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iphone 10s

  1. RealtorRob

    iPhone disabled

    Hello, 10s is disabled and USB locked. The physical buttons work, but I can not turn the phone off or enter recovery mode. Assistive touch is turned on and I think because assistive is turned on the physical buttons are ignored. any ideas? thanks
  2. Racineur

    iPhone XS XS and XR for same price. What to do?

    Hello to you all. My provider ion Canada has brand new iPhone XS and iPhone XR 64g for 20$ (22,98 with taxes) for a 2 years contract. That would be 552 $ CDN at the end of the contract. Much less that those used I was looking for. Here, XS 64g is between 675$ and even (stupid I know) 1000$. XR...
  3. E

    iCloud backup and videos missing on new iphoneXs

    Afternoon, first time post so please be gentle. I'm currently in a glass case of emotion at the minute with everything iCloud... I purchased the iPhone Xs on launch day and everything worked great. Restored from iCloud (50GB) and everything from my iPhone 7 pulled through great. No problems at...
  4. P

    Receiving delayed notifications

    I have a feeling this might be a connectivity issue with the area I am in, but was curious if anyone else has experienced something like this. What happened the other day was my phone lit up and I got notifications from all sorts of apps all at once. However, the notifications said that the...
  5. P

    Last Erase/Restore Date From Before Owning The Phone

    Hello So I recently switched over from Android to Apple, and through my carrier, upgraded my phone to an iPhone XS. So far the phone has been great, but there are a couple of things that I wasn't sure if they were bugs or maybe I was just not familiar with iOS. So I took it to the Genius Bar...
  6. P

    Missed first message in iMessage group

    This issue possibly only happens to people switching from Android to iPhone, or it might have just happened to me. I will try to be as detailed as possible. So I noticed today that I was included in a group iMessage between myself and two other friends who also own iPhones. However, the very...
  7. P

    Badge icons randomly not working for Snapchat

    Has anyone else had this happen to them? I am using the iPhone XS, and noticed that occasionally I will get a Snapchat notification, but the badge icon on the app itself won't show up. Edit: Reinstalling the app seems to have fixed it
  8. odog451

    Defective iPhone XS Screen: Thoughts on this?

    I’m not sure defective would be the word to describe this but essentially, I purchased an iPhone XS 256GB from AT&T and I believe that something might be wrong with the quality, placement, or something else with the glass on the front screen. I keep getting progressively worse cracks on it and...
  9. Doc69

    iPhone Xs case that can be easily taken on and off?

    Can anyone recommend a protective case for an iPhone Xs that can easily be put on and taken off again? I'm normally using my iPhone naked, but I want to put a case on when I go for a run. But most cases seem quite hard to remove, and not something you would want to do several times per week.
  10. R

    Pairing / Backup issue new iPhone

    Hi Guys, I recently got a new iPhone (Xs) and wanted to pair my Apple Watch (Series 3 LTE) with it. Therefore I made a backup from my old iPhone (7) as usual. After unpairing the Watch with the iPhone 7 and wanted to restore the Watch from the backup, however, it Shows me only backups from...
  11. Kyle023

    iPhone XR All of Iphone X, XS, XR, XS max have a multitouch issue

    Hello. I'm an user of Iphone XR in South Korea. Recently I found that all of Iphone series from Iphone 6s to XS max have an error on its touch screen. This touch error appears especially when you use software keyboard. While you keep touching middle line in the keyboard such as "ASDFGHJKL"...
  12. cookiesnfooty

    iPhone XS Max Sadly my iPhone Xs Max was a dud

    I upgrade every year, I read threads of people having issues and have always been thankful of the device I had until now. I received the Xs Max 512GB on release day and was happy with it for a while and all seemed okay. Until I wanted to put a screen protector on it, when using the wet wipe it...
  13. O

    Other Not smooth, Apple! Let's try asking Apple to add detail to iPhone XS photos

    Let's try asking Apple to add detail to iPhone XS photos. It's not just the front camera, the back camera smoothes EVERYTHING. The fix is just a software update away. Sign the petition: