1. A

    Mac Silicon - What do you expect from the first Mac SoCs?

    Hey everyone! Pretty new here! I'm excited to see what the Apple silicon team will deliver for the first Mac SoC. It's a chance for Apple's silicon team to take the Mac far beyond the capabilities and performance of generic x86 competition in the PC space. I feel many tech enthusiasts are...
  2. z970mp

    Minecraft 1.5.2 - The Definitive Edition

    To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Minecraft's official release, I have devised a superior version to our Apple Cider variant, found here. Like Apple Cider, this uses the same minimal launcher, albeit one that's been tweaked to take advantage of 1 GB of RAM instead of 512 MB, increasing...
  3. F

    Weird iPhone XS Model number. How do I know if it's an Intel or Qualcomm chip?

    I have the model number NTAR2LL/A. Anyone know if this is the Intel or Qualcomm kind of iPhone XS? I tried googling, but nothing comes up with that model number. Screenshot:

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 - New modem?

    Does anyone know if the modem in the iPhone 8, unlocked, Apple store version is still being made with the Qualcomm modem (for the US market)? I know in Germany, Apple was forced to use the Intel modem for all the iPhone 8 devices, but I'm not sure if that applies here in the US.
  5. Raging Dufus

    Management Engine and security/privacy issues on Intel-based Macs

    This thread is a continuation of discussion starting on Page 2 of the "Backdrop - Distraction-free tool for classic Mac OS" thread, regarding the Management Engine (ME) included in firmware of x86/64 Intel (and possibly other?) CPU's. Many of these chips are running in early Intel-based Macs...
  6. A

    MP 7,1 Thoughts - New AMD Epyc Server CPU's, benefit MP 7,1?

    AMD has been on a roll as of late with its new consumer/prosumer CPU's, but I didn't even see coming was a server CPU from AMD. From what I read and seen the new AMD Epyc server CPU out performs Intel's current Xeon's both in price and performance. It got me thinking, if AMD's Epyc server CPU's...
  7. ondert

    What will happen to TB3 ports if Apple moves to ARM chips?

    I wonder this question for the last few days. Thunderbolt interface was designed with both intel and Apple together. What will happen to these ports if Apple use its own ARM based A chips in the next MacBooks? There will be totally different chipsets and how Intel will let Apple use the...
  8. askunk

    iMac Pro in 2019/2020?

    Intel's roadmap for Xeon processors is continuously changing, albeit their last official position is to refresh the line every 4/5 quarters. It seems that Cooper Lake will arrive in Q4 2019/Q1 2020, while it seems that Ice Lake 10nm Xeons will have to wait till the end of 2020. The premise is...
  9. jreiland8

    2019 MBP for College

    Hello everyone! I will be heading off to college in the Fall to study Computer Science. As such, I am looking to buy a new MacBook Pro. I currently own a 13" 2015 MacBook Air (1.6 GHz i5, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB), but it isn't really powerful enough for my needs. I know that I want to buy a model...
  10. G

    iGPU throttling after waking up from sleep

    Hi, I have been experiencing UI lag after waking up from sleep from I thing High Sierra. Only a restart fixes it. To investigate I installed, intel power gadget. 1. When UI is lagging GPU speed - 0.2 Ghz 2. When everything is smooth (after restart) GPU speed - 0.75 Ghz My Mac - MBP 15in mid...
  11. Gregnyrfan

    ZombieLoad Vulnerability 10.14.4

    Is it possible to patch ZombieLoad Vulnerability on 10.14.4 without updating to 10.14.5? Thank you, Greg.
  12. baryon

    2006: Apple introduced the Intel Mac Pro (Video)

    Just saw this on YouTube: And I was surprised by how differently Apple behaved back then compared to now. The Mac Pro was all about being upgradeable, with plenty of space inside, with an assortment of ports and PCI slots for full sized GPUs that can take up two slots. But most amazingly, the...
  13. F

    iMac 2019 runs occasionally at 100°C? [Merged]

    With my former iMac I never bothered looking at things like temperatures and fan speeds. They said it just works, and it always did. But now in 2019 with all the stories about thermal throttling I wanted to see for myself if my new i9 iMac runs as smoothly as everyone says. I installed TG Pro...
  14. U

    2019 Ice Lake MBA?

    From everything I have been reading about Ice Lake over the last few months, it stands that the MBA might be one of the biggest beneficiaries in Apple’s notebook lineup from Ice Lake. What can we reasonably expect from Ice Lake, other than LPDDR4 RAM support and it’s 11th gen iGPU sporting over...
  15. B

    Without Qualcomm, at least I don't have to consider the iPhone anymore

    At least without Qualcomm models of the iPhone, I don't even have to consider it as an option anymore, and I can go ahead with the Note 9 with no regrets. I simply can't buy a phone that isn't going to get good reception. I got an SE on sale, so I have a toy phone, and I could use it on AT&T...
  16. flaubert

    Microcode questions

    So, I see some threads here in the forum about updating microcodes, and they quickly gather many posts from folks who are apparently more up to date on the benefits of updating such. I thought that perhaps the rest of us might benefit if those most knowledgeable would be able to enlighten us...
  17. O

    Intel GPU

    Hi there, In September I will start my studies in Civil Engineering in Ghent University (Belgium). I'm looking for a laptop with several required specifications. One of them is that I need an Intel HD graphics 5500 (or higher) GPU, so I can run Intel Virtualization Technology and VT-d in BIOS...
  18. M.Rizk

    Intel releases Intel® Power Gadget 3.5.3 for Mac

    Seems like Intel has released an updated Power Gadget after they removed links to the old versions today morning. Anyone tested it yet? Link:
  19. omarojo

    new MP15 (2018) i7 (2.2/2.6Ghz) or i9 (2.9Ghz)

    So Im looking at 3 processor options (2.9Ghz) i9 8950hk (2.6Ghz) i7 8850h (2.2Ghz) i7 8750h Im planning to configure it for 32GB RAM with the 560x GPU I just dont know which processor.. by looking at the benchmarks I see the numbers but honestly.. how am I suppose to know if 200pts or 500...
  20. Mr. Dee

    Why I think the 2019 MacBook Pro is a Recommended Wait - Hear Me Out.

    A lot of forum members are rejoicing today; it truly is a moment of relief. Many will finally upgrade their 2009 and even 2015 models. The 2018 revision is a substantial upgrade in many ways: 32 GBs of 'DDR4 RAM' (finally), T2 chip, Hey Siri, Bluetooth 5.0, Core i9, 4 TB SSD option, standard 4...