iPhone XS Max Sadly my iPhone Xs Max was a dud

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cookiesnfooty, Nov 4, 2018.

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    I upgrade every year, I read threads of people having issues and have always been thankful of the device I had until now.

    I received the Xs Max 512GB on release day and was happy with it for a while and all seemed okay.

    Until I wanted to put a screen protector on it, when using the wet wipe it highlighted that my phone screen had areas where there was no oleophobic coating. There were several spots where it showed circular marks when wet and scratches were showing in these areas.

    I was upset but when I called Apple they said it was cosmetic and no way of proving it was like that on receipt. I knew this would upset me seeing scratches for the next year.

    Next I was gifted an out to be able to replace the screen, I was recording a video of my daughter opening a present and the sound was going in and out and suddenly the handset locked up.

    Example Video:

    I called Apple again and was advised to book an Appointment, I'm impatient so I decided to do a walk-in early at the Apple store.

    After an hour (love the way they alert you so you can go shopping still and they text you when it is nearly your turn) they ran diagnostics and it failed on the sound.

    Apple advised they would have to change the front of the phone including mic and display as it was faulty.

    I'm happy the display looks new, my only annoyance is when cleaning the phone I saw some of the gold colour had come away after taking it to Apple but I never saw it before despite cleaning often.

    I am not sure if it was like that or not but last night my first reaction was to blame them but I haven't yet.

    Still a bit shocked I had such a dud
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    It’s unfortunate, but duds do happen.
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    Last quarter, roughly 46 million iPhones were sold. We don't know how many of your model was sold, but certainly millions and millions and millions.

    That's a lot of gizmos to manufacture. Certainly there's gunna be a fair amount of duds. They're literally stamping these things out as fast as possible.
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    This is fair. Apple manufactures 400,000-600,000 iPhones almost on a daily basis, and you could almost guarantee that in the mass plethora of iPhones, will have at least one defective unit in some form or another. It’s the nature of anything mass produced.

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