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  1. muharremozkan

    Introducing Auto Localize: A Game-Changer for App Localization on Mac!

    Hey MacRumors community! 👋 I'm excited to share a tool I've been passionately working on for our fellow app developers: Auto Localize. We all recognize the immense value of catering to a global audience. However, the localization process can often be cumbersome and time-consuming. That's where...
  2. Ericdjensen

    Apple Music This isn’t normal, right?

    15p gets quite warm while just streaming music playing through its speakers. None of my previous phones ever got even remotely warm playing tunes. It’s as warm as it is playing games. I didn’t want to add on to the heat complaints, but this is weird imo. I wish I had screenshots of how my 11 did...
  3. VulchR

    Safari can't create specific web page short cut on home page

    I keep discovering little gems in iOS and apple software that convinces me they're losing quality control. Yet another example I found today: I wanted to create a short cut on the home screen to a specific web page (that is not the home page) within a web site. Safari can't do that. Instead...
  4. WilsonNM

    iPhone Is YouTube Premium worth it?

    Does anyone else here subscribe to YouTube Premium? Have you found it to be worth the cost? I primarily watch YouTube on my phone and my Apple TV. Because of that, I've never been able to block ads and I'm wondering if it might be worth subscribing for the ad-blocking feature and for the...
  5. Knightartorias8

    iOS Beta software and Repairs System Config Issues

    I just wanted to provide a heads up to anyone thinking about moving into iPhone Beta software, as I am sure you are backing up your iPhone, because you need to if you plan on bringing it in for repairs. Installing the Beta version of iOS can cause an issues with most repairs. As we all know...
  6. timelessbeing

    iPhone SE (2022) cellular data is turned off

    Ever since the latest update, my phone is constantly reminding me that cell data is turned off. MF, I know it's off, because I want it off. Why is it doing this? How do I make it stop?
  7. I

    Parental Controls - Macs vs Other? Individual screen time?

    Hello Forum! I have a 10 yo son who's reaching out more and more into the digital world. I'm looking for any general suggestions or specifics on how best to set him up, as well as creating the least frustration or us as parents of an upcoming tween/teen. So far we have an old iPhone (working...
  8. nxt3

    Hide Apple Maps search results from Spotlight

    If I’m searching for a place in Spotlight, it will show Apple Maps search results. Is there a way to hide these results? I don’t have the app installed but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
  9. J

    iPhone 15/Plus Are you using the 80% charging limit?

    For those with iPhone 15s, are you using/planning to use the new 80% charging limit feature? As someone who doesn't upgrade their phone every year (11 to 15 Pro), I am curious to see if anyone else is trying to preserve their battery life by using it, or sticking with usual iOS optimised...
  10. C

    iOS17 Upgrade - Wallet/Apple Pay broken

    I upgraded to iOS17 last night and now when i open the wallet app on my phone it says "Apple Pay requires an update on this iPhone". This morning when i opened the wallet app for the first time i got email alerts from my credit cards saying my cards have been removed from Apple Pay. Things i...
  11. O

    WhatsApp to iOS

    Hey, I was with Android for years, and decided to switch to iPhone about a year ago. So there was no feature in WhatsApp to transfer the conversation history from Android to the IOS. I started WhatsApp from 0. The point is that today it is already possible, and the backup of WhatsApp on Android...
  12. S

    customize power iphone button

    can we have the power button be a quick button for camera? like double pressing it will launch camera or anything?
  13. D

    Is it possible to use a strange computer to update iPhone without syncing?

    I have always backed up and updated my iPhone using iTunes. With the recent security issues it seems like it's time to finally update to iOS 16 (I'm still using iOS 15 at the moment...). The problem is that the computer I usually sync with (which still uses iTunes) is not available to me right...
  14. C

    iOS Please suggest very basic app or test code, to use to live stream...

    Can you suggest a very, very basic app or test code, to send a RTMPS stream from an ios device to Amazon Interactive Service (endpoint)?
  15. H

    Need Help with Scheduled Summary

    Hey all, Need some help with scheduled summary (yeah I know, right?) I am trying to set it up where when I wake up, I can see the summary of what happened overnight, as well as get normal notifications throughout the day from the apps I include in the summary. Is there a way to include the...
  16. RobinNL

    Universal Luci - Reflect & Mood (Mental Health App)

    Hi all, Introducing Luci, a mental health app focused primarily on Mood Tracking and Self-Reflection. Available for free on iOS and Android. I'm happy to share the app I created hoping for feedback, feature requests and hopefully stories of how the app has helped. Features Luci includes a...
  17. medialook

    Walk / Run workout - Steps count

    Hi there. I wanted to check is there a way to show how many steps I did in a walk / run summary? I'm aware I can do maths - total steps after vs before but would be nice to see it in the summary as per attaxhed screenshot. Thanks
  18. N

    Other 4/6 digit code is enough to remove “Find my iPhone”

    Hello guys&girls, The 4/6 digit code is enough to remove the “Find my iPhone” security protection. Verified during a robbery, where on the ground and surrounded by 4 thugs, I gave my 4-digit code. With my iPhone + the 4/6 digit code, they were able to reset/change my iCloud password, and take...
  19. g2only

    iPad Pro Physical hardware custom buttons?

    I’m looking for a hardware solution (custom buttons) either off the shelf from a company/individual or a diy instructions. I’d like to have large “panic button” styled buttons for quick navigation for use on my iPad Pro (1st gens) to navigate a custom iOS app I’m working on… Any insights...
  20. A

    Apps take over Airplay

    I’m airplaying music from my phone (iOS 16.6) via Pandora app (it’s up to date) but this happens whenever I’m airplaying audio or anything from another app: -Airplay music from either Apple Music, pandora or Spotify to my Sony TV via airplay. -While music is playing open Tumblr app -while...