iphone x bug

  1. Vermaraghav1991

    iPhone X Iphone x display bug which no one has spotted before

    okay so i’m the first one to spot this bug and i think it is more of a software bug and has to do with ui animations etc. but can be observed in every iphone. So a sure shot way to observe this bug is to into a dim lit room, put your phone to minimum brightness as possible and then put the first...
  2. TechNismo

    iPhone X iOS 11.2.2 Incorrect Time and Battery Bug

    I am experiencing a bug after updating to iOS 11.2.2 on my iPhone X. When entering and exiting an app, an incorrect time and incorrect battery measure is showing, as seen in the video. Focus on the top right and top left corners, when entering and exiting apps. I rebooted the device. Couple of...