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  1. R

    iPhone I've just published a new app and I'm looking for comments and feedback, it's name is RandomWalking (and I hope you love walking tourism)

    Hi everyone! Me and some friends have created RandomWalking, an app that guides you discovering the surroundings with just one simple suggestion: the direction in which to point your walk. The game is about not knowing a priori where you are going, so you can simply enjoy the walk, the view and...
  2. DaffiDuck

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Get the iPhone 14 your 13 will be outdated

    You have the iPhone 13 you are wondering if you should get the iPhone 14 ..... :) Lets go back to 2017-2018 iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X iPhone X was the new era of Apples phones the new designs for anything after was going to be the NOTCH .. 18 iPhone X (LAUNCH - September 22nd, 2017) - NEW...
  3. H

    TV notifications in iOS not showing

    Hello Everyone, This one has been boggling my mind and I wanted to reach out for some help. Under settings, notifications. The TV app doesn’t appear. I can’t find anywhere in the tv app to turn on notifications and I tried under TV in the settings menu, but it only is giving access to Siri. I...
  4. O

    What’s the maximum lock screens…

    Hello, what is the maximum amount of lock screens I could have in iOS 16? I don’t have it yet I’m actually going to try really hard to wait until the final release. But, I want to have at least 10 customized Lock Screens. So, does anyone know what’s the maximum as of now?
  5. town3r

    iPhone MyHyundai with Bluelink app Update

    Pretty big update today, was hoping to see the Digital Key integrated with Wallet App option within the app once updated but haven't been able to locate it. Anyone know which vehicles support the Apple Digital key? What’s New Jul 8, 2022 Version 5.0.6 • Introducing the Subscriptions page from...
  6. gwhizkids

    Beta and Public Release Timeline

    This will be a wikithread listing, in reverse order, the release date of each beta (Developer and public) and public release of each version of iOS 16 (and potentially beyond). Although I am aware of the Wikipedia thread with the release date of each (major, minor and "point" release) version...
  7. seme332

    Voice messages on iOS/iPadOS 16

    Am I missing something or has sending a voice message has gotten horribly complicated in iOS/iPadOS 16? The tiny microphone in the input field only invokes speech to text now via a tap, while this is used in all other messaging app as a button to start recording a voice message. Tapping and...
  8. J

    If your iPhone is overheating on iOS 14.5.1, 15.5 or 15.6 Beta

    If your iPhone is overheating on iOS 15.5 or 15.6 Beta. A daemon process called “duetexpertd” might be hogging your resources (in my case using 99% or more of my CPU constantly, and my phone overheated). To fix, sign out then sign back into your Apple ID in settings, which completely fixes it...
  9. katbel

    Which Mail service , Proton or Tutanota or iCloud is best at filtering spam

    I'm looking at those services and trying to decide which one is more customizable to filter unwanted mail. iCloud is the worse for what I know but using alias or hide my email maybe is a way of controlling it. Tutanota let you block a sender, but I don't like to leave my mail on any server...
  10. G

    iPhone Text Workflow: Text transformations tool for iOS - TestFlight beta is available!

    Text Workflow for iOS is a new text manipulation app for iPhone and iPad! This is the iOs version Text Workflow Mac app that is available on Mac App Store. With Text Workflow you can use simple actions, or create complex workflows to transform your text. With the workflow editor you can...
  11. JesusSaves

    A Few Annoyances.. Keyboard, Siri Annoyance, Phone Calls and Alarms

    I’m just venting to be honest but what annoys me: Phone Calls: Taking a phone call whilst on AirPods leaves my phone screen on. What a waste of battery. Even when I turn it off, one slight tap and it remains on until I manually turn it off again. Not great if notifications activate that if I’m...
  12. D

    Other (Important) iPhone and iCloud

    I had an iphone 6 and I lost it. later on i bought another iphone 6 and put the iCloud backup from the old iphone to the new one. It's been a year. Can I recover the original iCloud backup from the first iphone or has it been overwritten by the new iphone?
  13. D

    Earpiece crackly static noise when playing Harp ringtone

    Hello! I just upgraded to a 13 pro max with the latest ios15 from a 12pro max with ios14.8. When trying to change my ringtone, playing the Harp ringtone I noticed a crackling sound coming from the earpiece at high volume (over 60%). After testing, some high pitched sound make the earpiece sound...
  14. O

    Iphone helppp!!

    Good evening to all! I have the iphone7. I tried to upgrade to ios15, I have a very old ios definitely back behind ios12. I would not go through the process of upgrading my mobile phone if it did not stop letting me download applications that need newer software than the one I have...
  15. E

    Suspicious device on my hotspot. Does not have a MAC address. So... what is it?

    Hello everyone, first post here :) I saw this unknown address under my personal hotspot summary on an iPhone: e:69:a5:97:7:17 (with 9 KB of data) Interestingly enough, it only has 10-digits so it cannot be a MAC address. What is it then? Should I be worried?
  16. Pilot Jones

    App Store takes FOREVER to start downloading apps!

    Currently running iOS 15.4.1 on an iPhone 8. My iPhone App Store takes a LONG time to start downloading any app. Works just fine on my MacBook Pro. Once I click the "Get" button and it turns into the Circle/Square loading icon, it just stops. The app just doesn't download. Sometimes it takes...
  17. iTundra

    iPad Kindle app no longer stays on screen ?

    My wife has an older iPad running IOS 12.5.5. A couple of days ago her kindle app stopped staying on the screen. The app is running but stays minimized. If you click on it you get the kindle splash screen for a few seconds and then back to the iPad home screen. I removed the kindle app...
  18. Neverbepeace

    iPhone Remove Post

    Thanks mods. :cool:
  19. Mezelluf

    iPhone 13 iPhone Wallpapers I made.

    I'll be posting all the iPhone wallpapers I make here and you can also make a request, enjoy! :)
  20. A

    Mac OS X Blinking folder icon, key combinations not working!

    Hello, I recently purchased an old Macbook Pro 2014. Then I had to factory reset the computer because I don't want the data of previous owner. After wiping out the hard disk, I tried to reinstall the os from recovery mode over the internet. But I couldn't do that because it gave the error "the...