iphone xr

  1. S

    iPhone XR Receiver Mic not working after 13.7 upgrade, so planing factory reset. Pls help with backup procedure

    Dear all Good day I've been a loyal iPhone user since iPhone5 Now, I have an XR (the one with the issue), in addition to some other Apple devices Couple of days ago I opted for the 13.7 upgrade on XR My Receiver mic - the one on top / upper side is NOT working ever since I am unable to hear the...
  2. Steven Pearson

    iPhone XR screen issue help needed.

    This iPhone XR’ s screen don’t work. The screen is black then these lines apear. The screen used to work fine then the lines would apear if a static image was left on for more than a couple of seconds. Now the screen just stays black and the lines appear. Is it just a loose connection/ broken...
  3. jimmy_uk

    iphone XR/11 leather slip cases?

    Are there any leather slip cases with a closure flap like this on the market for the XR or 11? This is a Piel Frama case but they don't make them for new iPhones. Damn shame as these were my favourite from years ago and really nice Spanish leather. Not looking for a open ended leather slip...
  4. jimmy_uk

    iPhone SE Mid 2020 - XR vs SE?

    Now we're mid way though 2020 and on the short road to the 12 series of iPhones, what is the better buy right now: Refurbished by Apple XR 128GB = £549 Or SE 2020 128GB = £469 ---------------------------------------------- I'm going to pair with either a refurbished ipad Mini 5 or ipad Pro...
  5. L

    iPhone SE Iphone SE or XR, which one would you purchase?

    Given you are in the market For a phone, would you rather purchase the new SE, or the iPhone XR?
  6. S

    iPhone XR iPhone XR

    I have bees using XR for the last eight months. I am delighted to say, despite the first iOS phone I couldn't ask for a better phone. Both in aesthetics and performance, XR is a classic. I want other XR users to put in your suggestion on how you people are keeping up the battery life? I mean...
  7. P

    iPhone iOS 13.4/13.4.1/13.4.5beta2 no wifi/bluetooth after upgrade

    Hi. I upgraded from 13.3.1 to 13.4 when it came out, I lost celular, wifi and bluetooth. I went back to 13.3.1. Now 13.4.1 came out, and I tried to upgrade again: I have celular this time, but still no wifi/bluetooth. I cannot go back to 13.3.1 now, as it's not signed anymore. I tried to upgrade...
  8. B

    Are there any Side Effects to putting a iPhone XR in a iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case?

    I’m wondering if anyone has tried that for the camera button and more battery capacity?
  9. P

    On call the proximity sensor is not working

    Hi All, I have just bought XR and it's been a week. I noticed that when on call the proximity sensor is not working i.e. when I bring phone close to ear the screen gets off but when I remove from the phone and look at it - it remain dark, I have to tap to wake or press right power button to...
  10. GuruZac

    iPhone 11 Pro From the XR to the 11 Pro

    I opted to not get the XS last year and went with the XR. It was a great phone but I always regretted compromising with the display and lack of telephoto lens. I was actually not planning to upgrade this year but decided to bite and got the 11 Pro. I actually really like the slightly smaller...
  11. L

    iPhone XR Wife was stolen her Android phone tonight, wants an Iphone quick, help

    Hi, unfortunately my wife was stolen her Android P20pro tonight, a thief pick-pocketed her jacket at the restaurant. She's now going to switch to an Iphone but we need to purchase one straight-away, no time for research or looking at the best deal. I'm the happy owner of an Iphone XR with...
  12. slomojoe

    iPhone Power Banks ?

    thinking of buying one to keep for emergencies any suggestions on good brands / models ? and can anyone tell me how long they stay charged when not in use ? i would likely use mine 2-3 times a year
  13. Lucas284

    iPhone How’s iOS 13 battery life?

    As an XR user, is it worse than 12.4?
  14. S

    iPhone XR XR iOS 13 Live Photos as wallpapers?

    Since Apple has removed 3D Touch requirement to activate live photos, can someone confirm if the XR gets the functionality in iOS 13, 13.1?
  15. EEzycade

    iPhone 11 Want to upgrade from 8 to 11. Advice?

    The iPhone 11 has me very interested. I currently have an 8. I had been considering upgrading and with the reveal of the iPhone 11 at 699(50 bucks lower than the XR was), I think I’m ready. But I’m seeking advice as to which option I can choose. Option 1- sell and upgrade. How much can I...
  16. N

    iPhone USB Playback for songs in Car no longer works after iOS 13 GM upgrade

    Hi guys Updated to iOS 13 GM 2 days ago and found that the USB Playback for songs (Bluetooth only for calls and Siri) no longer works in my car. Anyone experienced that? I’m driving a Vauxhall ’09 here in the UK, which is almost the same as most Opel’s or GM’s and some Chevy’s in the USA. It’s...
  17. Roykatz

    iPhone XS Upgrade Xs 64gb to 11 256gb

    Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time deciding if I should upgrade or not. On the one hand I’m always running out of memory on my Xs 64gb and I don’t really mind the lcd screen on the 11 model but the thick bezel are really annoying imo. What do you suggest I should do? I Would also love to hear...
  18. 4sallypat

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7+ Apple Trade in value differs - Why ?

    So I am getting ready to decide whether to sell online or trade in my work/business trusty reliable iPhone 7+ I got from Apple 3 years ago to replace with the upcoming 11 model (XR version). Have confusion question from experts here..... I go to the Apple website and find out there are 2...
  19. Love Divine

    iPhone XR Best time to buy iPhone XR?

    With the impending launch of the 2019 iPhones, when would the best time be to pick one up? Would the price drop just after the announcement? What is the lowest price a new XR has been? Verizon specifically, but outright unlocked if possible.
  20. Stuey3D

    iPhone iPhone XR occasional cellular data freezes, hardware or software failure?

    I'm having some occasional weird cellular issues on my iPhone XR and I was wondering if anybody else is having these issues or if its possibly a hardware failure. What happens is every so often totally randomly and usually days if not weeks apart my iPhone XR will get stuck in "No Service" mode...