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  1. Kgim

    Dynamic island screen issue in on my iphone 15. Anyone else have this “issue”?

  2. M

    iPhone 15 Pro iPhone + Ethernet = 900mbit/s upload speed. Yay! =D

    Does anyone else use their iPhone with ethernet? I bought a new USB3 dongle for my M1 MBP and have used it with my iPhone 15 Pro. It highly recommend it. With it, I achieve 900mbit/s but without it I achieve a 10th of the upload speeds. The same is true for my M1 MacBook Pro. A bit of insight...
  3. R

    Why can’t I send an email to a list in my Mac Contacts?

    Can anyone solve this problem? I want to send an email via either my iPhone or my iPad to list in my Mac contacts. The usual blue envelope that you click to send an email to everyone in a list is grayed out. I suspect that is because there are too many people in the list - around. 150. Is there...
  4. M

    Transfer all iphone to the new iphone

    I have iphone 15 and i bought the 15 pro, i shot some videos and photos that i want to showen up on the new iphone 15 pro as it is showen on the old iphone, when i transfer the phone using the circle QR that Apple provide when you open a new iPhone, will it transfer the picture as well beside...
  5. S

    How to transfer photos / notes / voice memos from one iCloud to another

    Hey guys, what I want to do is to merge two sets of photos on two different phones with two different iCloud accounts, keeping all the albums, favourites and edits. After googling, this is the solution I've found. Would appreciate it if someone can confirm this. iPhone A is the target phone I...
  6. J

    iOS 17.4.1 Update Issues:Website Errors and Internet Connection Problems

    Hey everyone, I recently updated my iPhone to iOS 17.4.1 and encountered some unexpected issues with certain websites and apps. It seems like I'm not alone in this, as I've seen several reports across various forums and social media platforms. One of the most notable issues I've experienced is...
  7. jumpcutking

    iOS to Android: All the Button Clicks

    I’ve begun testing my apps, products, and services on one of the most popular purchased Android phones: a Samsung A15, and my initial impression of this device - is who designed it. So I’m an iPhone enthusiast and enjoy the Apple ecosystem - but I’m also one of those who gets frustrated when...
  8. V

    iphone 3gs after jailbreak touch screen not working.

    I have a jailbroken iphone 3gs. But the touch screen is not working. I tried changing the touch screen but it didin't work. Can anyone help?
  9. J

    Other sue apple for activation lock

    why isnt anyone sueing apple for icloud lock us justice sue them
  10. Alvin777

    iPhone 6(S)/Plus Any Known Sellers of iPhone Batteries That Are Known to Be From Apple's Factories?

    Hi Apple friends, aside from iFixit which I know sells batteries that are most likely from the Apple factories but without the Apple logo, are there other known brand new iPhone battery, reputable easy to deal with sellers from eBay or other online shops whom you know source the iPhone batteries...
  11. B

    When signing into iCloud with a new iPhone, what happens to recently taken photos/videos already on the device?

    So suppose I get a new iPhone 15 right before I go abroad on holiday for a few weeks. My old iPhone that I've used for everything over the years is a 2016 SE, and I take it with me, using it for everything I've always used it for. I'd prefer to transfer everything on that SE to my brand new...
  12. Pigstick21

    iPhone Document Scan not Spotlight Searchable

    Just started to use my iPhone (15+) to scan documents (using the Scan Documents option in Files), save to iCloud and then open on my MacMini. It seemed to work really well. However, I have found that .pdf contents are not searchable by Spotlight when I do this. If I open Preview and then scan...
  13. 2

    iPhone Water - A sound relaxation / focus app that's a little bit different

    Hello everyone. I wanted to tell you about our ad free/subscription free relaxation sound app called "Water" that generates 8 high-quality sounds for relaxation, focus, and mindfulness purposes: Beach - Waves crashing into the sand (no people, no birds) Dockside - Ocean waves crashing into a...
  14. D

    My Wifi isn’t Working After I Updated to the newest iOS 17.4 Software please help

    I unplugged the cord from the router and plugged it back in. I still get disconnected. I get disconnected then it works then it disconnects again. This is happening for my tablets and my moms iphone as well. What should I do? This never happened before after updating the software. I’m very worried.
  15. benji888

    Found out why library folder so big...

    This is for anyone that backs up their iOS/iPadOS devices (especially large capacity ones), to their Mac instead of iCloud backups... So, I have an M2 Mac mini with the 512 GB SSD and I've been trying to move my users folder because I have like 36 GB left, so, having trouble doing that I did...
  16. MacProFCP

    8 bugs that make me want to switch to Android

    Before everyone tells me it's Verizon or my phone hardware, please note that every one of these problems began with iOS 17 and some with iOS 17 "updates". NONE of these issues occurred previously on my 13 Pro. Also, the phone was sent to Apple for a new battery. It was given a clean bill of...
  17. MacinMan

    Improve Apple Pay not showing in Analytics and Improvement section for iOS 17.4

    Hey all, I upgraded to iOS 17.4 today on an iPhone 15 Pro Max. There is supposed to be a new option under Analytics and Improvements called "Improve ApplePay" This option does not show up for me, and I have Apple Pay setup, I have an Apple Card that's set up, I was able to add the new Virtual...
  18. MathersMahmood

    Post your Apple Ecosystem!

    Hi all! I’m wondering what Apple products you use daily and can’t live without! I did something similar last year which was pretty fun so I thought I’d continued the yearly tradition to include new purchases. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max (guess the colour 😂) Apple Watch Series 7 - Green...
  19. Flex77

    iPhone 15/Plus The iPhone Air

    I remember when I made the jump from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone X and just couldn’t get used to that brick in my pocket. The X feels uncomfortable to hold in one hand for longer periods of time because it starts biting into your pinky, but at least it has rounded corners. Now I wanna upgrade...
  20. 4nthony

    Wired -- or reliable wireless -- Remote?

    Does anyone know of a reliable solution for controlling audio on an iPhone in CarPlay? My van lacks dedicated FWD/REW buttons on the steering wheel. I picked up a bluetooth media button and it works...sometimes. It works great if the iPhone display is on, but once it turns off, it can take...