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iphone 10

  1. J

    Airpod pro connection issues with Macbook and iPhone

    Hi all I'm having connection issues with my airpods and I was wondering if anyone else here has had similar issues, and knows how to fix it. I use my airpods with my Macbook and iphone and the issue is mainly to do with connection to my macbook, the problem is as follows: 1. Watching something...
  2. M

    Missing app updates in App Store account section

    Hello, The App Updates section found under your account in the App Store has disappeared on my iPhone XS. This first occurred earlier today. I have tried logging out of my Apple/iCloud account to see if this would fix the issue, but it has not. My iPad that is connected to the same account and...
  3. M

    Text message that is received is different to what I sent.

    Ive been having a really weird issue with texts on my iPhone XS. I was texting a friend and the message that they received was different to what I sent. the first half of the text was normal but then at the end it changed. It looks like a conversation we were having a few nights earlier so I...
  4. A

    iPhone X - Apple Logo Boot Issue - STORAGE FULL

    Hey everyone, This morning I woke up to my iPhone X stuck in reboot mode (Black Screen & Apple Logo). I was just on a long trip and accumulated tons of media which is why my storage is completely full. I am desperately trying to figure out how I can fix this WITHOUT performing a factory reset...
  5. StylinGirl

    iPhone X iPhone X camera quality degraded after update

    Anyone else notice a degraded quality to photos after updating to iOS 13? Lens struggles to focus and everything is less sharp.
  6. L

    iPhone X iPhone X boot loop after (slight) water damage

    On vacation I accidentally fell into the sea with my iPhone X. It was just for a brief 20 seconds until I got out of the water. The iPhone continued working for a long period, but I noticed that my Face ID was currently unavailable. Later that evening, my iPhone died and I wanted to charge it...
  7. C

    iPhone Losing cellular reception

    Since I’ve upgraded to iOS13 beta release 5 and 6, my iPhone X loses cellular connectivity at random times. Connectivity does not return unless I put the phone in and out of airplane mode. I’ve tried changing the SIM, resetting the phone and resetting network settings- none of these solutions...
  8. A

    iPhone X iPhone’s IMEI is linked to previous owner

    I bought a new iPhone X last week, only to find out a few days later that it was locked to Bell, despite what the seller had told me. I called Bell and they said that the phone’s IMEI is linked to an active account and I cannot get it unlocked without the original buyer’s permission. I have...
  9. HappyDude20

    Sticker to Cover Front Facing Face ID Camera due to Privacy Concerns?

    i have attached a photograph of these little adhesive stickers that are for sale for iPhone 8 and older iPhones that cover the front facing camera. I am wondering if any kind of sticker is available for sale for the iPhoneX, iPhone XS/Max and iPhone XR. I don’t plan on using the Face ID...
  10. kimhourly

    iPhone X iphone X ios 12.1.4 (Display Touch issue )

    My iPhone X version of ios 12.1.4 have trouble touching, sometime automatic screen touch screen act itself opening apps and popup without my finger touch, after reboot or lock the screen it's start working normal again but sometime it's happen again .iPhone does not drop or anything, so what why...
  11. stuartsippel

    iPhone X Apple refurbished iPhone X

    I noticed Apple recently started offering the iPhone X refurbished... I plan to pick one up, but probably not until late March or Early April. Will it still be available at that point? I wasn't to clear on how long these offers usually last so I'm hoping it doesn't go away in a month...
  12. Exxhara

    What are your thoughts on the latest leak of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10!

    @Everythingapplepro guy just posted a sick render of the Samsung Galaxy S10 based on latest leaks! What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes? My boyfriend and I were having a heated discussion about the future of Apple based on the latest leaks from Samsung. I have all Apple products and...
  13. F

    Apple stopped selling iPhone X cases

    I can't figure this out. Apple stopped selling iPhone X cases on (I think also in store). This applies to silicone, leather and wallet type cases. The iPhone XS cases don't fit perfectly due to the slight camera module differences (despite the same phone dimensions overall). I wonder...
  14. R

    iPhone X How much space does itunes hdr movies take on iphone x?

    Im an iphone8 user, and Hdr movies take under 2GB space on iphone8 when downloaded. Some guy said he got 8GB space for a hdr movie on ipad pro. So, I wanna know whether hdr are movies have their own 'resolution' for each device or there are only two types of hdr movies, 1080p and 720p when...
  15. HappyDude20

    iPhone 7(+) Best CarPlay Aftermarket Stereo? HELP ME SAVE $10K

    Hello all, So I saw and fell in love with the new 2019 Nissan Altima. Admittedly the main reason was the gorgeous new CarPlay screen that I think also supports Android. But man do I like this CarPlay system. Unfortunately the Altima will sell for $24,000 and I would much rather purchase a used...
  16. ShyDrA

    iPhone X iPhone X Battery Life

    Hello everybody, my X turned 11 months today and atm. I have 86% of battery capacity. Strangely enough, I've always charged my phone between 20 and 80% and never left it charging over night. For almost a year I'm constantly using a AmazonBasics lightning cable and less common out of the box...
  17. Alexrat1996

    iPhone X Zagg iPhone xs max order ?

    Did you people order Zagg glass for your iPhone xs max has yours shipped yet ? I ordered one but getting At&t store to install it.
  18. T

    iPhone X iPhone Xs and Xs Max screens brighter?

    Anyone know if Apple made any changes to the screens of the Xs and Xs Max over the X from last year? Are they brighter?
  19. michial

    iPhone X IUP Phone Options

    Curious if you can only choose the Xs and Xr if you’re on the IUP. I have an 8 and was looking into getting the Product Red 8 Plus to see if it’s even an option. Looks like you can only get the two new phones. I assumed the IUP means upgrading to a “new” phone not a more expensive one.
  20. Alexrat1996

    iPhone X iPhone X preorder issue

    I completed the preorder. When I did the pre approval process it said I would be charged for shipping fees and taxes. Now I see I was charged via the credit card on my iTunes account ? Is that normal that’s not the one on my citzen loan.