iphone 7

  1. Amanda118

    Random Apps Crashing, tried everything!

    I have an iPhone 7. There are four seemingly random apps on my phone that crash immediately after opening. I have tried everything, updating, restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, a complete reset of my phone, and even getting a new phone!!!! I’m still having the same problem...
  2. D

    Iphone Recovery - HELP PLZ

    Hi all, I was updating my IOS via Itunes (Iphone7) like I have done for the longest time. This time i was presented with a recovery screen. Typed in my password and it started to recover the data. Then it errored out at the last second. it did this about 10 times. I got fed up with it and...
  3. M

    Get into my Iphone 7 without password and USB accessories?

    I forgot the password of my iphone and wanted to do it with a reset method on the PC. It only says when I connect the Iphone Unlock iPhone to Use Accessories " Do you have ideas on how to get in on my iphone?
  4. N

    iPhone iOS 13.3.1 Public Beta

    Hello and Happy 2020 to all! i know it may sound annoying and you probably explained to 100 people but i want to ask how the first beta of 13.3.1 on the iPhone 7 is and if i can download it now i can update to the official version? Thanks.
  5. T

    iPhone Have an iphone 7 on ios12.1.4, should I update to 13.2.3?

    My main concerns are battery life as I don't really need the ios 13 features for my usages. From this youtube video, it seems that going from 12.1.4 to 12.4.1 would be best just factoring in battery life , but is it still doable to do so with ipsw restore, or should I just stay put at 12.1.4...
  6. sdtoronto

    iPhone 7 shuts or restarts after iOS 13

    Since the update to iOS 13, my iPhone 7 either shuts down or restarts, randomly. It happens pretty frequently during the day. There are times when I have not noticed the restart until it prompts me to enter passcode again because it restarted. I have update the phone with all minor releases...
  7. O

    iPhone After Upgrade to 13.1.1 iPhone 7 won't charging from Anker Powercore

    Hi there, I try to search here and on the web but seem nobody complains about the same! My cable is original from the apple store, and I tried other cables and get the same problem. Also tried to charge other devices and it is working. I can charge from laptop USB and it is working, just Anker...
  8. J

    iPhone 7(+) What will be the next Budget iPhone?

    Hi folks, After discontinuing the iPhone SE and making the 7 the new low-end device, what is to expect this fall? The background of the question is, that my company usually offers the cheapest iPhone as business device and I could probably wait until October with my order. I really would like...
  9. A

    iPhone 7(+) Should I buy a refurbished iPhone 7 before Septmeber?

    I am currently rocking an iPhone 4. Let's just say the experience is not the most ideal. I am wanting to buy a refurbished iPhone 7 off of eBay for around $180 dollars. For 32 GB and a phone that'll probably be supported software wise about 2-3 years, this seems like a great deal, especially...
  10. gabriels182

    iPhone 7(+) peak performance capability and battery 100%

    Hello, My iphone 7 appeared the following message yesterday: Your battery's health is significantly degraded. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity. But Maximum Capacity is showing 100%. Does anyone know what can it be?
  11. N

    iOS 10.2.1 Meridian Jailbreak/ Remove Cydia/ Restore iOS 10 Issue

    Hello Macrumors JB fam, I have hit a snag that I can't seem to get out of. I have an iPhone 7 (32GB) that is on iOS 10, and I want to keep it on iOS 10, and Jailbroken. What happened was that I neglected to keep tabs on my free space and forgot that pre-AFTS devices require stashing. I...
  12. TheDailyApple

    iPhone 7(+) Streaming 4K HDR content through iPhone 7

    I have several iTunes movies available in 4K HDR, however I don’t have a screen to play them on. My friends have a 4K tv which will be getting the Airplay 2 update. So while I know my iPhone 7 can’t play 4K HDR movies, I was wondering if it’d be possible to Airplay them to my friend’s tv. Does...
  13. JustinBennett

    iPhone 7(+) Iphone 7 plus

    Hello I have a slightly bent iphone 7 plus. I took it to the repair shop and they said it was hopeless. The screen has no cracks and works perfectly butthey say that the bend is putting presure on the screen and that the screen might crack. Do you think i should keep it and take the risk or sell...
  14. S

    iTunes says not enough free space to back up phone; I have >TB free

    I'm trying to backup my iPhone 7 to my external hard drive, but iTunes says I don't have enough free space. My iPhone has 210 GB. My external drive has 1.03 TB free. What's the problem? Details: iPhone 7 256GB iOS 11.4.1 (15G77) 210 GB used 2015 MBP OS 10.12.6 WD My Passport Ultra...
  15. N

    iPhone Getting error 14 when installing beta 1 on my device

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to install the beta onto my device (iPhone 7) without a developer account (I know, I know...), however once I select the IPSW profile, and after waiting a while, I get an error saying that the iPhone could not be updated because an unknown error occured (error 14). Does...
  16. T

    iPhone 7(+) A 4 minute video I recorded is frozen around 45 seconds from the end, is there a fix?

    I am guessing there is no possible fix for this, but I recorded a 4K vide on my iPhone 7 that lasted for 4m 16 seconds. However, at around the 3 m 50 sec mark, the video is frozen but still plays the sound for a few more seconds before it is totally frozen. All of my videos are in the cloud so I...
  17. albertthecurious

    iPhone XR iPhone 7 vs iPhone XR

    Hi guys, I would like to ask you for a little help. I have an iPhone 7 and it's doing great, but I feel it's time to upgrade. Since I don't have enough money for the XS I decided to take the XR. I checked it in the Apple Store and personally I think it's not as budget compared to the XS as a...
  18. Ben777

    iPhone 7(+) All Apple devices stopped charging on the same day

    I love Apple so much! Yet, since two days ago I have the weirdest and most unpleasant experience with charging my Apple devices. On the same day two iPhones (SE and 7) and iWatch3 stopped charging completely with any non Apple chargers. iPhone 7 shows "device incompatible..." pop-up, iPhone SE...
  19. T

    iPhone 7 Battery Draining

    I have an iPhone 7 that is 1.5 years old and its battery is still fine at around 86% according to the Battery Health in the settings app. I basically used it around 5 hours like normal over the last few days. However, after charging it yesterday, I noticed that my iPhone gets hot and battery...
  20. B

    iPhone XR iPhone 7 to XR?

    Strongly considering pushing the upgrade button from the iPhone 7 to the XR. I’m very much used to using a smaller lighter iPhone (3GS -> 4S -> 5s -> 7) and I’m worried that I’m just not going to get on with the increase size & weight of the XR compared to the 7. So I’m interested in hearing...