iphone 6 plus

  1. Monkeyspit

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Touch-Disease on my 6+. Means to RC it from iMac?

    My iPhone 6+ has developed touch disease, and the screen just become senile/unreadable. Is there a way to remote control it from my iMac? This is a temporary measure until I can get it fixed or replace it. I'm aware of a pseudo-means through Preferences/Accessibility, but either I don't...
  2. Mountaineer304

    iPod Should I buy a Ipod 6th Gen or a older Iphone model specifically for music,GPS and videos for my car

    Hey there so the question is should I buy a ipod touch 6th generation or should I buy a nice used iphone 6 plus or 7 plus?? My wife and I currently both have Iphone Xs Max's, Apple iwatch series 4's, Two Macbooks and a new generation ipad, top that off with Apple TV and bam the house is wired...
  3. cserba

    iPhone XR Swap whole content of two iPhones

    Hi all. I would like to get some good ideas, in my problem. How can I swap whole content between two devices? I have an iPhone Xr 64GB and an iPhone 6 Plus 64GB. On both of my phone I use the same apple ID, only that I separate apps on them, phone contacts, pictures, mail accounts, etc. The...
  4. H

    iPhone 6 Plus Charging Issue After Battery Replacement

    My battery was draining incredibly fast so I replaced it with an aftermarket battery kit from amazon, following a youtube video. However, with the replacement battery, I could not turn on the phone, so I switched it back to the original battery. After closing up the phone, I can't charge the...
  5. lkxag

    Problems after IPhone 6 Plus screen replacement

    Ok so here's some history on my phone. (sorry if its too much to read i thought i should give as much info as i can so find the best help) i got a iPhone from a friend its a iphone 6 plus and the screen was broken, i bought a new screen and replaced it with no problems, it worked fine for almost...
  6. S

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Vertical Grey Lines Appearing on Screen

    Hi All, Just looking for some advice for next steps. I have an iphone 6 plus 64gb on ios 11.3.1. The phone itself is slow but useable. Over the weekend, I noticed some faint grey lines appearing vertically on the right hand side of the screen. Furthermore the screen would become unresponsive...
  7. HercHimself

    iPhone 6 plus screen coming off.

    I have an iPhone 6 plus which has its screen coming off for sometime now. The screen was replaced after I broke the original one a year ago. Now I have visited a few repair shops and have been told that the battery is fine. And the screen can either be glued back or replaced. Two of them have...
  8. G

    No notification when there is a new voicemail (iPhone 6+, Tracfone BYOP plan)

    Ever since I purchased my iPhone 6 Plus, I used T-Mobile as my service provider. Whenever I had a new voice message, the phone icon on my home screen would light up with a number to indicate how many voice messages I had. In addition, when opening the phone app, the Voicemail tab would also...
  9. bashman2020

    iOS 11.1.2 on iPhone 6 & 6Plus

    This is an overall review of how iPhone 6 & 6+ devices running on iOS 11.1.2 Steps to post in this thread -Give an overall account -State the battery life -State the speed and performance noted -State the bugs & lags noted if any -Make a screen recording of daily usage & experience...
  10. Tekzilla

    New Apple ID Question/Issue?

    Me and the wife have shared an Apple ID for the longest time but things are getting too cluttered and we want to get her her own Apple ID. How much will this mess with her current phone (iPhone 6 Plus)? Will she lose all her apps or data? Am I overthinking how much this could mess up her phone?
  11. PhillyGuy72

    11.0.3 update - Lost Volume control on IP6+

    I updated my old - now WiFi only iPhone 6 Plus to the 11.0.3 last night and now I have no volume on my phone! The Volume controls simply do not respond now. Even triggering the "Mute/Vibrate" back to on does nothing. If I press up and down on volume controls the volume display shows up but...
  12. S

    Airplay to Apple TV Completely Gone

    Hi, I used Airplay a lot to stream from my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air to my Apple TV (2nd Gen I guess, the one before you're able to install apps). Since I updated to iOS 11, my Apple TV doesn't appear in the list of neither the iPhone, nor the iPad anymore, only screen mirroring is still...
  13. T

    iPhone 7 plus 128gb vs iPhone 8 plus 256gb

    Given the current pricing. In your opinion is the 128gb iPhone 7 plus at $769 or the 256gb iPhone 8 plus at $949 the better buy. Which one gives more bang for your buck. Sure the iPhone 8 is supposed to be way more powerful but are you going to really notice that with everyday use? Will you...
  14. T

    iPhone 7 plus vs iPhone 8 plus. Which would you buy?

    with what was announced today. Would you rather buy a 7plus or an 8 plus. Given their storage, specs, and price. I'm not talking about the iPhone X here. I have a 6 plus 128 gb and looking to upgrade.
  15. PhillyGuy72

    iPhone 6 Plus battery - Sign of failing again

    UGH. Not sure if the timing is perfect or lousy. I had the battery in my iPhone 6 plus replaced in July 2015, and again Aug 2016, when I decided I wasn't going with the 7 I just said to myself. 'I hope it would last until at least the end of Sept 2017' I think I jinxed myself. I went to reply...
  16. Dariusz Sobiecki

    How to transfer images back on IPhone 6+ ?

    Hi Once, because of too little space, I had to transfer my images somewhere. Although I successfully transfered them to my Win10 notebook, I noticed that some image files had the attached files (AAE), presumably with edition info. After the transfer they were organised into packages 1,2,3...
  17. P

    iPhone 5S : upgrade to SE or to iPhone 6 Plus

    Hello everyone! I'm thinking of upgrading from my iPhone 5S this year but i'm really thrilled for two models for the moment : iPhone SE and iPhone 6 Plus! So I don't really know well which is the difference between iPhone 5S and SE and from what I've heard from my friends, the 6 Plus still holds...
  18. ruffiantoo

    Problem in iPhone 6 plus

    Dear gents , i have a problem with my iPhone 6 plus , i have changed the battery by myself since 4 days ago , and since this moment , there is a white point ( light ) appeared on the top of the screen , i did not touch the screen during changing the battery by the way . and when i press by my...
  19. Anneks

    Poll: What screen protector works best for your iPhone 6/7?

    Ever since Apple released an iPhone with curved edges (the iPhone 6) a lot of people have had problems finding the right screen protector, one of the main reasons is the problems that come with the curved edges of the screen: Standard glass screen protectors do not cover the curved edges...
  20. P

    Gold iPhone 6 plus: Headphones do not fit

    I have a 16gb golden iPhone 6 plus and according to the specs and information online, their exists a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Phone itself. However, no headphones matching that diameter actually fit or work. Not even the the 3.5mm apple ear-pods I have will fit. Its not stiff, clogged, funny...