1. lpuerto

    Question mark on iPhone icon on macOS

    Hey, My iPhone is showing this question mark over its icon when it's connected to my computer. Does anyone know what is it about? I'm running 10.15.5.
  2. dysamoria

    iPhone Specific Email “Invisible” in iOS Mail on iPhone

    Has anyone experienced this? I was looking for a sent email, subject “Today’s Exercise”, in a mailbox folder I named “Misc”. I was fairly sure it existed, but it was not listed. I proved to myself that it DOES exist when I did a search for emails with the word “exercise” in the subject line...
  3. S

    Screen mirroring is a misnomer.

    Screen mirroring is a lie. Are there any apps that allow real screen mirroring? By which I mean that no matter what is on your phone it will be mirrored along with sound to your tv. This is not what “screen mirroring” does either with Apple TV or Samsung smart TV’s. Yes it will mirror you’re...
  4. iphone7_battery

    iPhone 7(+) I would like to know the cycle count figures for your iphone.

    How many cycles does the battery have? I've been using an iPhone7 since December 2016 and it looks like this. The maximum capacity of the Settings app and 3uTools is 74%. In iMazing, the maximum capacity is 77%.
  5. K

    iPod touch iPhone + iPod Touch combo?

    Anyone here uses an iPod Touch alongside their iPhone? If so, how are your use cases with them? I know iPods are not really a thing anymore in 2020 and the tech itself is very outdated. But for me personally it has a nostalgic value to it. It was my first ever Apple device as a kid and I’ll...
  6. V

    Shipping a US iphone to Europe

    Hey, I'm from Belgium and I wanted to buy the new iphone SE 2020 here in Belgium. It got advertised as a $399 phone so I thouht that it would be even cheaper in Belgium due to the currency difference, but no, it's €489 wich is just too much. So I thougt, I have a friend in America that can just...
  7. H

    iPhone Battery Usage graph and logs wiped after charging.

    After charging my phone today and turning it off and on, upon looking at the battery usage statistics, everything before turning it back on has been wiped. I can now only view the last 24 hours, which is the last hour in my case as it's only just charged. Has anyone else experienced this? On iOS 13
  8. Lukas Djak

    Black dots on iPhone 8+ camera

    Hi, I opened my camera and saw that where are some black dots (lines) on my screen. I thought it was something like dust on my camera lenses. I cleaned my camerabut black lines were still where. Maybe someone knows what it could be? Then I zoom those black dots gone but I don’t...
  9. S

    iPhone Mail inbox preview shows text not in email.

    Been curious about this odd little quirk. When looking at my inbox in the mail app, each email has a short preview of its contents. But for certain emails the preview contains text that’s nowhere in the body of the email itself. It’s not totally random text, however, because it usually deals...
  10. Q

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Best way to handle calls when traveling and using a different sim?

    Leaving for Asia and Europe on a backpacking trip for 1-3 months. I don't want to get the AT&T international plan as I've done it before and it was expensive. I want to be able to receive my AT&T calls. In the past I purchased a burner phone when I arrived and a SIM card with a small amount...
  11. PhillyGuy72

    iPhone Blocking spam iMessages?

    Not sure what's happening all of a sudden, I've been receiving a load of junk spam text messages that started hitting my phone over the weekend (some 202 area code, keeps calling me "David" - which is not my name!), So far 3 today..another one from GOP, and the Primary election in PA...smh!! I...
  12. Mr. Awesome

    All Devices WWDC vs. September event

    Thought I’d ask this question that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Which is your favorite Apple event each year? The September iPhone event or WWDC? I personally enjoy WWDC more because it brings new features for all product lines, and it’s always exciting to see new things at WWDC...
  13. S

    Can’t enable WiFi calling.

    Been working with Verizon but still can’t find a way to enable WiFi calling. Every time I try to turn it on on my iPhone I get the message “to allow WiFi calling on this account, contact Verizon”. Verizon assures me it is enabled and activated on their end. Anyone had this problem?
  14. R

    iPhone XS I've been scratching my head about this issue for 2 weeks/ iPhone USB headset

    I am trying to get my older Sennheiser USB headset to work with my iPhone XS to make and take phone calls. However, I cannot get this to work. I am attaching the usb headset to apple's lightning to USB connector. The iPhone registers the product as headphones. I am able to listen to music...
  15. mrfabio

    iPhone Music app for my FLAC files

    Hi, Do you have by chance a good music app (Free or not but without subscription) to suggest for playing offline HI-res music? I recently bought a DAC to connect to my iPhone for this purpose and also have bought some FLAC albums from Qobuz in the past. I would like to avoid to have to buy a...
  16. E

    Other Apple A12 vs A13 NPU

    I have a question. Isn’t the neural engine in A12 more powerful than the one in the A13 since it can perform 5 trillion 8bit operations per second compared to the 1 trillion of the A13?? It’s also bigger in size(4,64 vs 5,79) .It looks like a big downgrade to me. Could it be the reason the XS...
  17. S

    iPhone 7(+) (1) how to remove duplicate contacts from iPhone *and* iCloud (2) How to download contacts from icloud ?

    Dear Friends Good day ! I'm using couple of iPhones, iPad etc. All linked to the same iCloud account and all using legit iOS Over the years, using google, iCloud etc to migrate contacts from older phones to new ones has landed me in a situation where many of my contacts have duplicates and...
  18. Jay-Jacob

    All Devices Stickers Sync?

    Hi I don't see anything online about iMessage stickers can or can't sync all devices? I assume it cannot since my iPhone and iPad don't have all same ones. I think it strange it cannot sync all devices when everything else iMessage can.
  19. zugi_jan0ski

    Small gap between the screen and the frame on iPhone 11?

    Hi guys. I just got my iPhone 11 a few days ago, and when I was taking off the case today, I noticed a small gap between the screen and the frame (as you can see in the picture). Does it affect the water-resistance feature? should I return it?
  20. tharitm

    iPhone SE iPhone SE USA Pre orders are shipping out

    In case you guys haven’t checked, go to UPS.com and then ”track by reference“, type in your phone number in your order. On the apple order page it still says preparing to ship but tracking shows it’s left China.