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  1. C

    Can I asserting the warranty on a Mac with different iCloud e-mail?

    So, for reasons I can't explain here, I need to use a different iCloud account than the one I used to buy it online. Is it problematic to assert the warranty or AppleCare+ in case of problem? Thanks.
  2. O

    iPhone SE (2016) I need a genius in Iphone and Icloud for my problem

    Hello guys I hope you’re doing good I’ll break down my problem hoping to find someone to help me .. I have an Iphone se ( 1st gen ) ios 10.3.1 , 59/64gb of capacity , lately I received a message from Whatsapp that in 14 days I’ll no longer have access to my Whatsapp due to outaded version...
  3. C

    iOS [iCloud] iMessages showing still Data after Deletion

    I deleted all my iMessage data and conversations, but it still shows 286MB. However, I do not know what is in these 286MB, how can I delete this data or get it deleted?
  4. F

    Resolved Email configuration ( without iCloud

    I've logged all my devices out of iCloud since I don't want to use it anymore for privacy concerns but I have an @me (shoutout to early adopters) email account (and thus also automatically an which I'm trying to configure into Mac Mail. I retrieved the IMAP / SMTP data from this...
  5. PandaNix

    iCloud password chain doesn't work

    When I got the new MPB all the sites gave me an option to use the stored passwords. Then it stoped - don't get the option anymore. I assume I did something to accidentally select this. How do I get it to refill my email as well as my passwords from iCloud? it works fine on the iPhone/iPad.
  6. I

    iCloud iCloud Down for Anyone Else?

    Good morning. Anyone else experiencing issues with iCloud at the moment? System status on Apple is showing as a green tick but if I try to sign into my account I receive the 2FA verification code only to be told I've entered the incorrect code.
  7. S

    iCloud shows double the storage for "on disk", why`

    Why is my iCloud drive showing everything exactly "double the size" on my disk!? (I can make a new folder inside iCloud, put a file in it of 2mb, and "on disk" would be 4mb) Case in point ->
  8. G

    No Desktop, only on cloud ???

    I don not know what's going on but sadly my desktop seems to exist only on iCloud. I wanted to import a folder i put onto my desktop with a photo editing software and the software could not find the folder. THAN i realised, my desktop only exist on iCloud. If I try to drag it into my acc it does...
  9. F

    Migrating to 2TB iCloud family plan when fiancé and I have separate 200GB plans

    My fiancé and I both have individual 200GB iCloud plans. She uses less than 100GB while mine is now full. Thus I need to increase to the 2TB version. Since 2TB is way more than I need, can I then upgrade to 2TB > invite her via the Family Sharing button > she can then cancel her own...
  10. H

    iCloud Easiest workflow to backup iCloud drive

    Hi all, I want to back up everything on my iCloud Drive to an external hard drive. Mainly files and photos. I don’t have the space to download it all locally to my MBP so ideally looking for the easiest workflow to back everything up to the external drive that doesn’t involve this. A huge...
  11. T

    iPhone 13 iPhone stuck, can't access iCloud

    Hi all, After trying the iOS 16 developer beta for a couple days/weeks I decided it was time to go back to iOS 15, so I deleted the profile from my phone and started the resetting proces through my Macbook (do this once in a while to clean up the phone, never goes wrong). But before I did that...
  12. N

    iCloud Why isn't "Restore Files" on iCloud loading?

    Hi! On iCloud (Safari browser), under Account Settings > Advanced > Restore Files, I can't restore files all of a sudden. It worked well a couple of days ago but these last few days it just loads and then I get the message: "icloud drive file recovery could not be loaded at this time". Does...
  13. F

    iCloud I disabled Messages in iCloud this morning. Why does it still take up 16 GB of iCloud space?

    After having had Messages in iCloud enabled since it was first made possible, I finally decided to switch it off today to save some space. However it still says Messages take up 16 GB of my iCloud storage. How come?
  14. 7

    Need help with iCloud keychain backup

    Hi, I have MacBook pro MacOS Monterey, my room mate friend [lets call him X] logged out of my Apple ID on my Mac and used his Apple ID to logged in and used it for some days. The same person X used my another room mate's iPad [lets call him Y] with X's credentials after logging Y's out of his...
  15. R

    File Sharing between 2013 MBA and M1 Mini?

    Hello everyone! Days ago I started a thread to think which MacBook I should buy. I'm the middle of my PhD and I wanted to replace my 2013 MBA for a M1 MacBook. Nonetheless, the prices are high and I would have to buy even more docks and adapters because the newer models are basically port-less...
  16. M

    If I start syncing iMessage to the cloud, will it delete older threads?

    Hi, I tried getting info at the Apple Store about this but no dice. I have had my iMessage syncing to iCloud off on my phone and computer. My phone deletes messages after 1 year, but on my computer, my messages go back many years. I want to set them up to sync to iCloud so I can save on...
  17. K

    [solved] Why do Iphone photos remain on Iphone when deleted from ICloud?

    I have ICloud Photos enabled on three devices: Iphone iOS 15.4, Ipad Ipad iOS 14.0, and Macbook Pro Catalina 10.15.3. All the devices store full-size photos. Iphone is now out of memory. It is the main source of new photos. When I erase photos on Ipad or on Macbook (on bigger screen, it is...
  18. K

    Do you use your main iCloud account on developer devices?

    I am eager to try the beta, I have so far installed it on an old XS using an extra iCloud account. I am thinking about trying it out on my iPad Pro m1. Are you guys using a spare iCloud account on your devices where you install the beta?
  19. E

    iCloud Notes not syncing between iCloud and Mac

    My notes sync between my iPhone and iCloud no problem. But they will not sync between my macbook (15" macbook pro 2018 model) and icloud or icloud and the macbook. This started about two weeks ago. I thought it might be because the icloud drive was full, so i cleared that out. Nope. I signed out...
  20. A

    Mojave and iCloud Support

    Hi all I was using MacBook Pro 2017 and High Sierra 10.13.6 Recently photo taken using iPhone 6s wasn't upload to Photos App in the MackBook Pro. The photos available in iCloud and also upload to Photos App in iPhone. iCloud still has free space arounf 3 GB. Text save in iCloud also not...