1. rocketbuc

    Use feature phone and keep iMessage?

    Hi guys I am thinking about replacing my iPhone 6 (still rocking and liking it but with severe touch disease now) with a Punkt MP02 (feature phone that can create 4G hotspot, ). My idea is to use the Punkt on the go and sync up with email...
  2. StephenCWLL

    iPad mini Recovering imessages

    I've only got one Apple product, an Ipad Mini 2. I've deleted by accident an entire conversation in Messages 🤷‍♀️ I've tried several 3rd party apps but they all say I've no iMessages in iCloud. I don't use iTunes for backups but I did have iMessages set to go to icloud. If I log into iCloud I...
  3. A

    I think this would be awesome

    Things come to me as I sit around at night, and I always forget them the next day. For some reason, tonight, I sent myself an iMessage to remind me to call a friend in the morning. I wanted the red dot to bug me, thus forcing me to open the message and read the reminder. I send myself then...
  4. P

    Text/iMessage notifications on multiple devices issue?

    Hi, I've noticed that if my iPhone is locked and near my iMac text notifications go to my iMac. I don't get a sound or screen light up on my iPhone. If I wake the phone I can see that the text is there just no notification. If I then start using my phone I will start receiving notifications on...
  5. iamaydo

    Links don't appear in macOS Messages search & intermittent indexing message

    I've had an ongoing issue with macOS Messages app that I can't seem to figure out and hoping someone can help in some way. I currently have a 13" M1 MacBook Pro 16 GB RAM running macOS 11.5.1 however the issues with Messages began in Catalina—if I recall correctly—with a 2019 16" MacBook Pro...
  6. jcswim312

    iMessage notification whitelist/blacklist

    I hope somebody that works for Apple or somebody that can forward this to somebody that works for Apple does end up seeing this recommendation I really would like the ability to ONLY get iMessage notifications from certain people (parent/sibling/friend/boss or girlfriend) and not everyone else...
  7. Twiceon2sday

    Can’t screenshot without Mac trying to open messages

    Can anyone please help me find the setting to make this stop! Every time I take a screenshot using Shift+Cmd+4 it opens iMessages and asks me to sign in. This is new because it’s never done this before, I have no clue what triggered it but I don’t use iMessage on my Mac at the present time. I...
  8. J

    Facetime an iMessage

    I can't seem to sign into Facetime or iMessage on a Macbook Pro (Early 2015) using Big Sur 11.2.3. Every time I try, I end up getting sent round in circles. Strangely, iCloud and Apple ID is quite okay, and signs in and out with no problem elsewhere. Lastly, I still have another MacBook Pro 2011...
  9. B

    Update 7.3.1 on Series 5 Smart Suggested iMessage Replies

    Has anyone noticed a negative change after the update? Before the release my Watch often had witty reply and emoji suggestions that went along with the conversation. Since updating the reply suggestions have been off point and it no longer recommends emojis. Is anyone else experiencing this...
  10. D

    iCloud Poll: How long do you keep your iMessage/text messages?

    How long do y'all keep your iMessages/text messages? This is under settings for iMessage / Message History / Keep Messages I ask because I've filled up my measly 5GB of iCloud storage 😭 (thx Apple) and my texts are taking up 1.97 GB... I have it set to keep "1 Year." 30 days seems too short to...
  11. gbf

    iPhone 12 Pro Group text messaging delays.

    I am having an issue where I’m getting group texts with a long delay. My mom and sister both iPhone users had me in a group text and I just got 12 hours later a slew of texts from people both iMessage and sms. I am on Verizon with iPhone 12 Pro. any ideas? thank you
  12. ZircoBen

    Messages don't update

    Anyone else have their iMessages load / update really slow? Sometimes I have to close and reopen the app three times and later wait like 5 minutes for current iMessages to load up. It's ridiculous. Has anyone found any workarounds for this? I'm running Big Sur 11.1 on my 2017 MacBook Pro, and...
  13. treyhunnid

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Blue video when sending over iMessage with iPhone 12? Anyone else?

    Anyone else getting this? Typically happens when I’m out and about sending over 5g or LTE with my 12PM. Shows normal on my end but a blue screen with sound on recipients.
  14. -Ray-

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iMessage notifications not working (iPhone 12 Pro Max, iOS 14.2.1)

    Both my wife and I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 14.2.1 on the At&t network. iMessage notifications do not appear to be working for some contacts, while working for fine for others. Do not disturb mode is not set on the contact or device level. I've tried resetting all settings and...
  15. S

    iMessage missing attachments iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.2)

    Hey everyone I restored my new 12 pro Max from my 11 pro Max back up and now I am unable to see attachments in text threads. Only the pictures sent after I started using the 12 pro Max show up all older pictures and links do not show up when you press the “i” next to the persons name. They still...
  16. S

    iPhone 12 Pro iMessage missing attachments iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.2)

    Hey everyone I restored my new 12 pro Max from my 11 pro Max back up and now I am unable to see attachments in text threads. Only the pictures sent after I started using the 12 pro Max show up all older pictures and links do not show up when you press the “i” next to the persons name. They still...
  17. tacofury

    Text Messages Not Being Received to One Contact’s iPhone

    I’ve had this on going issue for about 5 weeks now that I still can’t figure out: Phones involved: Her and I both have the iPhone XR Rough Timeline of issue: -Mid September: She was able to receive iMessages from me, but couldn’t send them. We then switch to Whatsapp to avoid iMessage issue...
  18. F

    iPhone 12 / iOS 14.1 users - Missing Text/SMS Messages?

    There is an issue with the new iPhone 12's possibly caused by the iPhone 12, or iOS 14.1, or a combo of both. Not 100% sure yet. I first read about this issue when Paul Thurrot gave his thoughts on his new iPhone 12:
  19. A

    Pictures missing from info section of iMessage thread

    hi everyone. I recently received an iPhone 12 Pro and I set the phone up as brand new. I enabled iMessages and iCloud and I expected all of my text messages pictures videos and links to restore to my device. However when you go to the info section of a text message it only shows a very select...
  20. A

    Using old iMessage number with new sim card

    Hi! just wanted to share a feature I noticed which might help other people. We all know that moment when we leave the country and get a local sim. a lot of people said and think you can only use the current number for iMessage and facetime but it’s possible to keep your old number for 30 days...