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  1. j-a-x

    Universal I created a custom Home Screen widget app

    I was tired of waiting for app developers to add Home Screen widgets to their apps, so I created an app that lets you create a custom home screen widget with any image from the web that you like, updated hourly. I use it myself for viewing space weather data when there's a decent chance of...
  2. B

    Application back after full reset

    Hi, I ran into an odd issue, I did a full reset (Erase all content and settings) on an iPad Air 3rd gen on iPadOS 17.4.1. Did not restore from backup (no backup available anyways) or transfer anything. Once the full reset done and the iPad back to “factory settings”, and before I did anything...
  3. Ralfi

    Other See, Apple can be wrong (USB-C). What else needs a rethink?

    USB-C has been one of the best ‘moves’ Apple has made in recent times. Only issue is, it revealed how their stubbornness has set them back because they were made to convert. Where else has Apple missed the mark on for a long time now & needs immediate fixing in order to make the every day...
  4. JonathanParker

    Since when did the iOS update screen have the spinning settings icon animation?

    The last time I saw this was in like iOS 6, unless I‘m mistaken? Video (iOS 17.5): Videk (iOS 6):
  5. YourDamnCroissants

    Bizarre GPS behavior triggering HomeKit automations, timezone changes across devices

    Since yesterday, I've observed some really odd GPS-related behaviors on my iPhone running iOS 17.5, my wife's iPhone running 17.4.1, and my MacBook running macOS 14.4.1, all in the same location (our apartment) in New York City. It started with our HomeKit lighting turning on and off, seemingly...
  6. S

    iPhone 14/Plus iPhone 15 or 14plus?

    Hi, I bought an iPhone 15 back in October of 2023. Base model in pink. I guess i don’t vibe with the color that much, and the size. I really want a bigger phone (I came from a fairly large Samsung s20 FE). My dream has been to get a white phone for a long time. If the iPhone 15s came in white I...
  7. A

    iPhone 11 4013 Error when updating iPhone with iTunes

    Hi, My iPhone cannot start. So I try to update it with the latest version of iTunes in Windows 11. It will try to update to iOS 17.4.1. But I always get 4013 error, below is the detailed log. How to solve the problem?
  8. B

    Universal Changing files extensions in bulk

    Hi everybody. I have been trying to do this but can’t find a way to do it, so hope anyone knows about this. I would like to change the extension o a list of files. I know how to change one by one, but would like to do it in bulks. I have been testing to do it with Shortcuts, but can’t get it...
  9. Frantisekj

    Split View text editor

    Hello, Is anyone aware of any simple text editor that would be able show two files at once? I wanna that for fine tuning translations especially subtitles. I was searching like crazy but nothing. It could be some simple code editor. Free is bonus. Thanks a lot
  10. J

    iOS 17.4.1 Update Issues:Website Errors and Internet Connection Problems

    Hey everyone, I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 17.4.1 and encountered some unexpected issues with certain websites and apps. It seems like I'm not alone in this, as I've seen several reports across various forums and social media platforms. One of the most notable issues I've experienced is...
  11. S

    What is the last version of iOS 16 for iPhone 11 Pro?

    As per title thread, does anybody know? Can't seem to find anything about it on Google. Found a page that has older ipsws for download but the latest iOS 16.7.7 seems like it's only for iPhone 8 and X. I don't want to...
  12. dreikelvin

    Text containing colon turns lowercase when cut out and pasted back (iOS/iPadOS)

    I discovered a weird thing. Well actually, it has been bugging me for at least a year and a half. Do this: 1. Write a random string into a search field in your browser app, like HelloTest:12345 - make sure the letters before the colon are mixed upper case 2. Cut out that whole string and paste...
  13. J

    Security sites keep calling iOS 17.4 an "emergency update"?

    I have been reading that 17.4 is an "emergency update" on the web for a few days now. Here is one article but you can run a search and find plenty. However, AFAIK, this was just a regular planned update...
  14. C

    Resolved iOS 17.4 Storage Bug

    Anyone else experiencing a bug with storage after upgrading to iOS 17.4? Previously, I had 20GB free on my XS Max (64) now System Storage is taking up 30GB and my phone is complaining about being full. Going to do a full restore and set up as new to try sort it but just wondering if it’s a bug...
  15. MacinMan

    Improve Apple Pay not showing in Analytics and Improvement section for iOS 17.4

    Hey all, I upgraded to iOS 17.4 today on an iPhone 15 Pro Max. There is supposed to be a new option under Analytics and Improvements called "Improve ApplePay" This option does not show up for me, and I have Apple Pay setup, I have an Apple Card that's set up, I was able to add the new Virtual...
  16. L

    Stuck "Remind Me" notification in Mail (Mac, iOS, iPadOS)

    This one has been driving me nuts for a few months now. Mac Mail is showing an indicator of 1 message in the "Remind Me" mailbox (same on iPhone and iPad). Clicking that mailbox, I have no emails in there. I've also deleted old emails out of trash, cleared out sent items, rebuilt the mailbox...
  17. Ralfi

    iPad Safari Back button/swipe not responding

    For the last week or so, i‘ve been having a pretty annoying time trying to get Safari to go back a page. It takes a long time to decide that it won’t go back but instead reload the current page. Or it reloads the current page sooner. It’s one or the other, but it hardly goes back. The only way...
  18. S

    iOS Progressively Deletes Or Corrupts Photos Over Time, Eliminating Them From Library, Or Corrupting The Files.

    I have seen throughout the years that my early photos have started disappearing and it has gotten to such a point that I know I had a photo of something, but I look back and it’s gone (I also see blacked-out corrupted photos) but not only is it gone, other photos are obviously gone. The idea...
  19. Edx09

    iPad iPad as the only device

    There are always these questions about Mac vs iPad (Pro) and I felt like sharing my experience. I decided to switch to iPad back in 2016 after the original (1st gen) iPad Pro hit the market. I ditched my 13” MacBook Pro and never looked back. I always used my private devices for work and...
  20. stasapps

    Universal Bedtime Stories and Sleep Sounds

    Download on the AppStore Hello, everyone! I'm thrilled to introduce you to a project that's incredibly close to my heart. As an indie developer, I've poured my passion into creating an application designed specifically with our children in mind. Imagine an app where stories come to life...