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ipad pro 11

  1. Bacasable

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2020 and Bad screen

    Hello I have an iPad Pro 2020 from day one and today after peel of my protective’s glasse, I notice some issue with my screen Look the edge. Do you get same issue after 2 years and half ? What can I do ? I’m out of warranty for Genius Bar.
  2. N

    iPad Pro Universal Control does not work when external monitor is connected

    Hi everyone, I have a MBA M1 which connects to the 1st monitor, and the iPad Pro 11 M2 connects to the 2nd monitor, one set of Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, no matter whatever I do, the Universal Control is not working at all, however works flawlessly as soon as I disconnect iPad from the 2nd...
  3. A

    Help with pencil storage

    Hi everybody! I recently bought my first ipad (Ipad Pro 11in 4th gen) I purchased the 2nd gen pencil and the Apple smart folio. I am having problems with the pencil getting knocked off its spot on the side. Is there a solution for this? A better case maybe? I like the smart folio a lot, but it...
  4. I

    iPad Pro iPad Pro wifi connectivity issues

    iPad Pro wifi connection constantly lost Received new ips prep 11 inch Dec.2022. Immediately noticed problems with getting or maintaining connection - often wifi would kick out in the middle of something. Make a long story short..did everything from dealing with internet provider (absolutely...
  5. phillytim

    iPad Pro New iPad Pro 11" M2 owner: first-world struggles lol

    Just picked up a like-new open box 11" 2022 iPad Pro over the weekend, at 256GB storage for the price of a 128GB - so a decent deal. I graduated from just over four happy years with an iPad 6, and an original iPad Air for 5 years prior to that. Frankly, I'm struggling for real use cases for my...
  6. T

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11" 4th gen GNSS

    Which GNSS systems does iPad Pro 11" 4th gen support? GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS? Is it dual frequency GPS? Apple documentation only says GNSS. Generally the GNSS reception seems much better compared to the 1st gen 11" iPad Pro (2018 model).
  7. R

    iPad Pro Ipad pro 11 with external display

    I currently have two ipad pro 11 in our family and want to be able to connect to an external monitor for multitasking and larger screens. I connect my ipad pro 11 M1 version and it seems it display apps independently between my ipad and the external monitor, although there seems to be only one...
  8. B

    iPad Pro Auto wake and black screen on Ipad

    Hi guys, I have a ESR protector case on my Ipad Pro M2 and just a few minutes ago I noticed that when I flipped the lid up, which normally wakes the Ipad, the screen stayed black and was unresponsive to touch. I then didn’t press the power button, I just laid the lid back down and opened it...
  9. RogerWilco

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2022 USB-C less capable than 2017 iPad Pro w/Lightning

    For years I used Apple’s lightning AV dock adapter to stream YouTube content via a HDMI cable from a 2017 iPad Pro. The setup worked fine and I could stream video content full screen over HDMI while using other apps. Using the iPad solo, I could multitask and still have the YouTube content play...
  10. Marsikus

    iPad Pro What is better to do with water-damaged iPad Pro

    My wife has iPad Pro 11” 64GB 2018 model with recent liquid damage done by drinking water. Apple’s repair price is about 2/3 of the new device (they actually change all internals and that’s it), so I just bought a similar new iPad Pro for her. And now I have a toy to play with :D So, damaged...
  11. pcmike

    All iPads iPad Pro 11” 4th gen 128G or iPad Air 5th gen 256G?

    Trying to decide which is best to get as essentially first time iPad owner who will mostly just use the iPad for Netflix and casual web browsing when traveling (on plane and in hotel room). As far as I can tell it comes down to the Pro having an M2, ultra wide camera, 4 speakers, LiDAR, usb 4...
  12. N

    iPad Pro Why can’t ipad camera software use portrait mode?

    As title states, I figured it’s worth a try to inquire here if any knowledgable MR folks know why I can use Portrait mode with my older and much crummier camera iphone SE 2020, but I can’t do the same using the better camera(s) on my iPad Pro 2021? Thanks in advance! And to clarify, when I say...
  13. J

    All iPads Disgusting £100 price increase on iPad Air, and it has no hardware updates!🤬

    Disgusting £100 Price Hike on iPad Air today 18th October 2022! 🤬 but with no updates!!! I'm done with Apple. Before the online store closed it was £569. Now it's £669!!! How can Apple justify this price hike on the iPad Air? when it hasn't even received any updates today! There’s also been...
  14. D

    All iPads Magnetic iPad Stand and Magnetic Case Cover

    So I have an iPad Pro that I keep in a folio case, and I hate taking it out. The cover has magnets so I can put it on something like my fridge, and my iPad will stick to it without a problem. I’d like to get a magnetic iPad stand from Amazon, to attach my iPad to, but I don’t know if I can...
  15. appleshopify

    iPad Pro What are the chances that iPad Pro (11 inch) 2022 has the exact same design?

    I am aware that iPad Pro 11 from 2018 to 2021 all share the same exterior design. In other words, cases and screen protector works for all of those models. I have many iPad Pro 11-inch accessories, but unfortunately, I returned the iPad due to hardware issues. With all the accessories for the...
  16. B

    iPad mini iPad Mini 6 vs iPad Pro 11 for media consumption [Youtube & Netlifx]

    Hey, which is the best device for media consumption, for mostly Youtube and Netflix content? I m usually an iPad Mini user but iPad Pro has Pro Motion, bigger display, M1 chip [longer support] Maybe it helps for media consumption? Any thoughts? Thanks
  17. ZircoBen

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11" (2018) Bright Spot on Display? Will it get worse?

    I bought an iPad Pro 11" on the cheap on eBay, and it came with a big dent on the back and a bright spot on the display. I got it for such a good price ($250) that I'm willing to accept these tradeoffs. Attached are photos of these two defects. However, I'm curious if anyone has seen these...
  18. TopGuy1104

    All iPads Any chance if i wanna take my iPad to me to a sports stadium with strict policies, would any one of these two these cases be fine?

    I would like to find out if I can take my iPad to a sports stadium with any of these two cases I have which i attached onto here. These cases can carry any of my belonging, my phone, wallet, etc and i’d like to have this type of case for traveling. Would it work out or not?
  19. B

    iPad Pro 11 2021 Cases?

    Has anyone else wondered why it is taking so long for Nomad and Pitaka to come out with an iPad Pro 11 2021 case? Been watching their sites now since mid last year. Finally figured I’d just order a dbrand skin as I cant stand folio cases. Sigh.
  20. septianrishal

    iPad Pro Got an unusual Apple Sticker (scratched)

    Today I bought an ipad pro m1, maybe if discussing the device is not special. But the funny thing is, I got a broken apple sticker, like it was scratched by a sharp object. I've bought Apple devices several times, but this incident taught me a lesson that no matter what brand, mistakes will...