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  1. B

    iPhone SE 2016 - white noise on front-microphone after screen replacement

    Hi people, i am close to jump from a bridge! I got an old iPhone SE from 2016 and i replaced a broken screen with a new one (pre assembled display with camera, microphone, etc.). Everything is working fine, except the front microphone. When recording a voice message within iMessage all it...
  2. J

    iTunes 12.6.5 + iOS 14 compatibility?

    I’m still using iTunes (I know...) on High Sierra and just wanted to check if I’ll still be able to sync music / content with my iPhone SE (2016) if I update to iOS 14. Thanks!
  3. cutiepie17881

    HELP! Keep getting weird popups everytime i try to download an app

    i have an iphone se second gen. i have been having many, many issues with it and i already have had to get it replaced once. recently i have these popups popping up every time i download something from the appstore. it only happens when i download a new app (not one i have downloaded in the...
  4. A

    14.5.1 Battery RIP? iPhone SE

    Hi Battery life on my iPhone SE is so poor now in 14.5.1 ! (it started with 14.5) Thought it had to do with the battery, installed a new but problem still is there ... Battery health 100% now Turned everything off and in airplane mode it uses 40% overnight If I power off the phone it uses...
  5. felpone

    iPhone SE Iphone SE 2020 app closed but still receiving notifications

    Hi all, how is possible to kill completely an app? I have closed it but still receiving notifications so this tells me that it is still running.
  6. ItsTomi

    iPhone SE 2nd gen SE (2020) optical image stabilisation not engaging

    I posted this in the wrong forum section. My iPhones camera app portrait mode is not optically stabilised (the viewfinder is much shakier than the regular Photo and Video modes - resulting in blurry photos). The optical image stabilisation does work in Photo and Video modes so this isn’t a...
  7. ItsTomi

    iPhone SE SE (2020) optical image stabilisation not engaging

    Edit: posted in wrong section
  8. Z

    How to change preselected widget order on scroll bar when you want to save or send photo from Photos? to

    Hi there! If someone can give me advise, is it possible to change preselected order of the widgets which iPhone is offering to you when you when you want to send or save photo from albums to another location? I am inserting photo of this screen for better understanding of my question. For...
  9. A

    iPhone SE (1st G) proximity sensor broken? Display not dark during call

    Hi guys, my mum is on a 1st Gen-iPhone SE and is kept in a tough case with screen protector. She absolutely loves that thing and looked well after her little machine. Her first iPhone, you get it... For a while now she complained about accidentally muting during a phone call. If I cover...
  10. RayL

    No Instagram video chat with iphone se

    I have an iPhone SE (1st gen) and I’m not able to video chat with Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp. FaceTime and Snapchat works. Does anyone know if this is a problem only with the SE?
  11. J

    Other iPhone 11 to the iPhone SE 2020?

    Has anyone gone from an iPhone 11 to the new iPhone SE? It’s crossed my mind many times for various reasons and I’m wondering if anyone has actually done it. I know it’s a downgrade in many ways so I’m really curious to hear more from people who have done it and how their experience has been.
  12. M

    iPhone SE IPhone SE bluetooth issues

    Just spent several hours talking with Bose and Apple about sound distortion between the SE and the Bose Revolve+ bluetooth speaker. No problem for the SE with sound distortion on older Bose bluetooth devices (Soundlink Mini, QC headphones). Also no crackling or distortion between an IPhone 11...
  13. A

    iPhone SE Can you give some image captured by iPhone SE?

    As iPhone SE is powered by the Apple A13 Bionic Hexa-core processor - the most powerful processor. Is the camera stands the same way in SE?
  14. The Clark

    Other I absolutely love the iPhone SE 2020.

    I've spend about a month and a half with the iPhone SE 2020 and I'm in love with it. I had an iPhone XS before and while it was an amazing phone, I did find it to be a little too big for my liking. The new SE (2020) feels a lot more comfortable to carry around and I love how light and portable...
  15. M

    2016 SE Odd Battery Issue

    Recently replaced the battery in my 2016 SE with a battery from eBay. Advertised as genuine Apple battery at 95% or higher. Battery arrived in great shape and when installed showed 97% capacity. I’m having a problem where it will be in the 30-40% range and will just crash and come back up...
  16. jimmy_uk

    iPhone SE Mid 2020 - XR vs SE? Well it ended up being neither...

    Now we're mid way though 2020 and on the short road to the 12 series of iPhones, what is the better buy right now: Refurbished by Apple XR 128GB = £549 Or SE 2020 128GB = £469 ---------------------------------------------- I'm going to pair with either a refurbished ipad Mini 5 or ipad Pro...
  17. Q

    iPhone SE Switching from AT&T to T-Mobile to get iPhone SE for $200 and free international plan

    Can anyone give me any advice on switching from AT&T after 7 years to T-Mobile? I can get a iPhone SE for $200 and the T-Mobile Magenta plan comes with unlimited local plan + free international data and text included (2g). I'm thinking of doing it as I need a new iPhone to replace my iPhone 6s...
  18. ctjack

    iPhone Iphone SE 1st gen on ios 13.5 dimmer flashlight

    Anyone noticed it? After i updated to 13.5 from 12.3 i have noticed that my flashlight is not bright as it used to be on IOS 12. Because now i can even stare at it with eyes wide open, which previously was not even possible on my 1st gen SE.
  19. Q

    iPhone SE Forward US AT&T number to an eSim number to avoid fees when travelling?

    I'm looking at getting the new iPhone SE. I want to use overseas with its dual SIM - eSim capabilities. I don't wan to purchase AT&T's International plan (pricey). I'd like to purchase an International eSim with a US number (World Sim, One Sim Card) When I'm overseas, I'll disable roaming so I...
  20. B

    iPhone SE iPhone SE 2020 Home Button 'Spring Sound'?

    Hi, I just bought the new iPhone SE 2020 and I am really happy with it. I came from an iPhone XS and before that I owned an iPhone 7. I encountered the home button making a high pitched sound when pressing the home button (see youtube link). I know it could be a spring sound coming from the...