iphone upgrade program

  1. uhslax24

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone Upgrade Program - Keep Old Phone and New Phone?

    I'm planning to upgrade to the 11 Pro Max, but I'd like to sell my father in law my XS Max. Is there a good way to do this? The best I have been able to think of is to not return the phone and pay off the balance of last years loan...
  2. D

    Other Returning iPhone with IUP: how long do you have to wait to get a new one?

    I'm on the iPhone Upgrade Program and got an XS Max on launch day. I found the phone to be too large for me and decided to return it and get an XS instead. I returned the XS Max to my local Apple Store, I got an email from Citizens One that confirmed my loan was cancelled and my credit card...
  3. wins_lord

    Carrier iPhone Upgrade Program Activation Outside US

    Hey everybody, I’ve got a weird but interesting question. Would an iUP iPhone be activated outside the US? Has anybody actually tried it? Regarding the unlock status AFTER activation, there’s no doubt as I’ve traveled with my iPhone internationally a lot. But we know that these iPhones are...
  4. E

    iPhone X iPhone Upgrade Program

    Hello all, I’m having this problem. When I check my upgrade eligibility with iPhone Upgrade Program I use Apple store app and I enter the serial number of the iPhone and the last 4 digits of the IMEI I get this message. Is anyone experiencing or has experienced this problem ?
  5. S

    Is it possible to sign up with a new carrier and opting into a new iPhone upgrade program online?

    Hi All, I’m trying to switch carriers and sign up for the iPhone Upgrade Program through the Apple Store online but running into walls. It looks like if I want to reserve an iPhone for pickup at the Apple Store, it asks me for existing account information but doesn’t let me sign up for a new...
  6. A

    T-Mobile and IUP

    I have ordered a T-Mobile iPhone X via the App Store app but I really want to get on the IUP. In order to do this on T-Mobile, I know that I need to do this at the Apple Store (1 to 2 weeks for delivery). My question is this: if I reserve online for pickup at an Apple Store I pay ahead of...
  7. S

    How will I upgrade in 2018?

    If I buy a new iPhone X in November with the iPhone upgrade program, it will only be 10/12 installments paid by next September. If Apple releases a new phone in September 2018, how will I upgrade with less than 50% paid?
  8. J

    Carrier [T-Mobile] Joining iPhone Upgrade Program to pre-order iPhone X

    My carrier is T-Mobile and I want to join the IUP program and pre-order the iPhone X. However Apple online store doesn't seem to let me do that (I tested joining the program with iPhone 8 to see what it's like). I read somewhere that a possible solution is to purchase an iPhone X online, in...
  9. 81Tiger04

    iPhone Upgrade Program: Layman's Terms Please?

    I haven't purchased a new iPhone since the 6 a few years ago but am going to take the plunge on an 8 Plus. In the past, I have purchased in full from my provider, AT&T. With the IUP, though, I'm a little confused as to what I should do. I like the idea of paying in installments but I'm unsure of...
  10. tich

    iPhone X Preorder, iUP, and Switching Carriers

    I'm currently on the iUP with AT&T, however I'd like to switch over to Verizon when I get the iPhone X. Is there a way to do that and still be able to preorder iPhone X for launch day? When I select Verizon as a carrier, it asks for my account credentials, of which I obviously have none. If I...
  11. J

    Will the iPhone x be in the upgrade programme *next* year?

    Just ordered space grey iPhone 8 64gb on the upgrade programme, with the thinking in a year the X will be a bit cheaper than it is now. Then realised the upgrade programme only lets you buy that years iPhone releases. Do people think apple might include the year old X in it next year due to...
  12. K

    Iphone Upgrade program Question

    I have a question for those of you with prior experience with the program who are T-Mobile customers. I'm not currently enrolled in the Iphone upgrade program, but would like to enroll in it with the launch of the Iphone 8. I know that for T-Mobile the enrollment has to be done in stores...
  13. J

    iPhone Upgrade Program on Release Day

    Hi All, New to the forums, so apologies if this has been posted before. Does anyone have any experience with setting up an iPhone Upgrade Program account on release day last year, and if so, was it easy? I'll be happy to pre-order myself an iPhone 8/X/OLED variant, but presumably I can't do...
  14. S

    iPhone Upgrade Program (UK) question

    Has anyone here bought an iPhone using the iPhone Upgrade Program (UK only)? I have a few questions: 1) Can you use a debit card, or only credit card? I don’t have a credit card. 2) What credit score do you need to have to be eligible? I have a 900+ score according to Experian, will I be...
  15. tunacartwheel

    Trouble enrolling in Apple iPhone Upgrade Program (Carrier issue?)

    Hello. So I just a couple of days ago signed up with Verizon on my current iPhone SE (was bought unlocked and activated with the new service SIM), and chose the single line 5gb/mo plan. I'm trying to sign up with Apple upgrade program now, because I want to replace my current phone. I've...
  16. J

    iPhone upgrade program - Thoughts?

    Hey everyone, Thinking of joining the iPhone upgrade program. I would love to hear your thoughts and experience.Currently I have an iPhone 6s 64gb and my wife has an iPhone 6S 16gb I would like to upgrade to the Plus models. Why thinking of joining in Feb? a) Looking at the resale prices...
  17. B

    iPhone Upgrade Program Activation Question

    Hey MacRumors folks, have a bit of a unique situation and was hoping someone might have the answer. I'm currently on a year abroad. My iPhone 6s, which is unlocked, is still under contract with T mobile and is up in March. My mom is visiting me in a few weeks, so we decided I'd get a new...
  18. coolsean20

    Switch carriers in the middle of iPhone Upgrade program

    Information on Apple's website regarding the iPhone upgrade program states you can switch carriers if needed, but I own the GSM model of the iPhone 7 Plus (A1784) which isn't compatible with the CDMA LTE bands. I am curious to know what the process is for switching to Verizon or Sprint is in the...
  19. S

    Early iPhone Upgrade Program

    Has anyone had any success becoming eligible for an upgrade even if you have not reached the 6 month early upgrade date with advanced payment? My early upgrade is the end of November but I want to get it now. Wondering if anyone was able to make the advanced payment even before the 6 months and...
  20. LaidBack

    IUP yearly renewal

    I hope someone can clarify this assumption for me, because I have not joined the iPhone Upgrade Program. I am concerned that upgrading to the next iPhone every year after making 12 payments isn't possible. The program terms and conditions say that your first payment (taxes + first month's...