ipad pro 2

  1. ninaco

    iPad Pro 2 Screen Goes Unresponsive

    I have the iPad Pro 2. Lately, I’ve been having an issue where the screen goes unresponsive. When I try to scroll or click on something, nothing happens. It’s an intermittent issue. Most of the time, the iPad responds as expected. It’s extremely frustrating. Heck, even powering down...
  2. ariehendrikse

    Next gen iPad X mockup

    Quick poor quality mockup of an iPhone X style iPad, with true depth camera system. Maybe someone can do a better one.https://imgur.com/a/2zLoH
  3. B

    How much will I lose out if I buy an iPad Pro 9.7 now instead of waiting for the next one?

    I really want one for digital drawing and photo editing but after looking at all of these rumours I don't know what to do. Should I buy a current 9.7 or wait until the new one comes out? I obviously want the latest and greatest one and I don't want to be gimping myself in a gadget I'm hopefully...
  4. Mathias Denichi

    iPad Pro What would you want in the next version of the Smart Keyboard?

    The Smart Keyboard is nice, but could use some major improvements. Here is what I would like: Thinner profile when closed, not a big fan of the keyboard lump on one side. More angles for the iPad when typing. Better magnetic sticking when in tablet mode, similar to the Smart Cover snapping to...
  5. A

    Should Apple bring back the physical rotation lock?

    I never used it for sound, but it was extremely useful for rotation lock. One argument for the removal is that there is no space, but this could be fixed by using the iPhone style switch. Another argument is that it doesn't matter because it can be done in software. But this method is much...
  6. Mathias Denichi

    iPad Pro Will you upgrade from iPad Pro to iPad Pro 2?

    I bought the iPad Pro on day one. While I love device, it doesn't necessarily meet all of my requirements to replace my Macbook; but it is coming close with the new file system and icloud. Now that there is a new faster processor, they will introduce the iPad Pro 2 soon. However, iOS 10 barely...