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ios 10

  1. Tech Tested

    Installing OSX on Mac Pro 3.1, first Mac

    First I need to start by saying this is my first Mac. I bought it from an e-scrap recycler. It is a Mac Pro 3.1 with dual xeons. It did not come with an operating system and I have no other macs to try and get a recovery bootable USB from. I know that the latest official supported OS is El...
  2. techsavvy01

    iPad iOS 13 to iOS 10 downgrade simplest method : - |

    simplest method to downgrade ios 13 to ios 10 ? : - | i know ill be at security risk although as idiots say even if ya are at latest security software ya can still be at risk : - | my older apps worked on ios 10 : - |
  3. M

    iPhone 6(S)/Plus Can't enlarge photos in google images Safari

    Until yesterday, I was able to tap on a picture on google images to view the picture in large. For example when you search "Apple" on google images you get many photos of it, and if you want to view one of them in large you just simply tap it. But the problem is that since yesterday I suddenly...
  4. N

    iOS 10.2.1 Meridian Jailbreak/ Remove Cydia/ Restore iOS 10 Issue

    Hello Macrumors JB fam, I have hit a snag that I can't seem to get out of. I have an iPhone 7 (32GB) that is on iOS 10, and I want to keep it on iOS 10, and Jailbroken. What happened was that I neglected to keep tabs on my free space and forgot that pre-AFTS devices require stashing. I...
  5. kandavu

    iPad mini Line bisecting LCD screen after battery replacement.

    T I did a battery replacement on my iPad mini2, iOS 10 yesterday and after the second charging cycle, a line on the LCD, spanning between the Home button and the camera has manifested. I did a power down and reboot and the line is still present. I’m including a photo with more details. Can...
  6. MacUse-R

    Upgrade from iOS 10.1 to iOS 11.4/12.0

    I know this question has been asked a few times, but could not find any questions that asks about my current iOS version. So i currently have a Yalu102 jailbroken iphone 6 Plus on iOS 10.1 and want to upgrade to iOS 11.4 or maybe to iOS 12.0, i have blobs for these versions (have blobs for ios...
  7. YourGuardianAngel

    iPhone 7/Plus I'm still in iOS 10, should I upgrade?

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus, 256GB Model. I also have an ipad pro 10.5 2017 running 10.3.3 Since I got second screen replacement at August 2017, I never upgraded my iOS since. Not only I'm used to older iOS formats, but I love the circle shaped antenna signals, and bottom dock app's name...
  8. N

    iPhone 6(S)/Plus iOS 9 and 10 stock wallpaper

  9. T

    iPad In this age of iOS 12 can I update from 10.2 to 10.3.2?

    I want to update my iPad Air from 10.2 to 10.3.2 because it gives me the ability to see what 32-bit apps are still on my iPad (I intend to update to iOS12 but first I want to see what 32-bit apps I still have that will be unusable with iOS12). I know that Apple stoped signing old iOS versions...
  10. G

    iPhone not recognized in computer or iTunes and I cannot update it even from wifi..

    Hello guys..for quite a while when i plug my iphone in ANY computer its only charging and its not shown ANYWHERE in the computers and neither in iTunes ANYWHERE i repeat..ANYWHERE..I tried reseting it ive seen threads here ive seen videos ive done EVERYTHING..Also I cannot update it from...
  11. Y

    Downgrade version will speed up my iPhone?

    Hi all, I have iPhone 5 - version 10.3.3. The phone is preeeety preeeety slow. Granted, it's an old phone. But I don't recall it being this unbearable. Will it help to downgrade the version? If so, which one and mostly, how? Thank you! (never EVER switch to android with which I'm stuck with...
  12. geekycheesecake

    iPhone Restoring iOS 10.3.3

    Hello All, I am currently using iphone 6s with ios 10.3.3. I plan to purchase iPhone se with ios 11.4. I want to know if I create backup of iphone 6s of ios10.3.3 and then restore the backup on iPhone se which is on ios 11.4. Will my phone downgraded to ios 10.3.3 ?
  13. R

    iPhone Can I upgrade to iOS 10.2? Currently on iOS 9.1

    Hello everyone. I'm new on this forum. Thanks beforehand for reading this. Well, Ive been loyal to my iOS 9.1 JB on my iPhone 6S. Works pretty smooth, with no issues at all. The thing is that some apps I need are no longer supported on my firmware, and I want to go up...but no to 11.4 !! You...
  14. T

    iPhone How to merge an iTunes iPhone Backup (SMS, Calls, etc) to a new iPhone Configured

    Hi, My iPhone backup (iOS 10.3.3) on iTunes wont be restored correctly on my new iPhone (11.2.1). So how to put SMS, Calls list, etc from the iTunes Backup to my new configured iPhone ? Is there software working with backup and can do an import ? (seems anytrans works only with 2 iphone and...
  15. M

    iPhone 6(S)/Plus ios 11 battery question for 6s plus

    I'm in the usual state of conflicting information overload here and hope i can get some clarity here. Bought a 6s plus last week to replace a 6s, which is on 10.3.1. The Plus came with 11.1 on it. I upgraded to latest ios 11.2.2 after doing a migration from my 6s backup. Havent activated with...
  16. faby GT

    iPad Ios 11 complete UI for ios 10

    hi I've jailbroken today my iPad 4 with iOS 10.3.3. Which addons have I to install to make my iPad look like iOS 11? I,m searching for themes, but also features, like lock screen, notification panel, use two applications in the same time, etc. I know it's long, but thanks in advance! Faby
  17. 1

    Help with iPhone 6 and iOS11

    Hey guys I have a couple iPhone 6's that are still running iOS8.2 I want to upgrade them to 10.3.3 because i've heard bad things about the older iPhones running ios11. But apparently this is no longer possible now that apple has stopped signing the 10.3.3 firmware. Is there a viable solution...
  18. shichao34

    Restore ios11 backup to an ios10 iphone

    Is that any chance i can restore a ios11 backup to an ios10 iphone? I have two ip6s, one in ios11 another one in ios10 I tried to edit plist but a message saying that the "iphone is disconnected" keep popping out during restore Any solution?
  19. NikhilGeek

    Want to Remove Jailbreak & Update!

    Hi, Right now i'm in 10.2. I want to remove jailbreak and update it to 11.2 but main problem is I don't have a pc for iTunes backup and there is one more problem sometime back i deleted some language file from icleaner to free up some space now i think if I update through OTA I'll brick my...
  20. anshul20171

    Downgrading ios 11 to 10.3.3

    I have bought a new iphone 7 which comes with ios 11 out the box and its causing issues on my phone. so I looked up on the internet and found that apple is still signing ios 10.3.3 for iphone 7. SO my Question is Can I downgrade to ios 10.3.3 from Itunes now?