeed

    Calendar Issues

    Hey, I've used my calendars in a certain way for years with no trouble and then out of the blue a few months back I started seeing this problem. I've searched forums and spoken to Apple Support to no avail. It's quite a complex issue that spans my calendars across iOS and macOS so apologies if...
  11. DoubleFlyaway

    Events disappearing from my calendar as soon as they are over

    Have any of you experienced this? This happened to me a few weeks ago, and then it stopped, and now it has started again. I’m finding that as soon as I’m done with appointments, they are disappearing out of my calendar. Like right now, all of the iCloud appointments from earlier today are gone...
  12. Z

    Calendar App - Clicking two areas creates a New Event

    Is this normal that I select an existing event then an empty area that it'll make a New Event for that timeframe? How do I disable this "feature?" Please see the linked screencast to demonstrate what I mean. I'm currently running Sierra on a MBP 15" 2016 with touch bar.
  13. Giuanniello

    iCal events alarm showing but event hidden...

    Ok, long story short, I have added some recurring events a while back and now I want to delete them, the alarm shows but when I look for the event it's not there, let me give you an example, a birthday reminder, I deleted the entry off the phonebook but the event keeps popping out problem being...
  14. M

    Calendar Creates Ghost Events While Clicking

    Using Calendar app on Sierra 10.12.4. While navigating or creating events on calendar events will suddenly get created without intention. Specifically when I have one event highlighted, then click on another day (Single click, not double or drag). Suddenly a new event will be created between the...
  15. T

    iCal shows multiple time zones

    Hey all, Have a look at the attached. Any idea why I'm seeing EDT as well as the actual time I'm in? My time zone override is set to off and to be honest, I haven't found a clear explanation of what this is. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Trevor
  16. AmazingHenry

    What Do You Use for Calendar/Contacts?

    To all of you who use a PowerPC Mac as your daily driver: What apps do you use for your calendar and contacts and why? I use iCal and Address Book because they can sync to my iPods and Address Book works with Mail. I like the UI and features as well. I thought it would be interesting to see...
  17. C

    Embedding an iCal calendar into a website

    Hello all, Is it possible, please, to embed an iCal calendar into a website? It seems you can do this with Google calendars but not iCal ones. Is this the case?
  18. C

    iCal upgrade - big jump failed!

    Hi all, After much delay I finally upgraded my mid-2007 iMac from 10.7.5 to El Cap. 10.11.6. Everything seems to have gone very well. Surprisingly well, given the straight leap from older to newer (and this old Mac can't run Sierra, so that's it for this old beast). However, iCal is not...
  19. H

    How to block Mac OS iCal SPAM

    I received a Black Friday notification hawking sun glasses -- see attached screenshot. It apparently was delivered via an iCal invitation. I searched for the sender ("astvn", email address in Spotlight (which returns the invitation under events & reminder) and Mail (which...
  20. rrondeau

    Odd iCal/iCloud Question

    I currently work for a professional moving company that's using the iCloud Calendar to schedule moves. It displays our availability in one color/calendar and when a service is booked, the event is switched to a different color/calendar. Previously, we've had the phones of our Operations Team...