ipad pro 12.9

  1. B

    All iPads iPad mini 6: Who is downsizing and why?

    As the title states. With the release of the new iPad mini 6, who has decided to downsize, from what iPad are you downsizing from, and why?
  2. MetalMatt24

    iPad Pro My First iPad Pro> Buyers Guilt?

    So I just got an iPad Pro M1 12.9". I got the 11" and returned it for the 12.9" Now that I have it I start thinking? did I really need this or did I just want it? I'm in no way an artist or a "creator" but do occasionally color with colored pencils and would like to get into the world of doing...
  3. S

    Smart Keyboard Folio VS Smart Keyboard

    Hi there, I'd really appreciate your insight and experience using the Smart Keyboard Folio. For my older iPad Pro devices, I used Smart Keyboards. Both of them experienced connectivity issues a year later. They were treated kindly and only used at my desk, library, and classroom — however...
  4. P

    Never Thought I’d See the Day where I Choose a White Keyboard Over a Black One because I Want it to Remain Clean

    Had the black magic keyboard for the new 12.9. I washed my hands every single time before i used it because I wasn’t sure about the Magic Keyboard in general (no fold-over angle for drawing/writing and no edge protection) And I was thinking I might send it back. It seemed like every single dead...
  5. K

    Keep 2018 mini or get MBP

    Hi all, I have a 2018(2020?) Intel Mac Mini i5 with 32gb ram. It does everything I need, and hardly ever hangs. If it does it’s usually the app itself that hangs. It’s been a fine setup since I’ve been working from home since I purchased it. However, with things calming down in my country...
  6. J

    iPad Pro Will iPad Pro get improved monitor support in iOS 15?

    Will iPad Pro get improved monitor support in iOS 15? Maybe they will surprise us in the fall? I’m a teacher and this feature would help me out so much to hook up my iPad to my smart board to present to my class. I tried taking an Apple TV to school, but I was not allowed to connect it to the...
  7. psycoperl

    Does the $300 iPadPro "Magic" Keyboard Case that allow use of pencil and handheld usage

    I recently purchased the new iPad Pro 12.9 with the Apple Pencil and "Magic Keyboard" case. I am noticing a few things: I am unable to really change the angle that the iPad is displayed at, which may be an issue when I try to use it while standing at a counter and sitting at a desk. While in...
  8. L

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 2021 M1 order still processing in UK despite 21-27 May delivery? Anybody else?

    I ordered a 12.9 256GB Pro and got confirmation of order within 5mins. Im seeing lots of people having theirs shipped but mine (I'm assuming I'm in the first batch) still processing! I spoke to apple and they said its normal for different orders to process at different time but I'm still worried...
  9. J

    iPad iPad Pro on its way!

    My 12.9 iPad Pro 1Tb is on its way! Ordered in the first 8 mins.
  10. haruhiko

    iPad Pro Should I upgrade from the 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch?

    So here it is, finally a totally new 11-inch iPad Pro. The 2020 one is not a true upgrade in many ways and no one who has the 2018 iPad Pro should upgrade to it. But now, the 11-incher is getting the mighty M1 chip, faster storage, much bigger RAM, etc. etc. BUT it doesn’t have the new mini-LED...
  11. S

    iPad Pro (Poll) Macbook Air or iPad Pro 12.9 for a student

    The only Windows applications I use is Chrome, Zoom, Teams, Office, Onedrive, iCloud. For entertainment, Netflix, Youtube, Twitch. Hearthstone is my guilty pleasure and only game I would play outside of PC. IMO it's insane MB Air and iPad Pro 12.9 cost almost the same, but you are getting much...
  12. jumpcutking

    iPad Pro Should I wait for the next iPad Pro or buy the current model?

    So... I’m looking to get an iPad Pro! Awesome... used one many times for work and it just elevated note taking, image editing... pretty much everything. I heard that the Apple gods may grace us with a release of an updated iPad Pro in March. The question is simple: should I wait? Is Apple...
  13. csadangi

    iPad Pro Ipad Pro 12.9” review

    I picked up my IPad pro 12.9” 512 GB from the Apple store yesterday. I have been using it since yesterday and would like to give a short review. - The screen is as good as a 13” MBP. It’s like having a second light laptop. - Perfect for business users who don’t want to carry their heavy laptop...
  14. Ivangf2

    Should I upgrade from SKF + magic trac

    Hello I own an iPad Pro 2018 12.9, I’ve got a SKF combined with a Magic Trackpad 2. Mostly i use the iPad as a tablet to give lessons in Microsoft temas and i use a lot the Apple Pencil. When i have to create homeworks, use excel, keynote or e-mail i use the SKF + MK. Sometimes i can’t...
  15. Z

    iPad Pro Some problems with iPad Pro 11” + Magic Keyboard

    Hello, I bought an iPad Pro 11“ + Magic Keyboard and the keyboard its a little bit uncomfortable for me, I always use the keyboard of the MBP and because this is smaller, the typing experience is not as good as I though. I dont know if I need a few days to get used to the Keyboard... Anyone has...
  16. kp98077

    iPad Pro New iPad Pro 12.9” with Magic Keyboard too Large and awkward?

    I received my new iPad Pro 12.9 a few days ago and then yesterday, my magic keyboard (apple) which actually works just great! However, sitting with the iPad and keyboard has been challenging, and it is a bit heavier and larger than I imagined. Anyone lease having this experience or thinking...
  17. W

    iPad Pro What is everyone’s experience with a refurbished iPad Pro

    So i‘m debating whether to buy a refurb 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 256GB or 11 inch 2020 iPad Pro 128GB but I’m unsure cause of I have never bought refurbished from Apple
  18. B

    iPad Is there any way to fix this screen issue?

    I was carrying around my iPad in my backpack several weeks ago and when I pulled it out, the smudges (pictured) were left there. I assume I must have done something when I was carrying it around. Is this fixable? I don’t have apple care. I was planning on getting the new iPad and using this...
  19. J

    iPad IPAD Pro 13.1.2 External SSD Drive Problem

    I have a Scandisk Extreme 1tb external HD. I’ve bought the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. I‘ve tried using with external power and without. I can‘t my iPad to see the drive. Any suggestions?
  20. P

    iPad Pro Fell Back in Love with my 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9, and what are your Favorite Use-Cases?

    Hey all, Just a positive post. I was a freshman in college when the first iPad came out. Grabbed it and was amazed at the technology and the potential that, one day, somebody might be able to use a device like this as a primary device in school. Fast forward a few years later, and I’m working...