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  1. iMarkypad

    Other Why has Apple cancelled the Mini series

    I've heard that Apple is going to cancel the iPhone miniseries this year. But why? That was a great phone.
  2. Sciuriware

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone loads faster from Mac than from USB loader?

    Hi all, how is it possible that my iPhone (and my Magic Mouse too) loads 3 times as fast from the USB-A ports on my iMac than from a genuine Apple 230Volt loader using the same USB to Thunderbolt cable??? ;JOOP!
  3. F

    What screen protector should you use for your iPhone?

    Now my iPhone uses a tempered glass screen protector, but it will thicken the phone, and if you drop it once, the screen protector will crack. Do you have any better screen protectors to recommend?
  4. D

    Other (Important) iPhone and iCloud

    I had an iphone 6 and I lost it. later on i bought another iphone 6 and put the iCloud backup from the old iphone to the new one. It's been a year. Can I recover the original iCloud backup from the first iphone or has it been overwritten by the new iphone?
  5. L

    Other iCloud backups (easy Question)

    If i stop using my iphone icloud will delete my backup after 180 without use. I have an iPad which is making copies in icloud regularly. Will the iPhone backup in icloud be deleted if I don't use it, or if I don't log in my Apple ID ever? because if i have an ipad, it will still use icloud, so i...
  6. jeditor

    iPhone video footage out of sync.

    Hi! I am shooting footage on an iPhone 13 pro max using the camera app. When I watch the footage on the phone it’s in sync. When I transfer it to the Mac it is out of sync by 4 frames. I have tried a wire transfer, external hard drive transfer, iCloud and airdrop. Any ideas? Both the phone and...
  7. R

    Case for 12 Pro Max, UAG monarch or Otterbox defender?

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum I recently upgrade to 12 Pro Max, i know its not as good upgrade to 13. But im looking for a case, but i confused between UAG Monarch or Otterbox Defender?? From EverythingApplePro Drop test it seems UAG Monarch can handle so much impact from drops, but in the...
  8. O

    Iphone helppp!!

    Good evening to all! I have the iphone7. I tried to upgrade to ios15, I have a very old ios definitely back behind ios12. I would not go through the process of upgrading my mobile phone if it did not stop letting me download applications that need newer software than the one I have...
  9. E

    Suspicious device on my hotspot. Does not have a MAC address. So... what is it?

    Hello everyone, first post here :) I saw this unknown address under my personal hotspot summary on an iPhone: e:69:a5:97:7:17 (with 9 KB of data) Interestingly enough, it only has 10-digits so it cannot be a MAC address. What is it then? Should I be worried?
  10. M

    iPhone WhatsApp not Backing Up to iCloud

    So, I recently upgraded my iCloud plan to 200 GB ‘iCloud+’. The only purpose was to store my nearly 100 GB data from WhatsApp and secure it. My iPhone 12 Pro is 256 GB and almost full due to WhatsApp. In order to secure the data I tried backing up my chats and media to iCloud from WhatsApp...
  11. rafaelclaycon

    Other iPhone Box Collection Obsession

    So I have this iPhone box collection going from the 3GS all the way to the 12. I did not have every single of these models (not accessible here in Brazil), but I'm kind of obsessed with the little variations Apple made with the 4s and 6, for example. Did you know the iPhone 6 was sold in a...
  12. M

    Optimized battery charging

    I have 2 phones, iPhone 12 and 7 Plus, both with the same iCloud and App store logged in account. iPhone 7 Plus: OBC (Optimized battery charging) turned on, significant locations off (so OBC probably won't work) iPhone 12: OBC turned on, everything turned on in privacy When I charge both...
  13. M

    MFi and non-MFi

    I'm planning to buy non-MFi car charger but will use a MFi cable. Will it harm my phone?
  14. Roman25

    No iMessage sound while Macbook turned on

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook Pro 15 2017, iPhone 13 Pro and Watch Series 5. The problem is that while my macbook is turned on, there is no sound or vibration of new iMassage on my iPhone not even on my apple Watch. I do not have turned on Do not disturbed or any of the focus modes. I have sounds...
  15. A

    iPhone 11 Which one?! Wifes phone is broken….we can now afford a new one…

    So my wife had the iPhone 11 - I have one too - Hers finally died after around 3 years….it fell multiple times and eventually screen cracked and matrix style lines…..unusable…… So what do we do? All she says is she likes the size of the 11… do we get a new SE or one of the other models...
  16. Calaveras

    blank video but sound, since updating to 15.4.1

    The return of the video blank but you can hear it issue. Previously there was a workaround of going into Safari settings and disabling GPU. But that super helpful setting option is gone now. At least on my phone. Full detail; Iphone 7+ IOS 15.4.1 Video worked in Safari before the update. But not...
  17. Cayden

    iPhone renaming itself

    I seem to have a strange issue where my phone keeps renaming itself. I usually keep the name of my phone the default (iPhone). That name displays when I connect to my cars Bluetooth, and I’ve noticed it changing lately. A couple days ago, it changed to iPhone (2), then iPhone (3) the next day...
  18. jagooch

    How can you see a list of time sensitive notifications on your iPhone?

    How can you see a list of time sensitive notifications on your iPhone? I want review the apps to see if there are any applications that should be changed to time sensitive and vice-versa.
  19. M

    My iPhone XR is lagging/throttling

    Hi, I bought my iPhone XR 2 years ago and now I experience some lags, especially while scrolling apps like reddit or turning on camera app. I have 88% of battery capacity, iOS 15.4.1 and mores less 20 gigabytes of free storage. I have done factory reset a couple of days ago but it didn’t improve...
  20. A

    iPhone how to fix dram frequency?

    hi folks, For some reasons, I wanna do some experiments about the dram, I'm wondering if the dram frequency is adjustable or not? Thanks.