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iphone xs max 2019

  1. K

    Cannot clear space from iCloud Drive?

    Anyone know what to do? iCloud Drive alone is taking up 14gb on my iCloud plan and nothing is working. Here’s what I’ve been trying to do: settings > click on my Apple ID > ICloud > manage storage > iCloud Drive > delete documents and data I do that but the delete button does absolutely...
  2. janeauburn

    iPhone XS Max This is why the new iPhones are failing

    $1,535.94 That's approximately how much you'll fork over for the high-capacity XS Max, a phone that doesn't perform much better than your current model. The bottom line is that the price is too high.
  3. janeauburn

    iPhone XS Max March/April 2019 iPhones

    Any predictions regarding naming scheme and features of the next phones? Release date is not that far away.