ipad pro 12.9

  1. kp98077

    iPad Pro New iPad Pro 12.9” with Magic Keyboard too Large and awkward?

    I received my new iPad Pro 12.9 a few days ago and then yesterday, my magic keyboard (apple) which actually works just great! However, sitting with the iPad and keyboard has been challenging, and it is a bit heavier and larger than I imagined. Anyone lease having this experience or thinking...
  2. W

    iPad Pro What is everyone’s experience with a refurbished iPad Pro

    So i‘m debating whether to buy a refurb 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 256GB or 11 inch 2020 iPad Pro 128GB but I’m unsure cause of I have never bought refurbished from Apple
  3. B

    iPad Is there any way to fix this screen issue?

    I was carrying around my iPad in my backpack several weeks ago and when I pulled it out, the smudges (pictured) were left there. I assume I must have done something when I was carrying it around. Is this fixable? I don’t have apple care. I was planning on getting the new iPad and using this...
  4. J

    iPad IPAD Pro 13.1.2 External SSD Drive Problem

    I have a Scandisk Extreme 1tb external HD. I’ve bought the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter. I‘ve tried using with external power and without. I can‘t my iPad to see the drive. Any suggestions?
  5. P

    iPad Pro Fell Back in Love with my 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9, and what are your Favorite Use-Cases?

    Hey all, Just a positive post. I was a freshman in college when the first iPad came out. Grabbed it and was amazed at the technology and the potential that, one day, somebody might be able to use a device like this as a primary device in school. Fast forward a few years later, and I’m working...
  6. S

    iPad Hey Apple - Make ‘Em Tougher

    Why can’t Apple put that creativity into tougher iPads? We are human. We drop things. Cases help, but there will be those times they are out of the case. Expensive iPads should be built to survive a fall from table height without a cracked screen or warped outcome. It should not have to be...
  7. areskins

    Selling my ipad pro 12.9 for a macbook

    Hi guys really considering selling my ipad pro 12.9 2nd gen for a macbook/pro/air. The microsoft word in IOS/ipad OS really is limited. I tried my best sticking with the ipad because the only thing I do is read PDFs and use Microsoft Word. With that said are the 2016/2017 macbook/macbook pros...
  8. areskins

    iPad Pro Im so sad right now. Might sell my ipad pro 12.9 inch

    2 years ago I bought the 2nd gen 12.9 inch ipad pro. I love that tablet so much! Back then when I was still in med school I decided to go with just an ipad with no laptop. It was doable and I can do all my paperworks which just consists of mostly MS Word files and PDF files. Now that I’m a...
  9. chfilm

    iPad Pro Is it bad to have iPP plugged in all the time?

    Hi, Was just wondering since I use my iPP as my primary email client at work, is it a problem to have it plugged into power all the time when I‘m using it, so the screen can always stay on? Will this degrade battery life and it would be better to discharge and recharge it over night?
  10. legionsunited

    iPad Pro Would you recommend getting Used and Out of Warranty iPad Pro (2nd Generation) 12.9 inch model?

    Hello, I've been getting an used iPad Pro 12.9 Wifi only 64GB OUT OF WARRANTY (2nd Generation 2017 model) at $563 in India from a local laptop repair shop who also sells used Macbook, iPhone and iPad. The shop has 4.8 rating on google reviews and like 150 reviews. The shop and owner is legit...
  11. ascender

    iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) Black Screen & Restarts

    Over the last few days my iOS has started freezing and restarting about once a day. First time the screen froze on and after a random amount of time it rebooted. No button combinations would let me unfreeze the screen and power it off manually. Today, I pushed the main button to put the screen...
  12. Superrenz

    iPad Pro Flickering letters bright on dark

    Maybe you can help me. I Have a new IPad Pro 2018 12.9 which is working fine. But sometimes when I have bright text on dark background and I scroll up or down, the letters start to flicker shortly before the movement stops f.e. in Nightmode on IBooks. Otherwise everything is fine with graphics...
  13. R

    Resolved iPad Pro 2018 - How to wake without pressing power

    On the older iPad they had the home button to press to wake the tablet from sleep as an alternative from pressing the power button on top. How do you do this now without the home button without having to press the power button at the top every time?
  14. redneckitengineer

    iPad Pro I bought a 2018 1TB w/cell, taking it back..here’s why.

    Well, this is an interesting post to write. Maybe I can help others in their final decision to upgrade their iPad or not. I currently have the 2017 iPad Pro, in 256gb with cellular. It’s been my only “PC” for about 8 months now. I did significant research prior to purchasing that one to ensure...
  15. P

    New iPad Pro Disconnecting from iTunes when asleep

    My new iPad Pro using the USB-C connector to iTunes/Macbook Pro loses its connection to iTunes when it falls to sleep. In order to transfer files I need to keep the iPad awake in order for it to stay recognized in the iTunes app. My iPhone and previous iPad, via diamond to USB connector stayed...
  16. S

    iPad Pro charging external devices?

    Has any had an experience on the New iPad Pro charging other devices. How quickly is it draining the pro's battery. Is it worth it?
  17. Greatniss

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil 2nd Gen VZW

    Did anyone else order an Apple Pencil 2nd Gen from Verizon?
  18. SportsPhan8

    iPad Pro Any idea on when Apple is improving the battery life issues?

    Mine, I’m sure like many others does, drains so fast, it’s ridiculous — and has been doing so for several months now. It seems worse recently. It’s inconsistent, too. It’ll go from 20% to 21%, back to 20%, etc. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and experiences. I realize with updates...
  19. F

    iPad mini Ipad Pro 12.9 Inch vs iPad Mini Sales numbers

    Is the iPad pro really that next best thing apple has done? Are there any sale-numbers in perspective iPad Pro (12.9) to the iPad mini; since the mini is getting no love from apple anymore. I work at a cafe place in the southern part of germany, where I see Apple devices on a day to day basis...
  20. cansuds

    iPad Pro When does iPad Pro 2018 come out?

    When does IPad Pro come out? Any guesses? and price estimates, please.;)