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  1. D

    Shared iPhone for 2 kids

    I’m in a family of 4 (2 parents, 2 kids). My wife and I want to repurpose an old iPhone for the 2 kids to share for occasional use (Having a phone at practice, out with a friend, etc). For now this phone number/iPhone will be for either kid to use when needed. The iPhone will be limited to...
  2. B

    iCloud Scammer used one of my iCloud aliases to send me aggressive email

    I got a junk (and aggressive, a bit threatening) scam email where the sender spoofed one of my iCloud aliases (that I never use) as both the sender and the recipient. How do they do that? Do they pick up the alias on the dark web (like everything else) or has my Apple iCloud account been...
  3. purdnost

    How Does iCloud Optimized Storage Impact Media Transfers to Mac?

    Instead of storing all my media solely on iCloud, I regularly move my iPhone photos and videos to the Photos app on my Mac. If I have optimized storage activated, which replaces full-resolution media with smaller versions, I wonder if the transfer retrieves the originals from iCloud or the...
  4. dbrewood

    iCloud Sync time showing incorrect data in 'hover' info?

    Guys I'm hoping some kind soul can check their Mac (running Sonoma) and see if they also have this issue. Any file which synchronises to the iCloud (not just the desktop in my example), syncs just fine as you can see with the 'cloud' icon on the file in Finder.... But...... hovering the cursor...
  5. C

    How to Remove Offline iCloud Files from Vision Pro

    Hi Folks, Despite my inability to find any files in my iCloud Drive (files app) that are downloaded for offline, the storage on Vision Pro says I have 316gb of downloaded iCloud files taking up space on Vision Pro. I’ve gone through every folder and there are no files downloaded for offline. How...
  6. S

    How to transfer photos / notes / voice memos from one iCloud to another

    Hey guys, what I want to do is to merge two sets of photos on two different phones with two different iCloud accounts, keeping all the albums, favourites and edits. After googling, this is the solution I've found. Would appreciate it if someone can confirm this. iPhone A is the target phone I...
  7. J

    iCloud Two iCloud photo libraries on the same computer?

    My wife and I both have our own iCloud accounts, though part of a family account. She has her own Photos and I have my own Photos. Is there any way to see/view/edit them on the same computer? In other words, can I have two iCloud photo libraries that I can view and work with on the same computer?
  8. S

    Carrier Last few photos not syncing from my iPhone to iCloud?

    Have any of you guys had this problem? I have 22,199 photos on my phone.. but icloud shows there are only 22,177.. so there’s a missing 22 more photos.. I’ve tried constantly hitting sync under settings/icloud/photos but so far that hasn’t worked. Just recently signed up to a bigger plan btw...
  9. bkendig

    Apple ID Stolen Device Protection will prevent you from unlocking your Apple ID, unless you change your password

    I just today figured something out, and I'm sharing it here in the hopes it helps the few other people in this situation. I got my Apple ID more than twenty years ago. I use the email address on lots of sites, so abandoning it is out of the question. And it's a fairly simple address that lots...
  10. J

    Other sue apple for activation lock

    why isnt anyone sueing apple for icloud lock us justice sue them
  11. B

    When signing into iCloud with a new iPhone, what happens to recently taken photos/videos already on the device?

    So suppose I get a new iPhone 15 right before I go abroad on holiday for a few weeks. My old iPhone that I've used for everything over the years is a 2016 SE, and I take it with me, using it for everything I've always used it for. I'd prefer to transfer everything on that SE to my brand new...
  12. Pigstick21

    iPhone Document Scan not Spotlight Searchable

    Just started to use my iPhone (15+) to scan documents (using the Scan Documents option in Files), save to iCloud and then open on my MacMini. It seemed to work really well. However, I have found that .pdf contents are not searchable by Spotlight when I do this. If I open Preview and then scan...
  13. M

    iCloud Do I need Cloud backup if using iCloud (only for Photo library)

    I have a iMac, iPhone, iPad and buy 2Tb iCloud as my Photo library is around 1Tb, and so need this space with iPhone backups for family, iPad etc. I also currently have another cloud backup service on my Mac that basically backups up my Mac. I only really use it for safety for my Photo...
  14. Ameer_1

    iCloud iCloud Photos

    I upgrade to iCloud 2tb for the first time and I'm trying to upload all my vacation photos and whenever I select a huge amount to upload it show "photos has stopped responding" Or some sort of problem check back in an hour. Whats the reason for this?
  15. T

    Apple ID issues since 17.4 update.

    Posting here as I’ve had tons of issues since the update. Had to restart my phone and it’s taking hours for the Apple ID to login. / now having issues with my Apple TV. Anyone else? Just stuck here.
  16. A

    I cant turn on Find my Mac

    I click Turn on and then Allow... but nothing happens. - 14" M1 MBP Can I try anything else?
  17. C

    Sonoma 14.4 Wiped Reminders

    Hi all! Just updated to Sonoma 14.4, and my Reminders (synced with iCloud via an Apple Business Essentials account) all disappeared. I can go to and see my reminders, which are probably a month or two out of date. For some reason they seem to have stopped syncing. This happened with...
  18. zabijemsnv

    Imessage mess

    Hello, I had problem with my iphone regarding battery which i have fixed with reinstalling the device but not using the icloud restore option. Everything works fine except imessage. I have about 2GB of imessage files stored in my phone and 30GB in icloud. How can i make sure they will get...
  19. Rivvvers

    Reminders iCloud Sync Issue

    Im having a one directional syncing issue with MacOS Reminders. Situation: On MacOS reminders I just created a new list for a trip and added just over 100 items and 6 Sections, all the todos where organised under each of these sections. Everything synced over incuding todos and sections but it...
  20. purdnost

    Missing Subtasks in Reminders: Seeking Solutions

    Upon noticing the absence of subtasks in several of my Reminders sublists recently, I observed that this issue seemed arbitrary, occurring alongside fully intact sublists. Since these are recurring reminders, I typically only review them when prompted, making it challenging to pinpoint when the...