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iphone 6s+

  1. sunkissed64

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Iphone 6S+ downloading files to my laptop with a Thunderbolt port

    I have an old Iphone, an Iphone 6S+ that I'd like to connect to my laptop that has Thunderbolt 3 (USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C) port. Is there a cable I can use with Lightning connector on one end to connect to my Iphone and a Thunderbolt connector on the other end to connect to my laptop? I know each...
  2. B

    Strange iPhone 6s+ Battery Behavior

    My wife and I were walking in the park today and her phone just shut off with 50%+ left. When we started it up it reported 20% and dropped like a brick (2% a minute) until I let her borrow my small Anker 3200 mAh charger - which rocket charged the phone (in a few minutes) to 39% and stayed there...
  3. R

    iPhone 6S+ clicking after vibrating

    Hello, forum My brother dropped his iPhone 6S+ from a very low height. No physical external damage but the vibration and taptic feedback has been acting up ever since. When receiving a call, a loud click sound is heard after every vibration (sort of like the force touch click sound). Same for...
  4. BradWould

    iPhone 6s+ slower wifi than iPhone 5

    I seem to be having an issue with wifi speeds on my iPhone 6s+ and I can't explain it. I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem or if you know why it would happen. Its absolutely maddening. Anyway, I have an iPhone 6s+ and my wife has my old hand-me-down iPhone 5. Sitting in the...
  5. Z

    Activity Data

    Hello all, I recently had some time where my activity data wasn't syncing from my watch to my phone. I've since restored the watch, and activity data is syncing again, but I have two weeks of lost data. When I unpaired the watch, it made a backup on my phone. I've since made an encrypted...
  6. H

    I hit my iphone 6s+ pretty hard. Did something happen?

    Hey, I hit my phone pretty hard on a hard desk surface while i was holding it, it just slipped my hand and i tried catching it but made it go faster by hitting it while it was on air with my hands. yeah, that happened. It was also charging thru usb/power cable. Now, I checked the surface of...
  7. asncmra

    Unlocking my AT&T iPhone 6s+

    Just got a phone under contract with AT&T, but I'm gonna be in Canada for awhile. Any way I can unlock my iPhone 6s +, while still under contract?
  8. Jules4

    iPhone restore won't load pictures

    I just restored all of my stuff onto my new phone and everything restored except I can't see my pictures there are just 2508 empty ehite boxes where my pictures should be .... Help !! I attached an image of the problem
  9. Anneks

    What do you most want to see in the next iPhone?

    Let's hear your thoughts