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ipad 2

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  1. K

    iPad iPad 2 A1566 - marbling cannot see photos

    Hi there, I have done some googling and it appears to be a common problem. I was just wondering if anyone has a fix that means I dont have to take the glass out? any help appreciated
  2. Turon

    Accidentally Locking Myself out of my iPad 2

    Someone got hold of my iPad 2 and put the wrong password so many times that my iPad was disabled. Is it possible to restore the iPad? Or at least restore its data?
  3. iSearch

    iPad 2 Won't Turn On

    My mother got an iPad 2 in early 2013 and used it until she got an iPad Air 2 in 2016. Around that time, she accidentally dropped the iPad 2 with a cheap case in front of our door step and it cracked the screen, but it still worked fine. After several months to a year, it just stopped turning...
  4. Z

    Can't update iPad2 to 9.35

    Hi guys, I own an iPad2 (the original 2), and it's running on 8.4.1 I need to update it to continue using an app, software update tells me to update to 9.3.5, there's a DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL message, which i click on, I get the spinning wheel for a couple of seconds and... nothing. I restarted...
  5. phil8715

    iPad Cydia Issue.

    Hello, I have 3 Apple devices an iPad 2, iPad Mini and a IPod Touch 5th Gen all running IOS 9.3.5. I was able to jailbreak the iPad 2 and iPod Touch, but when I attempted to jailbreak the iPad Mini, it was jailbroken but when I opened Cydia the sources were empty. The other 2 devices all...
  6. 81Tiger04

    iPad What is the best place to sell an old iPad?

    I've got my 1st and 2nd generation iPad that I'm looking to sell. They're in pretty good condition and work great. So where can I get the most money for them?
  7. P

    Airplay Issue

    I have an iPad 2 MC769LL/A running 9.3.5. I have an Apple TV 3rd generation A1469 running 7.2.2. For some reason on this iPad it doesn't display the Apple TV in the room. If I go to Airplay, the list will populate but this Apple TV does not appear on the list. It shows other Apple Apple TVs on...
  8. C

    Remote access for Ipad 2?

    Hi there I bought an Ipad 2 for my mum a while back. She's not the most technologically literate by far and it can be difficult to explain to her how to use it especially since she lives in another county (she knows the bare basics). I also have the same model Ipad 2 and I want to know if...
  9. A

    iOS How to load iPad 2 IOS 6 iPsw (2,1) on my Mid 2012 iPad 2 (2,4)

    I recently bought an iPad 2 from a second hand seller, the iPad works great overall and since I was able to downgrade the firmware on the iPad 2 to IOS 6.1.3, I thought it was a great find. After a few attempts of loading the signed IOS 6 iPsw file I saw no result. I realized that my iPad that I...
  10. RudySnow

    iPad 2 battery question

    I have an iPad 2 that I have probably kept plugged in continuously for 3-4 years as a weather monitor in my kitchen. I noticed the battery was starting to drain and not recharge recently, and discovered I needed a new 30-pin cable, which I replaced. I ran CoconutBattery on my iPad and found...
  11. silifa

    iPad 2

    Unfortunately I cannot afford to upgrade my IPad 2. I don’t understand why APPLE stopped allowing updates. I am stuck on IOS 9. It seems a way for Apple to make money. My parents old tv has outlasted two LCD tv’s. Product design from 60’s, 70’s were designed for a lifetime, not what it’s...
  12. M

    Vicious Cycle with my iPad mini

    Guys, I am stuck in what feels like the alignment of stars for bad luck. My doughtier changed the password on her iPad and immediately forgot the new password. After a number of tries the iPad was disabled. I tried to put the iPad in DFU or recovery mode but all my tries went in vein. Now I...
  13. Volusia

    Issue with News App

    Running iOS 11.1.1 on an iPad 2. While reading articles on the News app the app will unexpectedly shut down. When I reopen the app it will go back to a story I had previously read. I think it is doing this while updating but is very annoying. Haven't been able to locate a control to keep it...
  14. P

    iPad Is a 2nd Generation Ipad (WiFi only) worth keeping?

    Hello, I was in the process of cleaning out my closets and found my old 2nd Generation 16gb Ipad. I didn't find the charger. Do guys think it would be worth it to get a charger? Or you think it's too old to upgrade, in order to be able to use with current OS and current programs? Thank you
  15. Tesla1856

    iPad-2 Simple Dictation would be nice

    I still have some perfectly good iPad-2's. Anyone else still have and use one? It's connected to my iCloud, so my Notes and iMessages appear there as well as my other devices. Sometimes, I'll find it laying-around closer than other devices and I use it. Sure is nicer typing on an iPad over a...
  16. B

    General App Store Nagging to Update an Incompatible App

    An update for an app on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S (both running 9.3.5) continues to show, even though it is incompatible with both devices. Is this normal? I don't think I've encountered it before, and I'm pretty sure I have some apps that have ceased supporting those devices. I thought that by...
  17. C

    iPad Cloud backup is taking much too long

    My iPad 2nd Generation is attached to my Macbook Air. I am attempting a backup (iCloud) of the iPad, but the time remaining is stuck at 4 hours, and sometimes that changes to more hours. I have deleted most backup items on the iPad, have lots of iCloud space, both devices are connected to my...
  18. Sedrick

    iPad Questions about restorying/stitching older ipsw

    Hey all. Trying to salvage my old iPad 2. I bought it new and JB almost instantly and had it JB for many years. Well, made the mistake a while ago of updating to iOS8 and it fairly bricked the old dog, so after trying to live with it, I said screw it and updated to 9. How back could it be if...
  19. T

    Ipad2 new user same stuff

    i have been using wife's old iPad for a while but would like my own Id will I have to reinstall everything? Am sure a complete reinstall would be good for the system Your thoughts and how to do it appreciated.
  20. davo1979

    iPad Complicated... Please Help.

    Hi, I have an Ipad 2. The email address that is assigned to the Ipad is now locked and I can no longer access it. When I try to reset and erase my Ipad it asks me for the password for this account but I can't remember the password. So then I go round in a circle round and round trying to...