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Apr 5, 2018
okay so i’m the first one to spot this bug and i think it is more of a software bug and has to do with ui animations etc. but can be observed in every iphone.
So a sure shot way to observe this bug is to into a dim lit room, put your phone to minimum brightness as possible and then put the first live wallpaper under live wallpaper section on iphone x and then put the iphone x on stand by mode by locking it.
Now tap the screen to unlock the phone, make sure you dont unlock it using the face id, and force your phone to passlock screen. Now when you enter the pass lock screen you’ll observe a screen burn kinda patch on left top corner near the ‘1 button’ key. This screen burn patch appears with different high contrast livewallpapera at different brightness depending upon the ambient conditions.
I’m also attaching a screenshot of the same. Also a pic taken from my mom’s iphone 6

[doublepost=1524394744][/doublepost]In the screenshots the patch will be best visible at minimum brightness in dark.

And in the last photo taken from my mim’s iphone 6 the patch will be clearly visible at high brightness any lighting aconditions.
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