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  1. D

    iPhone 14 Pro Max iMessage with iCould storage and transfer issues

    Did a direct transfer from my iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 14 pro max. Everything went smoothly until I realized that none of my attachments in messages had come over. They appeared in the messages when you scroll but not under the contact info at the top. Did a bunch of research and found...
  2. T

    iOS 16.0 iMessage Activation Bug Missing Messages

    Hi Everyone, Yes I know 16.0.1 is out that addresses the issue, but what i'd like to know is there anyway to recover the missing messages from the period where iOS 16.0 was unable to activate yesterday. From the period i opened my new phone to when 16.0.1 patch was installed and imessage was...
  3. D

    iOS 16 - Can’t share to iMessage group anymore

    iPhone 11 Pro user here. I just updated to iOS 16. I’m trying to share a webpage to my iMessage group chat using the ‘share’ icon in Safari, but when I type the first few letters of the group name, the auto-complete doesn’t find the name of the group. It’s like it doesn’t exist even though the...
  4. WilliApple

    Unsending messages is extremely flawed and buggy

    Greetings! As a developer beta tester for Apple, I had the ability to test iOS 16 on June 6 - Present day. Now I would like to talk about the big feature of iOS 16, unsending and editing messages. I was really looking forward to this feature, until I saw that editing and unending for me does...
  5. C

    iOS [iCloud] iMessages showing still Data after Deletion

    I deleted all my iMessage data and conversations, but it still shows 286MB. However, I do not know what is in these 286MB, how can I delete this data or get it deleted?
  6. g2only

    iPad iPad gens good for text/iMessage compatibility

    Hi MR peeps! I’m looking to buy a used iPad for my elderly mom to be able to receive texts/iMessages from the family (all iPhone users at this point), but wondered what’s the oldest year model to start at as I start looking in the marketplace/eBay/etc…? I’d like to go larger than a mini, if...
  7. seme332

    Voice messages on iOS/iPadOS 16

    Am I missing something or has sending a voice message has gotten horribly complicated in iOS/iPadOS 16? The tiny microphone in the input field only invokes speech to text now via a tap, while this is used in all other messaging app as a button to start recording a voice message. Tapping and...
  8. S

    Universal Twitter link previews not working in iMessage

    This just started happening recently and it's driving me crazy. When I send or receive a twitter link in iMessage, the preview no longer shows. It just seems to affect Twitter links, but it is happening on my Mac, iPhone, iPad, as well as my wife's devices. And it just happens on my home WiFi...
  9. W

    Notifications for wife no longer appear

    For some reason I no longer get notifications when my wife sends me iMessages. I’ve checked every single setting everywhere. The Settings app, do not disturb, her contact card, you name it, I’ve checked it several times. (Do Not Disturb/Focus is turned on overnight, but no other time.) I...
  10. C

    How to delete all iCloud messages ? [iMessage]

    I have all conversations deleted on all my apple devices. Newest Mac OS and iOS installed. Tried sign in and off with Apple ID. Still showing these 286,2 MB of data but no conversions etc. Is there any way to delete all to zero Data?
  11. S

    iMessage issue with 15.5

    Anyone else having an issue where Messages will revert back to Text Message when composing or sending an iMessage? Sometimes the entire iMessage chat will show as sent as text message (green) when it wasn’t. Forcing Messages closed seems to fix it for a while then it randomly comes back. I...
  12. Mguardadojr22

    Focus mode not working on Group iMessage

    Hello, I recall on the iOS 15 keynote they had mentioned that Focus mode would also be available for group message. I am being notified on all my group messages even though I only have 5 members that I am allowing. The 5 allowed are not on any of the group messages, so why am I still receiving...
  13. S

    Old question of syncing non-imessage texts between devices.

    I know this is an age old question but I've been trying everything and can't get this to work. Any detailed instruction on steps I need to take and settings I need to check would be appreciated: I'm sure there is a way to get non-iMessage text messages to delete from the Messages app on my Mac...
  14. E

    Messages turns green until app restart?

    Sometimes, for seemingly no reason at all, messages seems to stop working as iMessages and defaults to SMS. I'll find that conversations that were previously blue iMessages have all turned green, and I only have the ability to send as SMS (green) until I force close and restart the Messages app...
  15. M

    Confused about iMessage with Dual SIM

    When I go overseas, I will tell my main mobile carrier to block international roaming, and then I will install a data-only eSIM for my destination country. So I'll be using the foreign eSIM for all data, and my main mobile phone number will doing WiFi Calling using the eSIM mobile data. Okay...
  16. E

    iPhone 13 Pro iMessage deleted all texts from 1 person

    Hi. I had a lot of texts from a friend of mine who passed away in 2020. Up until a few months ago, his messages were available in iMessage on my iPhone. Then one day last fall, they all disappeared. Does anyone know why? My iMessage is set to keep texts forever. Again, this is the only person's...
  17. sandinmyjoints

    Want iMessage notifications on multiple devices -- how? describes a behavior I have noticed but never understood. Due to it, I have missed some important messages, b/c Apple thought that my macBook was my active device when it wasn't anymore, or I had...
  18. M

    iPhone 13 Pro Max iMessage 'other' category - anyone know what gets stored here?

    Hey all - I am wondering if anyone knows what type of files get stored in the "other" section of iMessage storage. This is different than the temp files iOS stores for updates and etc - this is specifically in the messages app. Also, when I click on it I don't actually see any files. I tried...
  19. kerrismith

    imessage with non-ios devices

    I just got a new iMac 24". I have used Macs forever. I used to be able to send/receive on iMessage to other non-ios devices. Now it won't work. What setting am I missing? Has something changed. I can send/receive on my ipad just fine. thanks Kerri
  20. N

    iPhone 13 ios-15, no Top Conversations listed

    Got iPhone-13 and restored from iCloud, ios 15 All messages came through, no issues However, going to Settings -> AppleID -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Messages -> Top Conversations It shows "Zero KB" I have over 800MB in Messages. What happened here?