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iphone xr

  1. A

    Stuck pixels spreading on IPhone XR screen

    Hey guys. Two days ago I noticed a big number of pixels stuck in my iPhone XR screen, out of no where, and as time goes (hours/days), more pixels get stuck next to them. It seems to be spreading. I took one picture when I noticed it, another one yesterday night, and I left my iPhone off over...
  2. M

    iPhone XR HotSpot ipv6 problem

    hey guys. I have a very weird problem on my iphone xr.. after I've been upgraded to ios 15 beta I have a problem with my hotspot when I connect it to my laptop (Windows 10 and 11) btw I've already deleted the beta and updated to 15.1 no beta version. the dongle that I have to the wifi...
  3. camelia

    Resolved Safari delete "Shared with you"

    Hello, How I delete this website that someone shared with me? Thanks Camelia
  4. M1Buddy

    iPhone 13 iPhone 13s are a bit overrated

    So I think this year is an easy pass to anyone who has an iPhone XS/XR or newer because ngl I believe that next year the whole lineup will have ProMotion and better batteries… I think this year for Apple was a mehh and next year will be the ground-breaking announcement. Even the iPad mini (which...
  5. zach159

    iPhone XR What country does an iphone with an "AA/A" model from?

    Hi everyone! So i just purchased an new iPhone xr and it has "AA/A" in the model number, and according to so many articles these letter determine what country the phone belongs and I couldn't find the "AA/A" ones. So what does it really means? and is it something to be concerned about?
  6. M

    Multi - Device Charger

    Hi All, my first post I'm looking for a device to charge iPhone XR (i.e no MagSafe), AirPods Pro, Apple Watch SE, 12.9' iPad Pro, and 15' MacBook Pro. Ideally I'd want to be able to charge all of them at the same time with fast charging. I would prefer if the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods...
  7. zach159

    iPhone XR iPhone xr 98% after 368 cycle counts

    Hey everyone! So i just bought an iPhone xr with 98% and 368 cycles, I found it kind of strange because apple says that "A normal battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles", so normally in my case it should be below 90%. I wanna know if it's...
  8. _Kartik_

    Camera keeps crashing while taking a photo. iPhone XR

    Hello, I ran into this problem roughly 2 weeks ago. The problem is camera app crashes when I try to take a photo. After this all the apps in the memory reload when I try to multitask. The camera app once crashed makes the device unusable for 1-2 seconds and then takes me back to the hone...
  9. T

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Which iPhone is the perfect one to get right now?

    Hello everyone! I’m using an iPhone 6s (I’m an oldie) and i was wondering which iPhone is best to upgrade to RIGHT NOW as my phone is finally showing it’s age? Thanks in advance!
  10. skardvin

    BEWARE! iOS 14.5.1 is Throttling!

    Updated from iOS 14.5 yesterday to iOS 14.5.1 on my iPhone 11. After the update finished, I was playing CODM and noticed the frame rates were horrible. I checked my settings to make that it was set to the max frame rate, which it was. I then ran a geekbench test, and the scores I got were...
  11. D

    Apple Music How to remove songs from iPhone XR?

    I have songs on my iPhone XR that I put there via iTunes (drag and drop when phone is connected to Mac desktop via USB). I want to remove some of the songs. I tried to remove the songs while the phone was connected to iTunes by selecting them all and hitting "delete" on the keyboard but nothing...
  12. V

    Screen off wasting all the time

    The screen off is wasting all the time that iPhone is screen off, the day before yesterday the time of screen on was 6h 43m and screen off was 7h 51m, yesterday was 9h 50m (screen on) and 7h 13h. I don't know why but my iphone keep wasting a lot screen off time.
  13. A

    iPhone XR IPhone XR FU shows supervised by “xx”

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an iPhone XR used that is factory unlocked has no issues or whatsoever but today I noticed it is a byod device, i factory reseted and i was stuck at remote management lock asking for username and pass, I found a trick to bypass that and the phone was working as...
  14. tacofury

    Text Messages Not Being Received to One Contact’s iPhone

    I’ve had this on going issue for about 5 weeks now that I still can’t figure out: Phones involved: Her and I both have the iPhone XR Rough Timeline of issue: -Mid September: She was able to receive iMessages from me, but couldn’t send them. We then switch to Whatsapp to avoid iMessage issue...
  15. S

    External storage for MacBook Air 128 GB 2015 model, all legit & updated to latest Mac OS.

    Dear Folks Good day I own a 2015 Mac Book Air 128 GB, an Iphone 7+ , an Iphone XR and Ipads in addition to a Win Laptop. I'm basically a windows user on laptops, but slowly moving to Mac Book Air My basic usage of the Mac Book Air is for web browsing, web mail, apple mail client, apple...
  16. S

    iPhone XR Receiver Mic not working after 13.7 upgrade, so planing factory reset. Pls help with backup procedure

    Dear all Good day I've been a loyal iPhone user since iPhone5 Now, I have an XR (the one with the issue), in addition to some other Apple devices Couple of days ago I opted for the 13.7 upgrade on XR My Receiver mic - the one on top / upper side is NOT working ever since I am unable to hear the...
  17. Steven Pearson

    iPhone XR screen issue help needed.

    This iPhone XR’ s screen don’t work. The screen is black then these lines apear. The screen used to work fine then the lines would apear if a static image was left on for more than a couple of seconds. Now the screen just stays black and the lines appear. Is it just a loose connection/ broken...
  18. jimmy_uk

    iphone XR/11 leather slip cases?

    Are there any leather slip cases with a closure flap like this on the market for the XR or 11? This is a Piel Frama case but they don't make them for new iPhones. Damn shame as these were my favourite from years ago and really nice Spanish leather. Not looking for a open ended leather slip...
  19. jimmy_uk

    iPhone SE (2016) Mid 2020 - XR vs SE? Well it ended up being neither...

    Now we're mid way though 2020 and on the short road to the 12 series of iPhones, what is the better buy right now: Refurbished by Apple XR 128GB = £549 Or SE 2020 128GB = £469 ---------------------------------------------- I'm going to pair with either a refurbished ipad Mini 5 or ipad Pro...
  20. L

    iPhone SE (2016) Iphone SE or XR, which one would you purchase?

    Given you are in the market For a phone, would you rather purchase the new SE, or the iPhone XR?