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  1. Gutti

    iCalendar aand iCloud login

    Hi. A friend of mine has an older Mac (with an old OS). We want to share a calendar on the iCalendar app. And for this my friend has to log into iCloud using his Apple ID. My question is: Will this affect any other apps, like old versions of Photoshop ect.? I think not, but am not sure...
  2. Z

    iPad iCloud questions

    I just upgraded to the iCloud 50GB plan for my iPad. 1. How can I check to be certain that the Cloud is working? 2. When do stuff begin to upload to the Cloud? 3. Is it possible to use one plan for diff users? Cut it in segments to use it differently for each user?
  3. albal21

    iCloud Issue with iCloud Photos

    For a few months now iCloud photos have not been syncing. I've understood this from the messages in the Photos App on my iPhone 12 Pro. I tried turning iCloud Photos on and off, enabling and disbled Photostream and rebooting and so far done a couple of iOS updates including the recent 14.5 -...
  4. jonniecomet

    Need version of iMovie NOT dependent on iCloud

    I live on a yacht; and I do NOT have consistent access to high-speed Internet. I would like a copy of IMovie with which I can save and edit MP4 files WITHOUT having to store them and their program in the Cloud. Last I ran iMovie was with a Mac Mini and 10.6. It did not come with this current...
  5. I

    iPad iCloud/iPadOS not displaying thumbnail image for one specific file type

    I have been dealing with this issue for a few months now and I am still confused about what the exact cause is. Ill try to explain it the best I can. I use Affinity Designer on my iPad daily and I create a lot of projects throughout the week and I rely heavily on the file thumbnail images to...

    iCloud iCloud Documents take days to sync with MacBook

    Hello. Is there any way to force an iCloud file sync on MacOS? I save documents to the Files app on my iPhone and they take days to sync to my MacBook Pro. This is super annoying when I need to continue reading that document on my MacBook instead of my iPhone - only to find out it didn’t sync...
  7. 0

    Secure way to store passwords / logins / PINs etc.

    Greetings!! I still do care about Find My case ( ), but there is one more thing... I would like to have a close-access to some of my sensitive data (for example Macrumors / gmail / eBay / bank...
  8. 0

    Find My doesn't work (device does not matter) - anyone?

    (if there is "Apple" or "iCloud" troubleshooting section, I guess this thread fits there...) Greetings! The thing is... I have two Apple Stuff, iPhone and iMac. My friend (family member) has iPhone and iMac aswell. It doesn't matter if one of us use phone/computer with the internet for a whole...
  9. K

    iPhone Bringing back deleted whatsapp chat on iphone

    To bring back a deleted whatsapp chat, I know that we must uninstall and reinstall whatsapp, but is that enough? Or, the backup on icloud must also be performed before deleting the chat? So if the chat gets deleted before performing backup there is certainly no way to bring that chat to its...
  10. Buadhai

    iCloud iCloud Mail Failure - Is It Just Me?

    This morning I'm looking at my iPad 4 (14.4.1) and realize that Mail has not been updated since yesterday. It says "Checking for Mail" for a very long time and eventually reports, "Cannot get mail. The connection to the server failed." I check my iPhone (14.4.1). Same problem. However, on my...
  11. GuillaumeB

    iCloud 10 years of iCloud, any update planned ?

    Out of curiosity, am I the only one who's been waiting for an update of the iCloud web apps ? I know the Mac and iOS native apps unlock more features and are seen a complementary products. Yet, in 2021, people have gotten used to use web services, haven't they ? I wish for instance I was able...
  12. Mr. Dee

    iCloud Documents in the Cloud Mojave and Big Sur

    I finally relented and opted for the 50 GB iCloud storage per month. I thought since I have two Macs that feature the iCloud Desktop & Documents syncing option, I would enable it. It enabled just fine on my M1 Mac, but on my 2015 MacBook Pro signed in with the same Apple ID running macOS Mojave...
  13. aimforsilence

    Issue with Apple Watch storage constantly filling up.

    Hello, I'm having an issue with my wife's Apple Watch Series 1 and was hoping someone here may be able to help me as my 2 attempts at Apple support helping me and my own troubleshooting has not solved anything thus far. What happens is that the watch's internal storage get's completely full...
  14. C

    Moving OneDrive files to local storage or iCloud on iPad

    If i go to Files App and try to move a file (already downloaded) I don't have any option of move/copy etc. I tried the Documents app by Readdle, but same thing happens. Any help or tip? Thanks.
  15. D

    Help! Macbook got blocked but in icloud find shows it's not blocked

    Hi, I'd be very thankful If you can help. I was watching a video when suddenly my macbook air 2017 suddenly restarted. The problem is that it is asking me for the PIN to unblock it, but I dont have a PIN because I didn't block it. I haven't share my icoud credentials with anyone so I think...
  16. purdnost

    Free up Text Message Storage Space Without Deleting Threads?

    iCloud Storage > Messages > Top Conversations If I’m trying to free up some space, it seems the only way to do so is to delete the thread from the Messages app or from iCloud Storage settings. I thought deleting from iCloud Storage settings would leave the thread intact and just clear out the...
  17. gbf

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Help lost everything

    My friend has an iPhone 6 something. He is always sticking the antiquated equipment as that is what he is comfortable with. His phone is no longer working. It just gets stuck on the apple logo and that’s it. He doesn’t use the cloud to backup pictures because he is one of those anti-clouders...
  18. T

    iCloud Syncing Issue with iCloud Notes (Serve Down?)

    Is anyone else getting this error suggesting the iCloud serve may be having issues?
  19. purdnost

    Photo Storage Solution

    I have years of photos and videos on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, they just sit there and I never look at them. I would like a solution where I can access them. I’ve considered putting them all into iCloud, but I don’t really want all that space being used up on my phone, even with...
  20. MetCat

    Recent contacts suddenly disappeared

    My more recent contacts suddenly disappeared from my iPhone 6 Plus iOS 12. When I login to iCloud, the more recent contacts are gone as well. The contacts that remain are really old since way back. I have tried almost all of the obvious solutions posted online. Toggling on and off contacts...