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iphone 4

  1. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Apple stops signing IOS 6 for the iPhone 4S

    This is to reflect my previous thread that you can find Here. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet lately about IOS 6 no longer being signed for iPhone 4S, and most of it is negative. I am really hopeful that Apple will regret this decision, because it caused me a lot of trouble (lost...
  2. ezoolander33

    Best way to load custom Ipsw??

    Hello I recently bought a iPhone 4 from eBay for cheap and was informed it was icloud locked and like the idiot I am decided to take that on as a challenge to see if I could restore full or most of the usage back to it I don't really care about cell service but it would be a plus to have the...
  3. T

    iPhone Jailbreak questions

    Hiya, I have an iPhone 4 that is my Main iPhone I have a few questions about jailbreak:: Is it possible to restore iPhone via iTunes, then restore the backup if I did OTA? Would that make it non-OTA? If not, are there package managers apart from Cydia that DO support OTA? PanGu won't...
  4. S

    Original Plastic Screen Protectors

    Yo, I’m looking to find an eBay link or something where I can buy those original screen and back protectors that come on iPhones. Looking to further legitamise my collection lol Thanks
  5. N

    Will a cable fixed by me charge iPhone worse than a new cable?

    I got two iPhone cables which stopped charging my iPhones. The first is still on warranty. It’s being repaired by an Apple authorized repair shop. The second’s warranty period got expired. Should I buy new cables? I’ve got two factors for you to consider: Does a repaired cord charge the...
  6. D

    iPhone 5 or earlier Advice on selling faulty iPhones

    Hello MacRumors, this is my first time here, so please don't be harsh.:) I have 3 (!) vintage iPhones that have various faults. All of which are activation and network unlocked, 16GB, black, and I have the original box for all 3: 1: iPhone 3GS A1303, cannot read SIM card (probably could be...
  7. iRutherford

    Other Should Apple consider using frosted glass and unpolished stainless steel in a future iPhone?

    Frosted glass provides all the benefits of normal glass, except gloss. This means that it is more resistant to scratches and does not collect fingerprints and smudges. Here's what it looks like (Sony Xperia Z5): One disadvantage is that the colors look a little dull, but I'm willing to...
  8. Nercos85

    iPhone 7(+) iCloud to iCloud drive data...?

    Hey guys! Lately, I'm struggling with migrating my info from my iPhone 4, my current phone (yes, 2010 FTW...), to my 7+, that is my new one. With all the photos and videos I haven't had trouble since I connected the old phone to the PC and downloaded them in a moment. I also have other apps in...
  9. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Use iCloud to free space temporarily

    Hi guys, I have an iPhone 4 with 32 GB and just received my new 7+. I want to only transfer Whatsapp to the new phone, and leave all the photos, videos, voice notes and all other stuff in the 4 because it still works. Can I transfer some big videos to iCloud for a moment so I can do a Whatsapp...
  10. iPhoneAndTechReviews

    iPhone 5 or earlier Who is still using an iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S?

    I am now using the iPhone X 256GB Black, but I am curious who is still using the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S? I upgraded to iPhone X on release date from the iPhone 8 Plus, and I am curious who is still using an outdated phone as only 1.5% use the older devices combined. About 7% use just the...
  11. L

    Iphone has loading bar under apple logo when i turn it on?

    I was recently turning on my old iphone 4 and it randomly shut off.. stayed on the little loading circle for about 5 minutes until i force shut it off... then when i went back to turn it on it had the apple logo with a loading bar underneath? I force shut it off again before the bar finished...
  12. A

    Other Iphone 4 shut itself off randomly?

    I brang out my old iphone 4s from middle school to transfer some files out from it, and stuff...connected to the internet and went about using it, i was using imessage to send things from that phone to another iphone. Back then when i got it, it was a refurbished phone and throughout the time i...
  13. A

    Other What would cause a burning smell everytime i charge my old iphone 4?

    I posted a similar question before, but i wanted to make this one a little more broad and to the point. I have an old iphone 4 (not a current phone being used just a phone i use for pictures and stuff ) But i noticed a burn plasticy smell the other day that happens only while it was charging...
  14. A

    Iphone 4 smells like burning plastic when charging?.....

    Hey guys, (sorry if this is long but i really need to figure this out) so i have an old iphone 4 that has very important info... that i charge up every now and then to get photos from etc... The other day i was charging the phone and got a burn plasticy like smell.. (sorta but not exactly the...
  15. VincentG

    Problem with transfers data from old iPhone

    Hi, Trying to transfer data from an iPhone 4 to a 6, for a friend. The problem, not all data transferred. Some agenda items and some contacts from what I can see. Made a backup on my Mac, then restore on new iPhone. For the agenda I strongly believe that some are not with link to the main...
  16. T

    update iphone 4, keep jailbreak?

    hello community , id like to know, how may i update my iphone 4 to the latest supported ios without losing my jailbreak capabilities im a graphic designer, and the jailbroken iphone i have lets me practice custom themes and offer the service of custom themes to jailbroken phones . thanks in...
  17. seitsme

    Q&A Tethered vs untethered

    hello, I frequently see the terms tethered and untethered on jailbreak websites. I will try to jailbreak my iphone4 ios 7x to ios 8x and not sure what these terms mean and do to the phone. thanks
  18. Duckyduckbumps

    iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2: won't sync with iTunes 11.4

    Hello, My dad is trying to sync his iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 with iTunes 11.4 on the Mac, which is running Snow Leopard. These are the latest versions of software available. The sync button on iTunes is grayed out. I couldn't seem to find out if these versions of iOS and iTunes are compatible...
  19. J

    force itunes tu use ipsw file

    hi so i have a iphone 4 that i use to test random stuff and i want to install IOS 8 ya i have read it is a no can do but i dont care if i brick it so can i force itunes to use the ipsw file for the iphone 4s? or can i edit the Iphone 4s ipsw file so it thinks it's for a iphone 4? Thanks
  20. L

    Reboot loop after updating cydia tweaks

    Hey people i REALLY need your help!! I'm running an iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 (yes, I really still use it, or at least did until now) and today I let Cydia update about 30 tweaks i hadn't updated in quite a while. Everthing went well and it seemed like it would finish any moment. I looked away for...