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iphone 6s plus

  1. Alvin777

    How Do You Take Photos in Jpeg Instead of HEIC?

    Hi Mac friends. In iOS 15.1 and iPhone 6s Plus, how do you set the photos to save in jpeg, instead of HEIC? How do you make jpeg your default format when taking photos? Where in Settings do I navigate? Thank you God bless, Rev. 21:4
  2. Alvin777

    AirDrop Is Stuck at "Waiting"

    Hi Mac friends. When I updated to Late 2015 5K iMac to macOS Monterey 12.0.1 and the iPhone 6s Plus to iOS 15.1, when I AirDrop a photo from the iPhone, the iPhone would just get stuck at "Waiting", although both Apple products can see each other. What could be the fix for this? The bluetooth...
  3. zerom

    Dead iPhone 6S Plus resurrected but not charging?

    Hello, today when I was cleaning my room, I found my old 6s plus and I tried plugging it into the wall. Boot loops. I tried putting it in dfu mode. After restore, boot loops. So i punched it (literally I started punching the thing) in the back like an old tv and the “low battery“ logo...
  4. Eagle 20

    Can my Notes be recovered?

    I backup my devices to iCloud, but also try to backup via iTunes every couple of weeks. Today I offloaded unused apps on my iPad Pro, and disabled a few from syncing with iCloud to do a backup. I had disabled Calendar, Contacts, Game Center and Notes since I no longer need them on my iPad...
  5. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Can't enlarge photos in google images Safari

    Until yesterday, I was able to tap on a picture on google images to view the picture in large. For example when you search "Apple" on google images you get many photos of it, and if you want to view one of them in large you just simply tap it. But the problem is that since yesterday I suddenly...
  6. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Does "erase all content and settings" gives back my 32 GB?

    My iPhone 6s Plus has only 13 GB. when I first bought it, it had 32GB so if I do "Erase all content and settings" will I get back the 32GB or will it stay at 13GB?
  7. B

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Please advise the correct procedure to interchange my Iphone with my wife's

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, apologies if I posted in wrong section. I have an Iphone 6s plus with IOS 12.0 and fully backed up to my laptop using iTunes (not using Icloud backup) My wife has iphone 6s with IOS 12.0 and fully backed up to her laptop using iTunes (not using Icloud backup). We...
  8. Bigironmech

    Contact Card Changes Daily

    I have seen some things posted about this but they do not make sense to me. I am not the smartest with these things though. I have had iPhones for a long time now. There has always been 4 in my house. Mine, wife, and two sons. I also have two iPads and MacBook Pro and iMac.All with the same...
  9. P

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Upgrading from 6S plus to XS Max?

    Now I know to someone might seem like an easy choice, but even though I saved up and I could afford it, I am going back and forth between upgrading to the 256 XS Max from my 128 6S plus. I already replaced battery (non original) on the 6S plus, and it still is pretty quick at losing charge...
  10. H

    iPhone X iPhone X and X plus decision

    I got the iPhone X on a good deal for around $600(over the 2 years)on contract. I like the phone but would love bigger X plus at 6.5” and bigger battery if rumours are true. I have a broken screen 6S plus which was okay before screen break but still useable after. Should I return the X or...
  11. traseeh

    How to downgrade from iOS 11.2.2 to iOS 10.3.3

    Hey guys, i'm trying to downgrade my iPhone 6s Plus from the laggy iOS 11.2.2 to iOS 10.3.3 but with no luck. Can anyone tell me how can i do it, because iTunes keeps getting me errors like 3194 or 3600?
  12. F

    iPhone 6S Plus Sim issues

    Hey all new here and having an issue with a new sim card. I think the card is most likely defective but wanted some other opinions. I have an unlocked iPhone 6S plus. I'm headed to London on Thur so I was testing a new 3 UK Sim. When I put the sim in all I get is no sim. I know the new sim is...
  13. N

    Siri does not give me movie showtimes

    So, a couple of weeks ago I moved to London, and since one of my hobbies is to go to the cinema, I started asking Siri - on my iPhone 6s Plus 64 GB - for movie showtimes: an opportunity to play around with Siri’s capabilities, since back where I lived there was not much I could do with it. Now...
  14. Juicy Box

    iPhone SE My iPhone downgrade story, 6s Plus to SE

    This story is for anyone that has had a similar experience, and is considering switching to a smaller phone. I have personally used the following iPhones: Original 8GB, 4s 16GB, 5s 16GB, 6s Plus 128GB, and now SE 128GB. When the iPhone 6 first was launched, I did not like the design of it...
  15. benji888

    iPhone Comparison charts

    Since Apple now has so many iPhone models to choose from, when you click on "Compare" they no longer show all models side by side, (try it for iPad to see what I mean), so I decided to frankenstein screen shots into two comparison charts you can (hopefully) scroll through. Let me know if it...
  16. kringlelikechris

    iPhone Camera Roll has over 70,000 pics/vids synced from Photos app. How do I remove them?

    My iPhone Camera Roll has over 70,000 pics/vids that were somehow synced from my Photos app. Mind you this phone is only 64GB. Hell no it can fit all those files in there. I don't know how or why it took all my pics and vids from my Photos app from my iMac, but it definitely slows down my phone...
  17. E

    How do I save cellular data settings for apps? Bug?

    Hi, I have an iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 10.3.2 Developer Beta 5 and everytime I try to activate cellular data for several apps, the changed setting are gone after leaving that section. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug? I am on Vodafone Germany and the profile is installed...
  18. Anneks

    Poll: What screen protector works best for your iPhone 6/7?

    Ever since Apple released an iPhone with curved edges (the iPhone 6) a lot of people have had problems finding the right screen protector, one of the main reasons is the problems that come with the curved edges of the screen: Standard glass screen protectors do not cover the curved edges...
  19. M

    Apple Store Scam

    My iPhone 6S Plus LCD screen had broken so I took it to the Apple Store to get repaired. I was told there was a 1% chance of it needing replaced and I shouldn't be worried. 2 hours later I came back to them telling me I needed it replaced and would cost me quite a bit of money. As I only had...