iphone x issues

  1. TechNismo

    iPhone X Does Apple have to take the entire phone apart to clean camera lens?

    In order to clean the dust out of the camera lens of the iPhone X, does Apple need to de-attach the front OLED screen in order to access the camera or can they remove the rear glass or just the camera lens alone? Just wondering because last time I got my iPhone X camera cleaned out, I had a...
  2. Bushel of Apples

    iPhone X going crazy

    I'm not sure what's happening, if it's the Apple iOS operating system and/or the AT&T network, but my "new" iPhone X is going absolutely crazy. It's crashing about once an hour, it's restoring pictures over and over, the apps crash, nothing is working. I've had more problems with this one phone...
  3. Vermaraghav1991

    iPhone X Iphone x display bug which no one has spotted before

    okay so i’m the first one to spot this bug and i think it is more of a software bug and has to do with ui animations etc. but can be observed in every iphone. So a sure shot way to observe this bug is to into a dim lit room, put your phone to minimum brightness as possible and then put the first...
  4. TechNismo

    iPhone X Dust moving in camera lens. Should I worry?

    I have an iPhone X, and I realized last week, one day after I got it that there was dust in the camera lens. It was not like a small speck-dot dust, people were complaining about in other threads, it was a dust-line about 0.5cm long. It was first in the left portion of the camera. The couple of...
  5. TechNismo

    Other What is Camera Audio on iPhone?

    2 days ago I posted about my camera using 80% of my iPhone X battery, while being in-use for 1 minute only, causing drainage of battery. After this incident, I did a complete restore on the phone. Today it says, "Camera audio" is using 17% (used for 9 mins) of my battery. What is this? I am...
  6. TechNismo

    iPhone X iPhone X Battery Drainage Issue- Camera uses 80% of my battery!!!

    So my iPhone X had about 55% charge before I went to sleep. When I woke up, it was dead. This is the third time I am having drainage over night. Last time it dropped by like 40%. I posted that issue like 2 weeks ago, but got no helpful advice other than "Why don't you leave it to charge...
  7. K

    Dead IPhone X

    Well that didn’t take long. I was using my phone as normal and it just shut off. I didn’t think it was a huge deal because I’ve had phones restart unexpectedly in the past. This time was a killer as my new iPhone x won’t get past the apple logo. Contacted apple and was told to plug into...
  8. A

    Iphone X heating issue

    Got my iphone X yesterday and it is heating when i’m playing videos and using apps. I updated the version to iOS 11.1 but it dint work. Will this issue resolve with update. The phone heat is medium.