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  1. D

    Is it worth buying Apple usb-c to lightning cables?

    The cable that came with my iPhone 11 is broken and I need a new one, not only for charging but also for backups to my Mac. Because of the backups I am interested in (data) reliability, otherwise I'd certainly buy a much cheaper third party cable. Is there a difference? Can third party cables...
  2. davebot 0.9

    iPhone Just duplicated 1000 photos by mistake! Help?

    I just read (hastily) the Apple email about My Photo Stream going away. I followed the direction to open Photos on my iPhone, then Albums, then My Photo Stream. I didn't know which photos were already in my library... Stupidly, I blundered on, and selected all, and hit the Share icon and then...
  3. SilverLight300

    How Bypass Iphone 4S "Connect To iTunes" Message Without iTunes & Apple ID

    How Can I Bypass Apple Iphone 4S "Connect To iTunes" Message Without iTunes & Apple ID After Success Flash This Phone? I Think This Is Not Lock - It Needs iTunes And After Connect To iTunes And Enter Apple ID I Could Pass That Page. For Some Reasons I Want To Ignore iTunes & iCloud In The Future...
  4. SilverLight300

    What is the best method for jailbreak iphone 4s (ios 9)

    Hi dear friends, What is the best method for jailbreak iphone 4s (ios 9)? Is Cydia active any more? Some methods out there are grabbing Apple ID during jailbreak. Because of that act i lost my Apple ID totaly. I need a safe method for jailbreak my iphone and test it in new area. Thanks for the...
  5. CPark98

    Apple Tysons Corner: The Next Generation of Apple Stores

    Apple Tyson's Corner in Virginia opens tommorow and the new design is simply stunning! It's fitting that the next generation of Apple Retail starts where Apple Retail started 22 years ago. Here's a couple of great sites that go over the design in-depth...
  6. G

    Other Connecting old iPhone to wifi

    Hi folks I found out that my old iPhone 6 which i stopped using around 2016 is still connected to my Apple ID and probably has been since this date. I want to turn the Wi-Fi on on the iPhone 6 and see if I can find a purpose for it. I was wondering if I did so would it automatically download...
  7. Sankew

    iPhone 13 Pro Apple just replaced my iPhone twice the same week

    So I've had a lot of issues with my iPhone 13 Pro, the first one was camera dust, and they offered to repair it for free under warranty, this was at the genius bar in UAE on December 2022, but in about 2 months i had the same dust problem and my face ID stopped working, i was in a country with...
  8. phill85

    APPLE: We Need Higher iCloud Storage Options!

    After multiple iPhones, iPads, Mac Laptops, etc., I am sitting at 3.8TB’s of data in my iCloud. Anyone else almost maxed their storage out? I can’t just start deleting things… the vast majority of all of my data is from pictures and videos, spread out of the last 14 years. Apple, if you’re...
  9. septianrishal

    iPhone 14 Pro Screen Issue (Flickering/Blinking Problems)

    My iPhone 14 Pro is black, 128GB Indonesian version Official guarantee, purchase February 7, 2024 iOS Version 16.4.1 (a) I've had this problem for a long time, but just found a repeating scenario for it to record now. This happens when we move from a slightly darker to a lighter screen...
  10. M

    iPhone 14 Pro Heartbeat count down 46 days;

    My iphone has been compromised is there anything in the reports showing this? I also could not find anything about "octagoneventpreflightrecoverykey" I can send more files if this isn't enough. Thank you MaCaberet
  11. Y

    iPhone 14 Pro How is the iPhone 14 Pro's Lightning Port Durability?

    You know, I'm in business, so I have a lot of things to charge my phone. I usually charge through the Lightning port about 10 times a day with Apple Genuine Charger and Lightning Cable. Is this not a problem with the life of the Lightning port?
  12. K

    Sleep screen turns on automatically

    Hi everyone, I need help with this because it’s a weird change and I seem to be the only one complaining. If you go to settings > focus > sleep > options > sleep screen > on Before this was a behavior that was trigged only if I had the sleep focus on, but now with the latest update the...
  13. C

    Downloading Messages from iPhone

    Question about downloading messages: I need to download all my text messages on my iPhone between myself and another number as legal evidence. There are a few thousand messages. Ideally I'd like a copy of them as PDF. I tried AnyTrans and iExplorer but neither worked for me on MacOS 13.2.1...
  14. Alvin777

    iPhone's & iMac's Airdrops See Each Other But Both Can't Send Nor Receive

    Hello Mac friends, w/ the iPhone's and iMac's Bluetooths ON, their Airdrops can see each other, I can also copy paste to and from between them but when I drag a PDF to the iPhone Airdrop on the iMac nothing happens, it's not in the Files app nor any app; or when I use Share to send a photo to...
  15. SerioGA

    iPhone SE (2022) Problem with Wi-Fi 5GHz after iOS 16 update

    Prior to the update everything was working fine with ios15, now after update to ios16 I started having problems with the WI-FI 5ghz. As I understood this problem appears on devices iPhone SE 3rd, 13 and 14. The problem is in Wi-Fi channels. Wi-Fi works totally fine with channels 35-48, however...
  16. H

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Amazon Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max Came Scratched on Camera Lens. How bad is it?

    As you can see in the photos to the right hand side camera lens, there is a hairline kinda light scratch. I see when I take photos image quality is just fine but maybe under different lighting scratch can be an issue? How bad is the scratch? Will the lens fall off at some point? Should I return...
  17. H

    Other 'Unknownz21', a reliable leaker, on the iPhone 15 Series

  18. MaiKAimer

    iPhone 12 iPhone erase data duration

    I am about to trade in my old iPhone 12 so I decided to erase all settings and >60GB content on the phone. I followed the instructions in settings and clicked Erase iPhone. The white Apple logo appeared and the whole erasing process finished in like, 1-2 minutes? After this super short period...
  19. K

    iPhone 14 Pro Health app counts steps after a cycling indoor workout

    First of all sorry for my english it is not my native language. I am using series 8 watch for workout. I choose indoor cycling for the workout while cycling in my room. The watch doesnt count steps but after a cycling workout is done apple heath app shows different steps than my watch. And the...
  20. U

    Amazon App Recording Sound

    I have noticed when I’m listening to any audio whether it’s from safari, the music app or another app entirely, then open up the Amazon app, the audio momentarily cuts out. When the audio returns the quality is reduced. When I’m in my car with my iPhone connected via lightning, the same thing...