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  1. B

    Other POLL : iPhone Z : Apple's future folding iPhone ; What form should it take ?

    Apple seemingly has a foldable in works. However we don't know what shape it may take . As such I would like to ask you guys what form factor do you think is best for the hypothetical iPhone Z ?
  2. bhope95

    iPhone An Apple Only Photo & Video Sharing Service

    Hey guys, I just released my first app iOS app Gala. Apple has been building up their services departments however they don't have anything for photo & video sharing which is a surprise since they hate FB/Insta + want to protect privacy and there are already trillions of photos and videos stored...
  3. B

    Other iPhone Patina Wabi Sabi Photos

    From Wikipedia: In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi (侘寂) is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.[2] The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature.[3] It is a concept...
  4. Kwozzii

    More light required?

    Was trying out finding my AirTag which I’d left downstairs, I was in the my bedroom with the curtains closed and just some ambient light coming in. I opened the Find My app on my phone and it said that I need more light, why would I need more light to find a Bluetooth tracker?
  5. konnit2021

    Whatsapp data from mac to iphone

    Hi guys, I dropped my old iPhone SE into the water a few days ago so it's not functioning anymore. When I installed whatsapp on my new iPhone 8 it asked if I wanted to restore my chat record. for sure I clicked "restored" but it just failed every time. in the app it shows there is a 4.5gb of...
  6. E

    AirTag without U1

    Can anybody tell me why reviewers don't mention this? How will the AirTags work with devices that don't have the U1 chip? How will the precision finding operate? Will those devices lack that feature completely? Could someone clarify this?
  7. Ian Aitken

    iPhone 12 Best Accessories for Filming on an iPhone?

    What are the best accessories to buy for vlogging/creating content with an iPhone? (Specific brand/model)
  8. bea1997

    white stain on my iphone 11 screen after i dropped it in the beach (10 seconds, 1meter deep))

    so i accidentally dropped my iphone 11 at the beach yesterday, it was like a 1 meter drop. i retrieved it from the oceanfloor after 10 seconds. it didnt switch off, it was doing fine. minutes after, the iphone LCD looked like it was shaking. like a glitch shaking. so i switched off the phone and...
  9. Snorfon

    iPhone Message Storage: number don't add up

    Hi all ! iPhone 11, iOS13. I need to free up space to shot a long video. Look at those screenshots. The Message app is supposed to take up 34,75gb. But when i look at the Main convos, Photos, Videos, Gifs and others numbers doesn't add up. So not only it's a real pain to select manually all...
  10. B

    All iPads Charge iPhone or Apple Watch using an iPad Air 4th gen?

    Hi everyone, Referring to this article: I was wondering if I could do the same thing—charge my iPhone or Apple Watch from an iPad Air 4th gen (in other words, use my iPad Air as a power bank)? I tried to charge my Apple Watch from my iPad today and it...
  11. J

    Is there a way to speed up the Patina process

    Hey guys, I was just going through the thread 'Patina Proud' and was trying to find a way to make a leather case Patina quickly, I have recently bought a new iPhone 12 and I want to get a Tan kind of leather...
  12. J

    ios upgrade cost india on iphone

    hello i am seriously considering purchasing iphone 13 as soon as it is released. i will purchase at full cost, it means at apple retail store or online does apple charge you for upgrading ios every year (example: ios 14 - ios 15)?
  13. F

    iPhone 11 unresponsive screen

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my iPhone 11: the screen has been acting weird for a few months, sometimes it won't recognize my taps, sometimes it even starts typing and switching between apps on its own. It seems like the issue is limited to specific parts of the screen, mainly in the...
  14. 0

    Secure way to store passwords / logins / PINs etc.

    Greetings!! I still do care about Find My case ( ), but there is one more thing... I would like to have a close-access to some of my sensitive data (for example Macrumors / gmail / eBay / bank...
  15. J

    Is there any way I can cancel a subscription I bought by mistake?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this I purchased a subscription by mistake, essentially I forgot I had started a free trial for this VPN app and hence I forgot cancelling it.. I noticed it today when PayPal sent me an email confirming the purchase for this enormous price.. I have...
  16. 0

    Find My doesn't work (device does not matter) - anyone?

    (if there is "Apple" or "iCloud" troubleshooting section, I guess this thread fits there...) Greetings! The thing is... I have two Apple Stuff, iPhone and iMac. My friend (family member) has iPhone and iMac aswell. It doesn't matter if one of us use phone/computer with the internet for a whole...
  17. calliex

    I would like to erase all messages on watch

    Messages on the watch are not removed when deleted on the phone. You can only delete one at a time. Is their some hidden way to erase messages off the watch. Same goes for emails on the watch. I rarely try to read emails on the watch. Does build up of texts and emails eat up memory on watch
  18. J

    Not sure if anyone knows, but is there a way to share the screen via bluetooth? Using the wifi to share the screen I cannot use internet

    I recently got a projector, to which I can share my screen from my iPhone via wifi. However, using the wifi to share the screen I cannot access internet.. so the the purpose is basically pointless! I can use the mobile data and that way use the internet while screen sharing, but I have limited...
  19. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery app says torch was on for 5 hours but it’s not true

    For whatever reason , in the settings the battery is showing that I had the torch on for 5 hours .. Yet I am % sure the torch was not on, why was it recorded as being on? I mean 5 hours of torch being on could be damaging to the device or to the torch itself, wouldn’t it? Please check the video...
  20. M

    iPhone 12 mini WiFi is slower on an iPhone than an Android, Why?

    I'm posting this question here with my Mac officianados instead of out in the computer wilderness to save the usual razzing from the other guys picking on the iPhone. That being said I was working with a neighbor friend who is a Purple Heart vet from Vietnam fixing his home Wifi. Once we got...