iphone7 and iphone7 plus

  1. O


    Hi, My new iPhone 7 plus arrived from Carphone Warehouse today. I currently have an iPhone SE. Both are 128gb. I backed up my SE to iTunes, which it registered as being completed, on my c2012 MacBook Pro. All devices have the latest software available. When attempting to transfer existing...
  2. E

    Dream Lab Cancer App...your results please

    Hi all. I began running the Dream Lab app (https://www.vodafone.com.au/foundation/dreamlab) the other day on my iPhone 7 and iPad Air 2. Currently my iPhone 7 is crunching about 750 "calculations" per day (left on 24 hours) with its A10 CPU. The Air 2 seems a bit slower such as 500 in a day...
  3. M

    Looking to buy iPhone7 plus

    Is anyone selling or getting rid of their iPhone7 plus? In good condition, doesn't have to be brand new, second hand is fine. I am looking to purchase one, but not from a store as prices are way out of my price range at the moment!
  4. apuboricua

    Carrier Update 28.4 AT&T 10.3.2 Beta 5

    I received today carrier update 28.4 for att iphone 7. I am on ios 10.3.2 Beta 5 Any one got it and know what is has?
  5. gothamcitydemon

    Rich Notifications for Instagram Not Working Properly

    Hello everyone! So, I'm new to iPhone and I've had my 7 plus since around late January, meaning when I got the phone I was up-to-date with iOS.10. Although 3D Touch and Rich notifications works for all my apps just fine, I love Instagram's the most, especially being able to pull up the photo...
  6. gwhizkids

    The iOS 10.x.x Beta Speculation Thread

    Speculate away! I will start with fact, not speculation: no 10.2.1 Public Release today or 10.3 beta.
  7. G

    Protruding Lightning Port - iPhone 7 Plus

    Hi all - wondering if anyone else has seen this on their IP7. When comparing previous iPhone lightning ports to my new iPhone 7, the edges around the port on the 7 appear to be ever-so-slightly raised above the surrounding bezel, such that it protrudes a bit from the body of the phone. If I...
  8. N

    New iPhone 7 plus SIM card slot won't open!!!! Please help!!

    I received 2 iPhone 7 plus 128gb black matte from T-Mobile recently and I want to switch to my old SIM card. However one phone was no problem but the other just doesn't want to open. I don't know what to do or how to resolve this issue. Anyway to open the slot without going through trouble of...
  9. A

    Problems with cellular data since 10.0.2 update

    I have an iPhone7+ which updated to 10.0.2 yesterday. Trying to use streaming apps to day and they will not work. My phone will only find 3G whereas my iPad which hasn't updated finds 4G - they are right next to each other. I could not download my emails either as the cellular data either isn't...
  10. KevinMichael017

    Carrier Million Dollar Question

    Alright guys I need to know this for sure! If I go to apple and pay full price for my iPhone 7 plus (AT&T Model) will it work for T-Mobile! I finally got lucky and reserved one but it's an hour away! So please tell me will it work!
  11. E

    128gb vs 256gb

    so I Originally ordered the 256 jet black for myself and 128gb matte for my dad. The 128 is coming tomorrow . I have the 128gb right now and have about 60gb space after deleting stuff . I mostly stream, except for audiobooks. I do a lot of photography and plan on shooting raw. Very little video...
  12. Piggy_Hilton

    I got my iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus

    Today I got my iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus! My friend helped me to buy these two from Hong Kong Apple Store. Well, I think iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus are not that special as I expected before. Absence of the headphone jackets makes it a little bit wired. OK, I am not used to this design yet. And the...