icloud keychain

  1. Manek43509

    iCloud Keychain switches itself back on

    Just setting up a new Mac Mini running Catalina. Since this is going to be used with my TV, and won't have a main password, I don't really want to have all my login passwords, online banking details, etc. accessible on it! I have signed in with my Apple ID, but then tried to switch off all the...
  2. MeLlamanHokage

    iCloud Keychain Won’t Sync

    Hello all, Been having some trouble with my cMP and am looking for some guidance. I have one of these: I also have: iPhone SE (1st Gen) on iOS 14.2 iPad (6th Gen) on iPadOS 14.2 My issues are: 1) iCloud Keychain won’t sync my passwords between my macOS and my iOS devices. Calendar, Notes...
  3. N

    iCloud Keychain issues

    Hi all, I have the iPhone 11 running iOS 13.3. I noticed some time back that I became unable to 'generate a new password' when creating an account in safari like I used to be able to do. It would show as the attached image shows however I am no longer able to do this. I do own a MacBook Pro...
  4. philpalmiero

    General Third Party Password Managers

    I am totally naive about password managers. I am not sure why anyone would have a third party password manager, especially when using iOS 12. Can you guys please explain why I would want to subscribe to 1Password when using iOS 12? Thanks.
  5. Yod4

    Corrupt iCloud Keychain?

    Had an issue with my iPhone 5s on ios 11.4.1: Wifi and Mobile Data toggles were slow to respond. Also, available wifi networks would take a while to load. Reseting Network Settings fixed the issue. However, when restoring passwords through iCloud (iCloud keychain was turned off before...
  6. J

    iCloud Keychain - entries without a web site won't delete

    Not a major problem, but I was cleaning up my iCloud Keychain and noticed I had a couple saved passwords that consisted only of a username and password, with no web site listed. Both are from logging into WiFi portals at non-U.S. Starbucks. These two entries appear right at the top of my iCloud...
  7. theredensign

    iCloud Keychain VS 1Password

    Hi all, Many thanks for reading my message. Firstly, after reading a great deal on this forum and asking many questions, my first ever MacBook Pro arrived today. Safe to safe I'm very happy with my purchase! I read a few days ago that 1Password was a good password manager which could also...